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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Car Inspection Victims Chime In

The Inspection Gripe has hit a nerve or should I say a brake line with several of our Gripers. Here is how they responded.

The Washington Insider: Of all the gripes you have written of the years, this is by far a work art. Well written and captivating. Well done good sir, well done. You deserve a cold beer and some hall and oats.

Bob W: This is awesome, and so dam true. Its bad enough we get taken for brakes and rotors , but do they have to throw the " C ' word at us! Get your head out of the trash , I was talking about cash.... shhhhhh on this so we dont have to pay tax. (I thought the "C" word here is Caliper.)

Tim PA Juggallo: Jim I could feel myself being bent over just reading it. That is a TRUE horror story. Every year we put it off as long as we can here.

What inspection stories do you have? Send them over and I will post them on the R2G.

Friday, March 30, 2012

My Yearly Duping - My Car Inspection

I am tired of being duped! Tired of being cheated, taken advantage of and hoodwinked! I am tired of having the wool pulled over my eyes while I am bent over and cleaned out of all my money. No, I am not talking about taxes. I am talking about something much more evil, much more cold and calculated. It is something so sinister that to utter it's name brings chills to your spine. It is my yearly state car inspection. The time of year that brings fiscal terror to your checkbook. This horror starts when you get the notice in the mail that your registration is due. Talk about a joke! Why do I need to register my car with the state? So they can keep track of how many cars are in the state of Pennsylvania? No, it's nothing more than a money maker. A raping of the people of the Commonwealth. This is where I start to unloosen my belt because I know whats coming....MY INSPECTION!

With this thought burrowing into the back of my wallet as well as my brain, I sit down to break the bad news to my family that nothing extra can be purchased until I get the car inspected. This brings sheer terror to the eyes of my family for they know from past experience what the result will be. Poverty! As we sit down to map our a financial battle plan, I call the shop to make the appointment. This year I was only 3 months late getting my car inspected. There were other priorities such as my future trip to Ireland that delayed this horrible inspection process. Now the appointment is made and the gut wrenching wait begins. Day after day goes by as you think about nothing other than the bill that your mechanic is going to slide your way as he explains everything that was wrong with your seemingly perfect car. Finally, the day arrives. You bound out of bed that morning with thoughts of the inspection. You are trying to keep positive as you say to your wife, "I think we should be good to go today. The car seems fine to me". She chuckles because she knows the yearly "Whacking of the Wallet" is coming. Your wife chirps out some words of encouragement and goes to take a shower. Thoughts of the razor blade are running through her mind but she will never let you know. While she is primping up for work, you are so nervous that you simply throw your work clothes on and bolt down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Thirty minutes later the wife comes down and says, "Let's go"! It's time to put your car into the hands of an expert...and expert duper.

As both of you drive off to the garage, wild thoughts of nothing being needed run through your head like visions of sugar plumbs on Christmas. Don't believe them for one minute. They are residual memories of your childhood coming forward in a time of great despair. Of course on the way to the shop, you hit every traffic light which just prolongs the agony even more. Finally, you are there. You are at hell on earth, the garage. We all have our own hell on earth that we visit once a year. This underworld of grease and rubber strikes fear into our hearts every time we drive by them. It is time to now drop off your car. Wait, no one is here yet! That's an omen of good things to come. I beat the mechanic to work today. What do I do now? I know, he told me with a laugh, "Leave your keys in the ignition and the registration and insurance card on the passenger seat. I will take care of the rest". You complete the evil task as requested and then you jump into your wife's car because she must give you a ride to work. There is silence for most of the trip, but just as you pull into work, you utter those insane words once again, "I think we should be good this year". She rolls her eyes, gives you a peck on the lips and says, "I'll pick you up at 4:30". You say OK and head into the office.

