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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Pennsylvania Game Commission

As a hunter, I venture into the woods every year to hunt the elusive White Tail Deer. I say elusive because I have not seen a deer on the Lackawanna State Game Lands for going on 16 years. This past Monday was the first day of buck season and as usual, nothing was seen. When I say nothing I mean nothing! The temperatures were warmer than usual which means wildlife such as squirrels, rabbits and other assorted rodents should have been very active. However, after several hours in the woods I saw zilch. Not even a freakin squirrel. The place is dead! It is dead because of the insane thinking of the Pa Game Commission. These idiots with their illogical thinking have dwindled the deer population to near extinction. Their theory is to reduce the deer population because an audit back in 2002 determined that there was overpopulation. It appears that they have succeeded. The morons at the Game Commission have several seasons for deer which include fall muzzel loader, youth hunt, bow, buck, doe and a winter muzzel loader. Holy shit, how many deer seasons do you need? An avid hunter can legally take 5 or more deer in one season. That's an outrage! No wonder there are no more deer left.

Speaking of outrage, hunters can apply and receive several doe tags in one year. I talked to a guy last year who had 4 doe permits. To him I say you greedy bastard. People like this guy are ruining the hunting for everyone else. I have applied several times and have been rejected every single time. That is just not fair. Year after year the atrocities laid down by the Game Commission take their toll on hunting in NEPA. Year after year hunters go into the woods only to come out with their guns and a sour taste in their mouths. Eventually, the numbers of hunters will decline to an epidemic proportion which will kill the sport all together. Young hunters who go into the woods year after year will say, "Screw It" and stop hunting all together. Long time hunters will hang up their guns instead of a trophy rack and stay at home. The Pa Game Commissions theories are killing the sport like rat poison.

So, what can we do. For starters, go to the Game Commission meetings and GRIPE! Tell them you are sick and tired of spending hour after hour in the woods for nothing! Tell them they need to wise the hell up and reevaluate their priorities. Instead of punishing the good hunters, arrest the numerous poachers who are out there slaughtering deer all year round. Two years ago I came across 2 dead doe who had been shot during buck season. Whoever killed them cut out the back straps and left the carcasses there to rot in the woods. If I ever caught these bastards I would blow their freakin brains out all over the woods. Tell the Game Commission that you want to be heard. A good friend of The Gripe, Bob W. called the Game Commission 4 times, left a message and NEVER got a call back. Way to go you lazy morons. Its time the hunters of NEPA stand up to be heard. We are sick and tired of this dreck and we are not going to take it anymore.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The R2G Hits A Milestone

We did it! After two years and 245 Gripes we have reached the 10,000 hit milestone. Way to go all of you Gripers. As we approach our two year anniversary I suggest that you take a look back at some of our Gripes. Some will set off a light bulb in your skulls and others will make you laugh. That is what the R2G is all about. We have come a long way baby and there is more to come. Always remember, you have The Right To Gripe!

P.S. I would like to know who our 10,000th Griper was. Let me know what time you were last on the R2G.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Gripes Top 10 Things To Be Thankful For

As I promised, here are The Right To Gripes Top 10 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Drum roll please.....

10. Turkey: I am thankful for the smell and taste of turkey on Thanksgiving. It seems to taste extra special on this day. I am especially thankful for the trptophan in the turkey. There is nothing better than loading up on turkey and then dozing off in front of the TV set.

9. Buck Season: Thanksgiving means buck season is only a few days away. I know that my hunting party will once again walk into the woods to see absolutely NOTHING! I am not even sure my gun works anymore because it has been years since I pulled the trigger. Where did the freakin' deer go?

8. Good Beer: Thanksgiving also means that Octoberfest is out and that the Winter beers are on the way. Harpoon Winter Warmer and Sam Adams Winter Ale rank among the best. There is nothing better than a cold beer while sitting next to a fire.

7. The End Of The Year: Thanksgiving is in November and that means another lousy year is close to being in the books. Will 2012 be any better? That remains to be seen. Oh that's right, the world is going to end on 12/21/12. Shit, I guess a year can't get any worse than that? Maybe 2011 was not that bad.

6. Stuffing: There are only a few times each year that you are guaranteed stuffing with dinner. Thanksgiving is one of them. I always eat more stuffing than anything else. I just love to fill up on stuffing. Load up, because you may not taste Stuffing until next November.

5. Football: Thanksgiving means football games. There will be 3 NFL games on again this year. It also means that the college bowl season is right around the corner and its time to fork out the cash for the bowl pools. Keep in mind that you will not win, so just make your donation to the dippy chick in the office who picks the teams because she likes their colors.

4. Thanksgiving Dinner: This is where family and friends come to your house to eat and be merry. Of course that also means you have about 5 hours of clean up to do after they all leave. Pack and unpack and pack the dishwasher. Fill two heavy duty garbage bags with trash and then haul it to the curb. Of course the bag is so heavy you drag it to the curb and the bottom explodes and all the crap spills all over the lawn. God help you if you have dogs and you leave the garbage bag on your back porch!

3. Macy's Parade: Part of the tradition of Thanksgiving is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. You can only watch it for about 10 minutes because it just plain stinks on TV. Let's face it, the floats look great, but the high school bands, not so good on TV. As for the TV hosts of the parade, they are just too freakin' happy for me!

