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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rush Limbaugh And The God Damn Republicans

I listened to Rush Limbaugh the other day, I'm not sure why and he sent me into a rage like none other. First off, Rush is simply an idiot. The sound of his voice makes my bowels want to move. He is an absolute moron with a national platform to bash the democrats. He is a "good ole' republican boy" who has nothing better to do other than to bash the president and collect a big pay check. Shit, anybody could do that! I am not a huge fan of President Obama, however I did vote for him because I could not consciously vote for that senile old fart John McCain and his Bimbrod Sarah Palin. As I listened to Limp Baugh slice and dice the president, I thought about about how cut throat the republicans are to get the white house back. When the topic of Libya first came up a few weeks ago, the republicans complained that President Obama was not moving fast enough and that he was lame in his lack of action. When Obama took the bull by the horns and included our military in the NATO forces in Libya, the republicans bashed him saying he was moving to quickly. What in the ever living hell do they want him to do?

Speaker of the House Republican John Boehner, not to be confused with "when I saw her naked I got a Boehner", bashed the president on all the national news networks complaining that Obama did not consult Congress on his actions in Libya and that there was no direct plan on how it would unfold. Shit, this coming from a republican! Their last president, the moron "W" got us involved in Irag with absolutely no plan and no defined end to the mission. As far as the American public knew, we went in to get Sadam Hussien. In fact, we are still bogged down in camel shit in Iraq with no end in sight even though we completed our alleged mission. How dare these nitwits call out the president for his actions when they are the worst war mongers on the planet. Thanks to their boy "W", we are in two bogus wars and our economy is in the shitter. Speaker Boehner also stated in a letter to President Obama that "A United Nations Security Council resolution does not substitute for a U.S. political and military strategy. You have stated that Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi must go, consistent with U.S. policy goals. But the U.N. resolution the U.S. helped develop and signed onto makes clear that regime change is not part of this mission. In light of this contradiction, is it an acceptable outcome for Qadhafi to remain in power after the military effort concludes in Libya? If not, how will he be removed from power? Why would the U.S. commit American resources to enforcing a U.N. resolution that is inconsistent with our stated policy goals and national interests?"

I have to ask you, since when do we give a rats ass about the United Nations Security Council and their policies? They are a bunch of mealy worms crawling around the world on their bellies. If I was the president, I would throw their sorry asses right out of New York! They are like tits on a bull, useless! "W" and his old man didn't care about what the UN thought. Why should Barack! To sum all of this krap up, I say, "You Go Barack". Bomb Qadhafi and his gang of thugs back into the stone age. As for Speaker of the House Boehner, shove that big gavel up your ass and shut the hell up!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Helps To Dummy Up America

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett released his first proposal for the 2011-2012 Budget last week and let me say it knocked me right on my ass! Our new Governor has sliced and diced the budget with precision accuracy to the tune of $850,000,000. At first glance, this looks great! However, "Slap Chop" Tom proposes that we cut basic education spending by $550,000,000 and pre-school spending by $2,400,000. Are you freaking kidding me! It appears that the phrase "Dummy Up America" is holding true. Included in the $550,000,000 in education cuts are cuts to state funded colleges such as Penn State, Pitt. and Temple. Governor Corbett also wants to put accountability block grants in the "Slap Chop" (we don't have all day here), which represent a $259.5 million hit to school districts. WHAT???? Again, are you freakin kidding me? This type of thinking drives me insane! Not long ago figures were released stating that American teens ranked 25th out of 34 O.E.C.D. countries in Math and 29th in science. O.E.C.D. stands for Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Included in the 34 member nations are China, The United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and The United States. I recommend that you go to the O.E.C.D. web site for more information. Of course, China ranks #1 in overall O.E.C.D. rankings which is no surprise to this Griper!