There you can barley concentrate on work. Hell, I should have just taken the day off! You wait on pins and needles for the call that tells you your car is done. About 2 hours later, the phone rings and it is your friendly neighborhood mechanic. He states that he looked over the car and it is going to need some work. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! You answer, what kind of work? In your mind you know what it needs. Why even ask? As he utters the words, you lip sync right along with him. Well, it's going to need brake pads, rotors and calipers on all 4 tires. The inspection repair of champions. Cheap parts and a high mark up. You say, "Hell, my brakes seemed fine, I don't understand"? Your mechanic states that he cannot put the all coveted stickers on the front window without the work being done. Now comes the $1,000,000 question. How much? As your grease monkey works up the numbers on his adding machine you wait in sheer terror. Here it comes, like Michael Meyers out of the darkness. Well, with parts and labor it "looks like" about $700.00. WHAT! WHAT! Seven hundred dollars, I don't have that kind of money laying around like a walrus on a beach! Your stomach drops into your testicles because you know you are helpless. You say to your mechanic that you don't have that kind of money to dump into your car and is there anything better he can do. He hits his magic adding machine again while mumbling into the phone and comes up with around $600. At this time you can do nothing but belly up and say OK, get er done.

As the day passes, time now flies by because you know the duping that you just took is for real. Before you know it, it's time to go pick up your car. You jump into your wife's car and off you go. She asks how much the damage is knowing full well what ball park this screwing is going to be in. She knows because you are choking on your testicles as you spew out around $600. Then she utters the words, "I thought you said everything would be good". What can you say? There are no words to come back with. The trip to inspection hell is a quiet one. Again, you hit every single traffic light which prolongs the agony. Now, the shop is in sight. You pull in and off you go to give him your first born and a 1st and 3rd round draft pick. You walk in and the duping vehicle of the state is sitting there waiting. You walk up and utter those dreaded words, "How much is the damage." He pulls out the invoice and starts to read the repairs. Brake pads, rotors, calipers, a left front blinker bulb, new wiper blades........$703.00. Wait a minute, I thought you said $600.00? Well he says, I put the top of the line pads on so you won't need them for some time. Along with those pads I had to get a certain type of rotor. It was a little higher that I thought. As your intestines leak out of your anus, you tell him that you can't pay for it all at one time and can you pay half now and half with your next pay. He thinks for a few seconds and say's sure! WOW, a victory you think. You have been going to this mechanic for some time now and he knows you are good for the money. You then write out the check for $350 and a post dated check for the remainder. You thank him for the hoodwinking he just gave you and off you go, good for another year.

As you and your wife walk out you actually utter the words, "He is a good guy for letting us pay in 2 payments". You are again fooled. The first payment pays for the parts and the second is his beer money which he is good to hold for two weeks. Make no mistake, your mechanic is the spawn of Satan himself. He is the deceiver of repairs. The Beelzebub of the car world. He is an expert at bending you over and giving it to you where the sun don't shine. It's all a sham! The state benefits from your inspection and emissions fee's and so does your mechanic. Why does the state of Pennsylvania feel so concerned about the conditions of our cars? I'll tell you why, the money. They rake in millions of dollars in unnecessary inspection fees and have been doing it for years. Why do we have to get our cars inspected each and every year? It's nothing but a rouse. I say if you have to have inspections make it every 4 to 5 years. By the time I am done with registration and inspection I have been dropped close to the poverty level. No wonder the national level is rising.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have a few things rolling around in this head of mine that I would like to get out to all of you. They are like parasites, chewing away at my brain until I go insane with Gripe. Sometimes these little things just send you up a wall even more than the larger, more important items that just don't make any sense in this world of ours. When I have multiple things eating away at my brain, I like to sit back and pour a few shots of Gripe. Who's with me? Sit right down here and lets throw down a few "GRIPE SHOTS". By the way, I have to take your keys because you will be staying over if you get to hammered up on GRIPE! I wouldn't want anyone to get an DUIG...Driving Under The Influence Of Gripe.

Hoodies: Geraldo Rivera set off a firestorm Friday morning when, on “Fox & Friends,” he commented on the Trayvon Martin shooting, saying: “[I] am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies. I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.” In case you have not heard about this one pay attention. On February 29th, George Zimmerman a crime watch captain in Sanford Florida fatally shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin while patrolling their neighborhood. Zimmerman claims that Martin attacked him as he was walking to his truck and only shot in self defense. I have a few things that are sending me over the edge here. First off, why is a crime watch person carrying a gun? NO! NO! NO! Crime watch people should not carry guns. If they see a crime in progress they are to call 911 and get the hell out of Dodge. Secondly, Geraldo Rivera is an idiot! The hoodie is just as much to blame as George Zimmerman? WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! No the hoodie had nothing to do with it. I wear hoodies all the time and I am not involved in any crimes (that I will admit to). Geraldo is reaching for more publicity by making this insane comment. I think he should go back to searching for Al Capones vaults. We all remember that bust!