2. Christmas Songs: We will be able to hear Christmas songs on the radio over and over and over and over......you get my drift. Magic 93 will play obscure Christmas songs while forgetting Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Perry Como and Peggy Lee. You may hear the old standards every once in a while. Last year, they played the David Bowie with Bing song every hour on the hour. The song SUCKS! David Bowie was not meant to sing Christmas songs. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas songs. I don't like the remake of the remake of White Christmas by Justin Beiber or Whitney Houston. YACK!

1. R2G: Finally, the number one thing I give thanks for on this holiday is the Right To Gripe. I have said it before and I will say it again, we all have the right to gripe so do it! I want to thank all of our readers and official gripers who have stayed the course. The R2G will be turning 2 years old in a few weeks and thanks to all of you we are still going strong. We are about to obtain 10,000 hits in just 2 short years. We have been banned from Facebook twice. We sponsor a bowling team. We have made it to Twitter and shortly we may even be selling R2G shirts. You can now Google The Right To Gripe and it actually comes up. We have readers from several states in the United States and are growing. To you I say, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and keep on Griping!

P.S. Let me know what you are thankful for this holiday season.

Thanksgiving - The Forgotten Holiday

Just a few years ago, Thanksgiving was a special day dedicated to family and friends. It was a day of good food, drink and NFL football. Mom's and wives got up at 4:00am to throw the turkey in the oven and then snuck back to bed to catch a few more hours of sleep. Thanksgiving was turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. The stores were decorated with turkeys and horns a plenty. There were Thanksgiving specials dedicated to this great holiday. My how things have changed. We still cook the dinners, drink our wine and watch the traditional football games on TV. However, the retail business has thumbed their noses at Thanksgiving and now use it as a springboard to Christmas. In the words of Bob W., "It seems like that fat bastard Santa comes earlier every year"! Bob, you are so correct. Wilkes-Barre had their Christmas Parade last weekend which included the lighting of the big tree on Public Square. Many of the small towns and municipalities have their light lit along their main streets. Hell, right after Halloween, the stores quickly put up their Christmas decorations in hope that the jolly old cash register will fill even quicker. Whatever happened to the tradition of lighting the Christmas lights on Thanksgiving night?

It seems that Thanksgiving has been forgotten out there in our world. I see very few houses decorated as I drive through the towns, while almost no retail stores even give Thanksgiving a sniff. I know I do, because the smell of that gobbler cooking in the oven must be heaven! Instead, Thanksgiving has been relegated to a rung on the Christmas ladder. It has now been designated as the start of the Christmas season. It has lost its identity. We have forgotten about the Pilgrims and the Indians sitting down to a meal together. We have forgotten about the thanks that we should be giving for all of the good things in life. Most of all we have forgotten that Thanksgiving is NOT part of Christmas. It is a holiday in itself. Frankly, I am sickened by the lack of attention this great holiday gets. It's time we put Christmas on hold for just a little while and enjoy what we have. So to all of you, I say Happy Thanksgiving and keep on Griping!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Sterling Screw Up

News reports over the past year coming out of the ivory towers of the Luzerne County Courthouse have all stated that we are broke. Our commissioners closed Moon Lake and the Forty Fort Soccer Fields because we had no money. Cuts were made in the budget and some jobs eliminated. Things were looking bleak in the county. Taxes were raised and a bogus levy fee was put in place. Now, the pin heads in county government have approved a $1,000,000.00 allocation for the demolition of the Hotel Sterling. WHAT! WHAT! WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY GETTING THE MONEY? The owner of the condemned building, CityVest claims that they are out of funds and want the county to take control of the project. When CityVest took over the property, they had a major plan in place to renovate the old Sterling at an estimated cost of $26.8 to $35.6 million dollars. Our jug heads at the courthouse then loaned CityVest $6,000,000.00 which was spent to tear down the attached 14 story high-rise and to clean up the surrounding areas. Hell, my friends and I could have grabbed a few sledge hammers and ripped the thing down for $2 million. Anyway, the $1,000,000.00 given by the county is coming from a community development business loan fund that is supposed to be used for economic development. In other words, instead of using it to remodel or start new downtown business, these morons have to use it to rip down the Sterling.

In my eyes, the county along with the City Of Wilkes-Barre made one horrible business deal with CityVest. As of right now, both have put $7,260,000.00 towards nothing! A total waste of our money! The Sterling has been an albatross, jinxing the area for years. The county says they need to put money toward this thing because the property has a high value. They actually think that they will recoup their money through the sale of the property. My guess is that they won't. Who the hell wants that property? What the hell are they going to do with it? My prediction is either Wilkes or Kings will buy the property and the county will lose a bundle. If one of the colleges does not buy it, Wilkes-Barre's biggest parasite, "Tapeworm" Thom Greco will buy it for a song once the city and county are desperate. I'm sure forgiveness of taxes owed will be involved. Let's face it, the leaders of our area are idiots! Speaking of idiots, Commissioner Steve Urban "Sprawl" thinks we should do a study on how to proceed with the demolition. What will that cost the taxpayers Urban "Sprawl"? I can tell you how to tear it down, throw in a few sticks of dynamite and light a match.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big 10 Scratches Paterno Off Of Trophy

Yesterday, the Big 10 Conference announced that they are taking the name Joe Paterno off of the Big 10 Championship trophy. The Big Ten said that the crisis at Penn State, which led to Paterno's firing as coach Wednesday night, prompted the decision to remove his name from the Stagg-Paterno Championship Trophy. The trophy will be awarded Dec. 3 at the inaugural Big Ten football championship game at Indianapolis. The trophy will now be called the Stagg Championship Trophy. "We believe that it would be inappropriate to keep Joe Paterno's name on the trophy at this time," Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said in a statement. "The trophy and its namesake are intended to be celebratory and aspirational, not controversial. We believe that it's important to keep the focus on the players and the teams that will be competing in the inaugural championship game."