So what does all of this have to do with "Slap Chop" Corbett? Well, let me tell you. It is budgetary thinking like his that will lower our position in the world of education. We are already falling way behind the rest of the world and that does not bode well for the future of our economy. Without solid education, our leaders of the future will be slack jawed neanderthals compared to the rest of the world. We will fall behind in technological,industrial and political advancements. Jobs will be farmed out to smarter countries meaning more unemployment and more leaches suckling off the teats of the welfare system. Thinking like this is like kicking the youth of America right in the nuts and then letting them lay there. "We The People" cannot let this happen. Write to "Slap Chop" Corbett to let him know what you think. If we don't act now, our kids are doomed! All I have to say is, thanks Governor Corbett for helping to "Dummy Up America"!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The St. Patricks Day Parade

I am a true Irishman who loves the St. Patrick's Day Parade which is held here in Wilkes-Barre every year. It is always great to see all of the green, the bagpipers as well as the floats and decorated cars and trucks file down S. Main St around Public Square and then down N. Main. I am so Irish, I even wear a kilt for the parade and then again on St. Patrick's Day. I love the color green, I love the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and had bagpipes play at my wedding. That's how Irish I am. However, the St. Patrick's Day Parade has lost some of its excitement for me. It has become a field day for welfare families to bring their kids to get free-bee's. These people line the streets not to celebrate the Irish, but to scoff up a free meal of candy and bubble gum. If you give them a CD or a toy, they jump up and down like it was Christmas. Believe me, I have marched in this parade and if you don't give something away, they don't even want to see you. They even yell at you if you don't throw something their way. These dregs pack in along the parade route just like they pack in at the welfare office waiting for the free handout. This crap drives me crazy! What happened to the days when no one threw out the free-bee's. People came to the parade to celebrate the Irish, that's what! When I was a kid we just wanted to see all of the fire trucks and floats. We were happy with that. Now, we have to throw candy on the ground and watch the kids scurry around like squirrels looking for their nuts. I say no more hand outs for the next 3 years and then you will see the attendance drop along the parade route. Lets get back to the old days when we appreciated just being at the parade. We didn't expect anything other than the Shriners on their minibikes and the bagpipes.

A quick note, The Right To Gripe will be on the road on Sunday. We will be at Senunas' Bar on N. Main Street starting at about 2pm. Look for the bald guy in the kilt. Come over, say hello and toast the Irish with a cold beer.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slaming Down A Couple Of Gripe Shots

It's been a while since I slugged down a couple of shots of Gripe. So lets toast to letting loose on a few Gripes.

I noticed the other day that the county is spending money to get the steps fixed on the North St. side of the courthouse. Ok, right? The question I have here is why fix the steps if no one is going to use them? You can only go in one side of the courthouse due to the high security that has been put in place since 911. That just doesn't make sense to me. Unless they are going to open this entrance to the public, then they just wasted another bag of taxpayers money. I suspect that our taxes will go up again next year to support this project and projects like these. Don't get me wrong here, the courthouse is a grand old building steeped in history good and bad. Lately it has been real bad.

You know what I am sick and tired of? I am sick and tired of Coalbillies in big old pickup trucks driving like they own the road. These no toothed, slack jawed neanderthals drive these huge beat up pickup trucks with total abandoned for other drivers. Shit, these mullet wearing monkeys don't give a rats ass because the piece of junk they are driving can be replaced for about $50.00. These Coalbillies usually have the truck bed filled with junk that flies out of the truck onto the road with every turn. They usually have a hole in their muffler if they have one at all on the truck. I say get them in an AMC Pacer where they won't be so dangerous.

Let me tell you what I can't understand. I can't figure out why the History Channel would have Larry The Cable Guy host an actual show on their network. His new show is called Only In America With Larry The Cable Guy. I can only take about 3 minutes of the Southern drawl which includes his catch phrase of "Git Er Done". In my opinion History Channel just lowered their standards to gain the hillbilly audience who now have TV's. I always took the History Channel as a network that promoted educational television. I guess we can educate ourselves on how to act like a slack jawed hillbilly. The Coalbillies in those old pickup trucks love this show. Only In America Would This krap be so popular.