Soldier Goes APE: U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales went over the edge early this month allegedly killing nine Afghan children and eight adults in what authorities think was two separate killing spree's. Bales was detained on March 11th and charged with these killings along with six counts of attempted murder and six counts of assault in the same case. He allegedly snuck out of his base on two separate nights to commit these crimes. As word spread throughout the Afghan communities, American officials worried that this incident would set the war efforts back several years. I say, who the hell cares? It's time to pull the plug on this idiotic war and get our troops home. I also say who cares about a few civilians getting mowed down by a crazy soldier. I think it has always been called "Collateral Damage". I always hate to see kids get killed, but Bales probably eliminated a few future terrorists. War is a horrible thing and people get killed. Maybe Bales knew something and decided to take care of it personally. Anyway, we will throw the book at this guy just to send a message to the worthless Afghans that we are on their side. It's time to either bail out or "Cry Havoc And Release The Dogs Of War"!

Facebook Insanity: Finally, just when you thought you had seen it all on Facebook, BAM something so insane hits you right in the chops. Over the past few days I have been watching posts from a person concerning a certain seminar that they have been invited to. This seminar costs a few bucks and they are now soliciting donations on FB so they can put a down payment on it. OH, it gets better! This individual has actually set up a PayPal account so people can go and make donations. There is more. This person posted up a while ago that her and her husband are going on a cruise for their wedding anniversary. No, they did not ask for money for the cruise. Here is the kicker, this person is going to school and is UNEMPLOYED! Yes, UNEMPLOYED! WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! This is all wrong! I will give credit where credit is due with the school thing. However, if you really want to go to that seminar, cancel the cruise and use that money to go. STOP soliciting money on Facebook.

Well, that one got my blood pressure up. I have downed enough Gripe for today and must slip into an anger filled slumber.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Monkey Business From Griper's

It seems this Monkey Business in Ashley with my new jail mail pal Tyler is exploding. Several Gripers weighed in to respond with a variety of opinions. Here are a few of them.

Jackie G: I completely agree!! The poor guy should be back with his owner!!

Bob W aka The Nature Boy: Well I hate to disagree with you on this , but I must. This monkey may be tame and well kept, but it is kept without following the proper channels. Before you all get your, your so sorry for this monkeys ass in a bunch, just think about the what if's on this. For instance .....what if the monkey was carrying some kind of disease or other sickness. No get the monkey out of here. If he was so right having this monkey then why did very few know he had it. The son, well 1 word for him _____ .

I have to respond to my good friend "The Nature Boy" on this one. You know what happens when you go through proper channels. You get "SCREWED". I still say we need to spring him from the nature clink. On the lamb with Tyler. Sounds like the title of a great book.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monkey Business

We have often heard that the Wilkes-Barre area is turning into a jungle, but whoever thought it was actually true. It was reported on Sunday morning that a monkey got loose in Ashley and was swinging around the neighborhood. First off, I can't believe that the people from Ashley could tell the difference between their neighbors and an actual primate. Anyway, Tyler a Java Macaque and the pet of Jeff Arnott had been taken for a joyride on the back of a stolen ATV by Jeff Arnott Jr. Good old Jr. had tipped back a few brews and then sole the vehicle along with his fathers monkey. After a chase by the Ashley cops, Arnott Jr. fled from the stolen ATV as did Tyler. Of course Jr. was apprehended by the authorities after a struggle and charged with resisting arrest, fleeing to elude apprehension, receiving stolen property and public drunkenness. He was jailed at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for lack of $25,000 bail. The police DID NOT capture Tyler who now was on the lamb. At this point, the Ashley cops had no idea what to do so they called in the pin heads of The Pennsylvania Game Commission. Owner Jeff Arnott Sr., along with Pennsylvania Wildlife Conservation Officer Gerald Kapral apprehended Tyler who was immediately taken to a sanctuary near Penn's Creek in Central Pennsylvania. He was not arraigned in front of the Magistrate or read his Miranda Rights.