Well, as all of you know, I am not a Penn State fan or a JoePa fan what-so-ever. I will watch a PSU game just to see if they lose. So take this in and soak it up because you may never see it again. I think the Big 10 is acting a bit quickly here. No one has been tried or convicted of anything that I know of. It appears that the Big 10 is acting a bit prematurely here in wiping Paterno's name off the trophy. To the Big 10 I say, "Shame on you"! There is no denying what big nose Paterno did on the field as head coach at Penn State. He is the winning-est college football coach of all time, a record that may never be beaten. The only thing JoePa is guilty of that we know of is that he did not call the cops after going to the A.D. to tell him about Sandusky. That is it! He didn't rape those kids, he didn't shower with those kids and he wasn't involved with horseplay in the shower.

It appears that the Big 10 along with Penn State University is trying to cleanse themselves of Paterno. There have been reports that Penn State will remove the big statue of JoePa from the outside area of the stadium. Of course, it will take a crane just to get the nose part out of there. It appears that the damage control plan is to just remove anything Paterno from campus in hopes that everyone will forget who he is. As much as I don't like you big nose Joe, I think this may be turning into a raw deal for you. I can't believe I just wrote that! Yes, you turned your back when you were needed the most, but that does not trump the fact that you were one of the best college coaches of all time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Valley Turns Into Bizzaro World

WOW! I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST HEARD? Last night on Rock Center with Brian Williams, sports announcer and interviewer Bob Costas spoke over the phone with Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky. Also last night, CNN's Anderson Cooper on his show Anderson Cooper 360 spoke with Sandusky's lawyer Attorney Joe Amendola which may have been one of the most retarded interviews that I have ever seen. Both of these interviews made me grab my cranium several times while I shouted out, ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! During these interviews I wanted to jump right through the TV set to strangle both Sandusky and Amendola. They were so bizarre and so absurd that no normal human being on planet earth could possibly understand what the defense is going to be when this mess gets to court. Before I comment on these interviews, there was one great nugget that came from Anderson Cooper. You are going to love this one.

Allegations have come forward that District Justice Leslie Dutchcot, the judge who arraigned Jerry Sandusky has been involved with his 2nd Mile Charity. According to State Rep. Mike Vereb (R-150th of Montgomery County) “A number of reports indicate that this justice is a donor to the nonprofit, she attended social events of the nonprofit and she is a volunteer for The Second Mile. She arraigned him and gave him $100,000 unsecured bail, which means, he didn’t have to put anything up.” It appears that District Justice Dutchcot ignored prosecutors requests for $500,000 bail and that Sandusky be harnessed with an ankle bracelet for tracking. In case you don't know, Sandusky currently lives adjacent to a playground and an elementary school. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!

Speaking of ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME, Jerry Sandusky's lawyer, Joe Amendola spoke to Anderson Cooper last night and may have just sent his client to the crow bar hotel for a long, long time. During this interview, Amendola claimed that Sandusky did not sexually molest any young boys, but did shower with them on several occasions. He claimed that his client is nothing but a big jock kid and that "The Sandman" believes that horseplay in the shower is OK even with 10 year old boys. Wrongo beaver breath! It is not OK for a grown man to shower with a young boy, PERIOD. Is it illegal, maybe, but it is morally questionable. He also claimed that Sandusky simply loves the company of young boys and enjoys being around them. But CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin said she thinks a crime has already been committed, based on Sandusky's own admissions.

"It's such a classic fact pattern for him to admit that he showered with these children and horsed around and confessed to touching them," she said on CNN's "AC360." "In my mind, that's already misdemeanor child sex abuse. So I disagree when the attorney says nothing criminal happened here. That, in and of itself, is criminal ... I'm flabbergasted."

In Coatas's interview he asked Sandusky if he was a pedophile and did he commit these crimes? "I could say I have done some of those things," he said. "I have horsed around with kids I have showered (with) after workouts. I have hugged them, and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact."

Still, Sandusky claimed he has been falsely accused of crimes. When pressed, the 67-year-old Sandusky said the only thing he did wrong was having "showered with those kids."

Finally, when asked by Bob Costas if Paterno had ever spoken to him about his behavior or expressed disapproval, Sandusky said simply, "No." There it is, right from "The Sandman" himself! Big Nose Paterno claimed that he knew what was going on, went to the A.D. with it but never, ever directly spoke to his right hand man about it! This is either a big fat lie by Sandusky or a big fat fumble at the goal line by JoePa. Folks, this makes me sick to my already heaving stomach. I am dry heaving right now writing this Gripe! Believe me when I say more bizarre things will come out of Happy Valley in the upcoming days. Happy Valley has just turned into Bizzaro World, U.S.A.

To see these interviews, go to CNN.com and NBC.com.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Readers Respond to Happy Valley

Two of our readers, Phil The Spector and Johnny The Bobcat bantered back and forth a bit on this ugly Penn State issue on Facebook. Here is what they wrote verbatim....

Bobcat: Ok how about all the priest that rape the alter boys in all the church basements u tell me the pope didn't know about that it the pope still got to keep his job just saying.

Phil The Specter: We don't know for sure that the pope knew. But we do know all of the assholes at PSU that knew and enabled that bastard to keep raping little kids.

Bobcat: I agree with the Penn state part they all had to know don't want to get into holy war but the pope knows everything to

Guys, let me jump in here. The catholic church is certainly a much larger entity than Penn State football. The Pope lives in Rome and I'm sure even he heard rumblings about his priests and their wrong doings. It seems to me as if the catholic church after some time and investigation did respond to clean up their own house. Many priests were arrested, tried and convicted for what they did. It was a long deep cleaning that has devastated the fabric of the church even today. Now that being said, big nose Paterno presided over a college football team that resided right in front of his big beak every single day. They weren't an ocean apart. I have to go with Phil The Specter on this one.

Mike Palko writes: you can tell your a NotreDame Fan..Ok for Priests, but not Penn State...Sandusky is the Criminal, not everyone else...everyone else was just wrong place wrong time...If McQueary didn't see anything then nothing gets reported and then no issue.....people walk past other people everyday and don't help or make the correct decisions...Everyone just likes to jump on the bandwagon and find something to bitch about...

Yes Mike as you know all so well I am a Notre Dame fan. However, I think I would respond in the same manner no matter what institution it was. Kids were violated here and that is unacceptable anywhere, anyhow! I will agree that McQueary and a few others were in the wrong place at the wrong time for themselves, but that does not excuse them from acting on what they saw. For the kid in the shower, McQueary was in the right place at the right time to put a stop to Sandusky and his shenanigans. He chose not to immediately act which may have led to The Sandman sexually violating more young boys. Yes, Sandusky is the criminal and he broke the criminal law. If found guilty he will pay for his crimes. The rest of the people involved did not break criminal law, they broke the moral law. They can only be sentenced to live with this for the rest of their lives. Mike, I will also agree that people love the bandwagon and boy do they love to bitch. That is exactly why I created The Right To Gripe!

Happy Valley Update - More To Come Out!

The R2G was on the road this weekend to visit our nations capitol, Washington D.C.. Along with our visit to one of our favorite places The Pentagon, we traveled to Fed Ex Field the home of the Washington Redskins to witness the 3rd game of the Shamrock Classic with Maryland taking on The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Of course, it was a great game filled with excitement as well as one stunning fact. That fact is, no one around us in the stands were speaking about the Penn State issue. That led me to believe that the only people who really were following this thing so closely were us folks in Pennsylvania or that no one really gives a rats behind. Our group of four, myself, my son Big G, faithful Griper Bob W. and my Washington Insider seemed to be the only folks talking about this issue. We didn't hear it in the pub. We didn't hear it in the breakfast place. We didn't hear it on the Metro and we didn't hear it at the game. It appeared for at least this weekend, that no one other than us people in Pennsylvania really cared about the unfolding events in Happy Valley.

Speaking of unfolding events, tonight at 10:00pm on Rock Center with Brian Williams, Bob Costas will report on the events at Penn State. Part of this report will include some very alarming turns to this entire mess. One of these turns will include information that Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky actually took a young boy with him to Texas when Penn State played there in a bowl game some years ago. I have to tell you, that fact makes me sick! Here is a grown man, a coach for your team traveling with a young boy to a bowl game. HELLO, didn't anyone think that to be a little weird? If you get a chance, tune in. I know I will.

One of the things we spoke about while sitting in the pub on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA. was the locker room situation at PSU and why no one there knew what was going on. If you ever played sports, you will know that everyone in the locker room knows what's going on. Players know what other players are doing. Coaches know what players and other coaches are doing and the Head Coach knows what everyone is doing. No one can tell me that throughout the Sandusky era no one knew or even had an inkling of what was going on. You can bet your bottom dollar (bottom, bad choice of words) that the players knew what he was doing. I would bet that there were grumblings and even jokes amongst the players that referred to not going into the shower if Coach Sandusky was in there. Hell, I bet they even played jokes on the freshman when the "Sandman" was scrubbing down after a tough practice. I played sports during my time on this planet and sat in a locker room and heard plenty. This kid doesn't shower, this guy likes to look down too much in the shower, this guy seems to scrub a little too long downstairs and whatever you do, don't drop the bar of soap when so and so is showering next to you. There is no way in hell that no one in this locker room knew or had an inkling of what this sexual predator was doing. In my mind they ALL knew what was going on in some way shape or form and just blew it off!

Coming up later today, more responses from our readers. You may get angry and appalled by what you read.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Valley Update

Every once in a blue moon, the R2G likes to give credit where credit is due. Last night, 10,000 Penn State students held a candle light vigil in honor of the victims of sexual molestation. Finally, no riots, no firings, just a somber scene to remember the boys who were allegedly ravaged by a sexual predator, Jerry Sandusky. It is not often that I give props to anyone or anything here on the Right To Gripe, but I felt that at this time it was appropriate. Over the past several days, students at PSU have gotten a bad name because about 2,000 of them acted like idiots. The fact is, those students were actually holding a fairly peaceful protest until the bars closed at 2:00am. This is a fact. Once they closed and the moronic drunks poured onto the streets, that is when all hell broke loose. My sources who were at State College that night covering the story told me that they actually feared for their lives. The mob turned on the media like a pack of hungry wolves blaming them for all of the problems.

It seems to me that there is always a bright nugget to be found in every polluted river. The nugget that we found last night was the majority of the PSU students are NOT idiots. They are intelligent, thoughtful and righteous in nature. I guess we will see today when Penn State takes on Nebraska in Happy Valley. Will there be riots, confrontations or even injuries? That remains to be seen. There are rumors out of State College that the Senior football players will take the game ball to JoePa if they win today. THAT IS A BAD IDEA! Its their win if it happens, not big nose Paterno's.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More Thoughts On Happy Or Should I Say Hapless Valley

The shit pile that has plopped itself right in the middle of Happy Valley is getting higher and smellier. The more I think about this Penn State thing the angrier I get. Yesterday, Penn State announced that Assistant Coach Mike McQueary will not be on the sideline for Saturday's game against Nebraska. In case you don't know who McQueary is, he is the big red head that always stands next to big nose Paterno. Instead, he will be up in the coaches box for his own protection. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! Why is this guy allowed to continue as a coach at Penn State? As a graduate assistant in 2002, the 6'4" 234 pound McQueary witnessed Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky sodomizing a young boy in the showers but failed to call the police. Instead he called his father who told him to get the hell out of there. Some hours (24 to 48) later, McQueary notified Joe Paterno what he had seen.

Where do I begin? First off, man, boy, shower, just that combination warrants a call to the police immediately! This combination is worse than booze, bullets and guns. Worse than beer, a match and fireworks. Instead, McQueary who is a giant of a man turned his back and ran. I don't get it. I think I would have grabbed Sandusky, threw him off the kid and drilled him right in the chops. As he laid there in his own blood, then I would call the cops. He could have also yelled, "Hey, what the hell are you doing to that kid"? I'm sure that would have stopped the horror of what was happening. At that point you grab the kid, wrap him in a towel and call the police. Instead he chose the action of retreat. Of course there were many things McQueary could have done other than to put his tail between his legs and run home to daddy.

As far as I'm concerned, McQueary is as guilty as the rest. By not calling the police, he included himself as part of the Grand Mal cover-up. Yes, he followed the chain of command and told his immediate superior, JoePa about what he saw. Yes, I'm sure he expected Paterno and the school to act correctly and call the authorities. And yes, he never, ever followed up in any way shape or form that we know of. In other words, he pulled the Pontius Pilate and washed his hands of the entire issue just like the rest of those scum bag bastards. Why this guy is still allowed to coach is beyond me. Instead, the school will place him in the coaches box for his own protection. I think they should let him on the sidelines so the parents of these boys can charge the field and rip him apart. He is as guilty as the rest of them! Once again, Penn State makes a decision and it is the wrong one. From know on, I will no longer call it Happy Valley. It will be known as Hapless Valley.

Story Update: After writing this Gripe, Penn State announced that Mike McQueary will not be attending this Saturdays game against Nebraska due to multiple threats to his life. He still remains on the coaching staff at the college.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Reader Comments On Happy Valley

My insider in Washington has been keeping track of this story and writes this response.

What I find more disturbing about the whole situation is how the Penn State "community" reacted to this. It is almost like they think that somehow not as bad as it really is. I have read all the facebook posts and talked with plenty of PSU fans and alumni and they are ignoring what caused this whole situation. Without fail, everyone I have talked to focused on how this was bad for the university or how they were upset with the board of trustees handled the firing. I'm sorry, but that is crazy. A child was RAPED in the shower and the act was witnessed by a 3rd party, who didn't call the police, but told others and they didn't tell the people who could actually stop this. Dude was a know weirdo who had been caught before. The university, athletic department, and football program gets an epic fail on this one. I will consider it a crime against humanity of EVERYONE involved isn't charged with something.

Furthermore, again, dude was a known sexual criminal. What were the parents doing letting their children anywhere near this guy? I do my research before I let my daughter near anyone I barely or don't know.

This is a great point to be made here. How could University officials from the President to JoePa let a known sexual predator anywhere near campus let alone a child? As for the 3rd party witness, he will be on the sidelines this week. Just look for the guy with the flaming red hair.

Happy Valley Mystery

One of our top Gripers, Bob W. brought something to my attention today that really has my interest peaked. Back in 2005, Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar mysteriously disappeared after announcing he would not run for the office after being elected to 4 consecutive terms. Gricar was reported missing to authorities after failing to return home from a road trip. His car was found in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania with his cell phone inside, and his laptop computer was found in the adjacent Susquehanna River; other than that, very little trace of Gricar has been found. After being missing for over six years with no trace of his whereabouts, Centre County authorities declared Gricar legally dead on July 25, 2011. To this day, no one knows what happened to Attorney Gricar.

Now, Bob W. has a theory that the boys at Penn State either rubbed out Gricar or paid him to take a one way trip because he was investigating their man Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky. He just happened to be the D.A. at the time all of this stuff was going on. Is this possible? You bet it is! How does the D.A. of a county in Pennsylvania just vanish without a trace? Did he have enemies? I would guess plenty. Did he make enemies with the big shots at Penn State because he was going to blow the whistle and call a personal foul on "The Sandman" and JoePa? It's certainly possible. Is it insane to even think this? Maybe, but crazier things have happened. What do you think?

Happy Valley Update

As the announcement came last night that Joe Paterno is out as head football coach at Penn State University, students poured out into the streets to protest the firing.

This was reported by the Centre Daily Times in State College.

Thousands of students filled the streets around Beaver Canyon, later moving toward Old Main, chanting and becoming increasingly belligerent as police donned riot gear and tried to control the crowds. At times, students shouted obscenities against the media and Jerry Sandusky, the former defensive coordinator arrested Saturday on charges of sexually abusing eight boys. Students also were seen on balconies, atop parking garages and in yards, some drinking and some shooting fireworks. Witnesses said some rocks and bottles were thrown, a lamppost was toppled and a news van was knocked over, its windows kicked out.

Read more: http://www.centredaily.com/2011/11/10/2980803/anger-over-paterno-firing-spills.html#ixzz1dJjj65lV

It appears to me that the immaturity of 18 and 19 year olds is at it's best here. Yes, their football god is gone, but ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! Go back in your dorm rooms and grow the hell up! It is not the end of the world for you or the college. It makes me sick to my stomach to see these students fill the streets to support a man who turned his back on children who were sexually abused by his main man at the time Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky. No matter how you spin it, they all turned their backs on what "The Sandman" was doing. Hell, he was doing it on school property even after he left his coaching position. Grow the hell up you stupid bastards!

On another note, WBRE TV posted this on Facebook

STATEMENT FROM ATTORNEY FOR SANDUSKY'S ALLEGED VICTIMS: "The board of trustees got it wrong. They should have consulted the victims before making a decision on Mr. Paterno," attorney Ben Andreozzi said in a statement released to the Harrisburg Patriot News. "They should have considered these victims watch TV and are aware of the students' reaction and may not want to be associated with the downfall of Mr. Paterno. The school instead elected to do what it felt was in its own best interest at the time. Isn’t that what put the school in this position in the first place?"

Oh boy! This reeks of softening the blow for big nose Paterno. Now I am taking the gloves off here. I have been nice concerning the old bat but now that is over. I can only be nice for about 24 hours...maybe! If I am one of the parents of these poor kids, I would have blown these guys brains out a long time ago. How can this Attorney even release this statement! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! At this point, lets round all of these blind mice up and send them to Rikers Island so big bad Leroy Brown can give them the "can" opener routine.

Reader Comments On Happy Valley

WOW, the problems out at Happy Valley are really hitting a nerve with people. Here are a few of the responses that I got via Facebook.

This one is from Tim PA Juggalo - Jim you hit it on the head. This area has a lot of Christians in it. I was raised Catholic and one of the things we were taught was your morals are just as if not more important as anything else you do. Joe Pa screwed the pooch here. Yes we are all human and we make mistakes. Just because he was a legend for all those years doesn't make this HUGE mistake any less significant. Legally he did correct. Morally he didn't. There is no justifying his lack of action. I hate Penn State but I had respect for Joe Pa. The key word is HAD. No more. And these students rioting over this? Continuing to prove my point of Perennial Scumbag U.

Another comment from Rebecca F. - I know I will get a lot of heat for this comment but it needs to be said and so far I haven’t heard it!!! In regards to what happened yesterday at PSU, if we are all to be so self righteous about what has happened last night and what Joepa should have done 4 or 5 years ago, then what happened there last night should happen to the Pope and every other Catholic Church official that has ever seen or heard of it happening in their organization. When it comes down to it the "self-importance" of College Football like the "self-importance" of the Catholic Church is not the issue, it’s the proper and just education & welfare of our young people. To point fingers and place blame is not the answer, the answer is to protect the children from it happening in the first place by the time the act is committed the damage is done!!!!!!

This one is from The Bobcat - Ok I am Penn state fan y didn't mike query if he witness the abuse take the boy to safety that is my only question there plus the second mile if they knew about Sandusky y didn't they report it to the police all in all it was a failure of a lot of people plus it happen on joepa watch

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Happy Valley Update - PATERNO OUT!

The Penn State Board of Directors opened the bomb bay doors last night and dropped a bunker buster that resonated throughout the entire Penn State community. That bomb was heard from coast to coast and around the world. That bomb was the firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno. Also getting the ax was college President Graham Spanier who is accused of turning a blind eye to the child molestations committed on campus by former Defensive guru Jerry Sandusky. One of our faithful Gripers, Karen H. brought up a good point in one of her comments. Karen asked about the police and other authorities that knew what was going on and why they did not step in to stop it? That is a great question! My guess will be that the tentacles of this atrocity will reach further and further as the days go on snatching up several people who stood by and did nothing.

As for Penn State football. It is no secret that I am not a big fan. In fact I will watch their games to root for the other team. I will admit that. However, this is a titanic blow to a program that always relied on JoePa as their coach. Joe always held his players to a higher moral standard than most coaches which elevated him to a god like status in Nittany Lion land as well as on the entire college football landscape. There is most likely no former Penn State player alive today who played for another coach other than Paterno. This scandal is like a kick to the sack of the program. You lay there on the ground in pain, wanting to vomit while wondering what to do next. As much as I don't like PSU, I must say I never thought that JoePa would go out this way. I always envisioned cherubs in a ray of bright light descending from the heavens to take JoePa to coach in the big stadium in the sky. My guess is that Paterno will now fade into the sunset at age 84 and pass away within the next 2 to 3 years.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Valley Update

The king of Happy Valley, Joe Paterno will announce today that he will retire at the end of the season after 46 years of guiding the Nittany Lions on the gridiron. Sources who remained anonymous and are close to JoePa disclosed that he will hang up his all black cleats at the end of this season. However, this does not mean he will make it that long. The PSU Board Of Trustees are still meeting to determine what needs to be done. Allegedly Paterno will announce his retirement later today.

Happy Valley Update

Everyone is talking about the horror at Happy Valley. It appears that people I spoke with are split right down the middle on whether the iconic Joe Paterno must resign his position as Head Football God at Penn State or stick around until he croaks right on the sideline. The almighty JoePa is 84 years old and cannot get out of the way of a tortoise crawling up a steep hill. He has been injured at least twice in the past four years by players who have been knocked out of bounds. As the night fell, more facts have come to light concerning this case. Here is a story from The New York Times which was written by Maureen Dowd.

My nephew Anthony, 10, is the proud owner of Penn State shorts, underwear, socks, jerseys, sweatshirts and plastic football players. The thrill of his young life was seeing the Nittany Lions beat Indiana at FedEx Field last year. He even bravely broke with generations of family tradition to declare that he loved Joe Paterno more than Notre Dame. So I’ve got to wonder how the 84-year-old coach feels when he thinks about all the children who look up to him; innocent, football-crazy boys like the one he was told about in March 2002, a child then Anthony’s age who was sexually assaulted in a shower in the football building by Jerry Sandusky, Paterno’s former defensive guru, according to charges leveled by the Pennsylvania attorney general. Paterno was told about it the day after it happened by Mike McQueary, a graduate assistant coach who testified that he went into the locker room one Friday night and heard rhythmic slapping noises. He looked into the showers and saw a naked boy about 10 years old “with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky,” according to the grand jury report.

It would appear to be the rare case of a pedophile caught in the act, and you’d think a graduate student would know enough to stop the rape and call the police. But McQueary, who was 28 years old at the time, was a serf in the powerfully paternal Paternoland. According to the report, he called his dad, went home and then the next day went to the coach’s house to tell him. “I don’t even have words to talk about the betrayal that I feel,” the mother of one of Sandusky’s alleged victims told The Harrisburg Patriot-News, adding about McQueary: “He ran and called his daddy?”

Paterno, who has cast himself for 46 years as a moral compass teaching his “kids” values, testified that he did not call the police at the time either. The family man who had faced difficult moments at Brown University as a poor Italian with a Brooklyn accent must have decided that his reputation was more important than justice. The iconic coach waited another day, according to the report, and summoned Tim Curley, the Penn State athletic director who had been a quarterback for Paterno in the ’70s. Curley did not call the university police, who had investigated an episode in 1998 in which Sandusky admitted he was wrong to shower with an 11-year-old boy and promised not to do it again. (Two years later, according to the grand jury report, a janitor saw Sandusky performing oral sex on a boy in the showers and told his supervisor, who did not report it.) Curley waited another week and a half to see McQueary, who told the grand jury that he repeated his sodomy story for Curley and Gary Schultz, a university vice president who oversaw campus police.

Two more weeks passed before Curley contacted McQueary to let him know that Sandusky’s keys to the locker room had been taken away and the incident had been reported to The Second Mile, the charity Sandusky started in 1977. Prosecutors suggest that the former coach, whose memoir is ironically titled “Touched,” founded the charity as a way to ensnare boys. They have charged Sandusky, now 67, with sexually assaulting eight boys he met there. Despite knowing of the two similar rapes, The Second Mile did not do anything to keep Sandusky away from vulnerable children until 2008. Curley said he told Sandusky he could no longer bring children onto the Penn State campus. In other words, Jer, if you want to violate kids who live in cow town where everything revolves around the idolatry of Penn State and Paterno, kindly take them off campus. The predator was still welcome on his own, though; he was spotted at the football team’s weight room working out last week. Curley told the university president, Graham Spanier, about the matter, and it got buried. Paterno, Curley and Schultz disingenuously claim they were left with the impression that the contact might have been mere “horsing around,” as Curley put it. That’s grotesque.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, Penn State is an arrogant institution hiding behind its mystique. And sports, as my former fellow sports columnist at The Washington Star, David Israel says, is “an insular world that protects its own, and operates outside of societal norms as long as victories and cash continue to flow bountifully.” Penn State rakes in $70 million a year from its football program. Paterno was still practicing for the game against Nebraska on Saturday, and supportive students were rallying at his house. This is what Israel calls “the delusion that the ability to win football games indicates anything at all about your character or intelligence other than that you can win football games.” I can only hope that by the time Anthony’s parents work up their nerve to have what they call “the conversation” with him about his fallen idol, St. Joe and the other Penn scoundrels will have been ignominiously cast out of what turns out to be a not-so-Happy Valley.

The facts here are clear. For those of you that claimed JoePa went to the campus police you couldn't be more incorrect. Good ole' Joe went through the proper chain of command and told his Athletic Director Tim Curley what had transpired. Nothing more, nothing less. This was the correct thing to do at the time. If you remember, Jim Tressel at Ohio State did not report his players to the A.D. and it cost him his job. However, JoePa scrubbed his hands clean and turned a blind eye to the inaction's of the Penn State hierarchy's big broom that swept this injustice under the rug. In my eyes, JoePa had a moral obligation to the children as well as the school to report this to higher authorities outside the campus empire. In fact, everyone who knew about this should have stepped up to report this to the police. I am saddened for the children that Jerry Sandusky sexually molested. However, I am not saddened for JoePa and anyone else who fumbled at the goal line. This was a "Grand Mal Cover Up" and now its time to pay the piper. Again, lets say it together....Joe Must Go!....Joe Must Go!...Joe Must Go!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Valley Update

The New York Times reported that the Penn State Board of Trustees are currently putting together a plan to oust Head Football Coach Joe Paterno. Reports say JoePa could be gone in days to weeks. Penn State cancelled Paterno's weekly press conference for this afternoon.

Joe Must Go

These are not happy times in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania. Former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse against children stemming back to 2002. It is alleged that Sandusky sexually abused eight boys over a 15 year period through his charity for at-risk youth, authorities charged. On one occasion, a graduate student at the school saw Sandusky sodomizing a young boy in the shower room. On another occasion coaches saw him showering with a 10 year old boy. Actually, this makes me sick! I just threw up in my mouth! Also caught up in the scandal are Senior Vice President Gary Schultz and Athletic Director Tim Curley who both stepped down from their posts late on Sunday, one day after the charges were announced. It appears that for several years Sandusky had been molesting young boys and officials at Penn State simply swept it under the rug. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that this was Florida State or maybe Miami. Not at Penn State!

Of course there are plenty of questions to ask here. Why did they sweep it under the rug? Why was it allowed to go on without reporting it and my big question, why didn't Joe Paterno go to the police after nothing was done by the school? Or did they go to the police and they crushed it? As much as I do not like JoePa and Penn State, I always saw him as a stand up kind of guy. On the outside it always appeared that he went by the book and dished out the appropriate justice when needed. I always remember JoePa benching his starting QB Tom Bill for being drunk in the gutter. I guess I was wrong. In my opinion Paterno had a moral obligation to go to the authorities outside of the school since the higher ups at the Happy Valley college stood by and did nothing. It appears that JoePa washed his hands like Pontius Pilate as he sentenced Jesus to death on the cross. To me and many others, the thought of JoePa turning the other cheek is inexcusable. PERIOD! Over the years the school has given the deaf old bat a pass on several issues, however I think the hall pass has expired and Joe will go to retirement detention. It is beyond my comprehension as to how the people around Jerry Sandusky could have let him sexually abuse children for several years after they knew about it in 2002.

Now, some of you die hard and blinded Nittany Lion fans will say that Joe did his job. He reported it to the Athletic Director and then turned away to allow it to be handled from that level. However, the Sand Man, Sandusky was JoePa's right hand man, the heir apparent to the Lions throne, the architect of the great defenses, the maker of great linebackers. Isn't it the job of the head coach to police his coaches. Hell, they do it with the players. Or are they the reasons as to why he did not report it to anyone else. In my opinion, Paterno turned a blind eye to the entire situation. It was his moral obligation to the school, his team and the children of the Happy Valley area to report this injustice to the police. He didn't! It is also my opinion that its time for Joe To Go! Let's all say it together....JOE MUST GO....JOE MUST GO....One more time....JOE MUST GO!

Stay tuned in to the R2G as this story develops.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Setting The Record Straight

I have had enough! I have had my fill up to here with the supporters of The Citizens Voice and their union bull shit! Wake up Rip Van Winkle, the CV is no longer a union paper. When it was purchased several years ago, the out of towners somehow did away with the unions. My guess is they bought them out. I have been in the newspaper business for over 25 years now and have had the opportunity to work for both the CV and The Times Leader. Many years ago when the Leader was owned by Cap Cities, it was the big monster owned by the out of town company beating up on the poor little CV. I was called everything from dog crap to scab. The people of the valley supported and pulled for the underdog Voice. Now, the tables have turned. The CV is now owned by the big shots up north in Scranton and is supported by the many newspapers and radio stations which are owned by Shamrock Communications. The Times Leader, who has gone through several owners since Cap Cities is now locally owned by investors who will remain nameless. The TL has taken on the role of the little guy trying to survive in a two newspaper town with a poor economy. It appears to normal human beings that the roles have reversed. Of course, there is a group of cement heads that have not figured this out yet!

What has not reversed is the notion that many people still think the Voice is the union paper fighting the big corporate demon. Frankly, the CV is an inferior product with questionable delivery to its subscribers. The facts are very clear. The CV is not a Wilkes-Barre newspaper. It is not printed in Wilkes-Barre, customer service calls go to Scranton, the classified ad calls go to Scranton and the corporate headquarters are in Scranton. They maintain a shell of a building on South Washington St with minimal staffing. On the other hand, The Times Leader does everything here in Wilkes-Barre. All calls go to Wilkes-Barre. The paper is printed in Wilkes-Barre and we are headquartered right on North Main Street in you guessed it, Wilkes-Barre. There is nothing out-of-town about the Leader what-so-ever. When you look at these facts, a light bulb should go off in your head that say's, "Hey wait a minute, I'm not supporting those parasites from Scranton"!

The question I have here is why has some of the community not noticed these facts. The lunk head union people would rather go to their graves than get the Times Leader. They still think that the CV is a union offshoot from the big strike in 1978. Wake up you pig headed morons! Open your eyes to the fact that the Lynett family in Scranton despises everything about Wilkes-Barre. They have no interest in the community other than to become the only newspaper in town so they can milk us dry. If you think I am kidding, take a look at their ad rates in Scranton for The Scranton Times Tribune. They are astronomical! They are the only game in town and they take total advantage of it. That is exactly what they would love to do here in Wilkes-Barre. Bottom line, the people of the Wyoming Valley need to support businesses here. PERIOD! Without this support, our local businesses cannot exist. Don't be fooled by the Scranton wolf in Wilkes-Barre clothing.