So, what is my beef with this monkey business in Ashley? Let me tell you. Tyler was the pet of Jeff Arnott for 15 years. Yes, 15 freakin' years and the authorities took him away from the only life he knew because of an idiot! To me this is ALL WRONG! Just because a moron gets all bombed up, steals an ATV and takes Tyler on a joyride the Game Commission takes him away and locks him up on a game sanctuary. This monkey wasn't hurting anyone! In fact, Arnott's neighbors loved Tyler. Michelle Maier, who resides near Arnott, said the monkey often played with her cat. "Jeff has had the monkey for years and he always had it on a leash or in a cage," Maier said. "Jeff took good care of the monkey, he always brushed its teeth, cleaned its ears and had a diaper on it." It sounds to me like Tyler was cleaner than most of the low life scum bags that hang out on the Square. Hell, Tyler has teeth! To make matters worse, Jeff Arnott is facing a citation from the Game Commission charging him with unlawful possession of an exotic animal without a permit, said commission spokesman Tim Conway. “Anything with claws and teeth or any kind of wildlife requires a special permit from the Pennsylvania Game Commission,” Conway said. “Dogs and cats are fine. You can also be looking at cows, sheep, horses that don’t require a permit, but then you’re getting into municipality ordinances.”

I guess I can go with the permit thing, maybe! What really puts a fire under my butt is that you DO NOT need a permit in Pennsylvania to own an alligator. That's right, an alligator! In New Jersey, it a permissible to own a rattlesnake. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! You can own an alligator but not a monkey! This is insane! An alligator will rip your freakin' legs off but it's OK to have one in your house. Hell,West Wyoming firefighters battled a blaze at a house on West Brady Street in January 2008 and encountered a 4-foot alligator that was pulled from its cage. When I started to look into this entire monkey thing I quickly found out how insane our laws are. I went APE when I read all of this stuff! I guess the bottom line here is I don't feel bad Jeff Arnott Sr., Jeff Arnott Jr., or the residents of Ashley. I feel bad for Tyler the monkey. The poor bastard had a few hours of freedom and now he has to pay the price by being exiled to a game farm. As some of you may already know, I am not a big fan of monkeys. In fact I really dislike them for some reason. However, in this case I am all in with Tyler who I think should be given back to his owner of 15 years. Hell, if it wasn't for the neanderthal son, there would not have been any "Monkey Business" in Ashley.

A big THANKS goes out to Griper Amy C. for the inside pic of Tyler. You won't see this shot in any of the papers.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Think Pink, I Think?

"It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They're making our food out of people. Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle for food. You've gotta tell them. You've gotta tell them!" If you are a Sci-Fi fan like I am, you will remember this line from the end of the movie Soylent Green as the authorities haul away Detective Thorn who is being played by Charlton Heston. If you have not seen this movie I suggest that you do so. It is a classic. As a society we do not have Soylent Green yet, but we do have Pink Paste. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved this Pink Paste to be used in the National School Lunch Program. So, what is this Pink Paste or Pink Slime they are talking about? It is a ground up mixture of beef trimmings, cartilage, connective tissue and stuff most people chuck in the trash. This conglomeration is ground up and mixed with ammonia hydroxide and pressed into a pink paste which is used as a meat filler. They plan on buying 7 million pounds of this crap to force feed our kids with. At a time when the Feds are so worried about healthy school lunches made up of a meat, potato and veggie combo, the introduction of Pink Paste just does not make sense. Why take an about face to now give our kids snouts and ass holes when they can have a healthy meal?

The answer is cost. The government cannot keep up with the rising costs of grocery products so they need to come up with an alternative. The Pink Slime can be added as a filler to beef products and be "Generally Safe" according to Geisinger Dietitian Michael Kantar. It can be shaped and molded into figures kind of like McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. Speaking of McDonald's, they just stopped using this "Slime" a short time ago. I bet you didn't know that one! I always knew those McNuggets were kind of slimy! Burger King, Taco Bell and other fast food chains heave stopped using the Pink Paste. The pink color comes from the ammonia which is run through the junk to kill dangerous microbes which may cause salmonella and other horrific things. Can you say E. coli? In the long run this ammonia bath is not very effective. The Pink Slime is still at risk for contamination.

The bottom line here is this Pink Slime is nothing but crap! I don't want my kid eating this swill, do you? Hell, the fast food chains have stopped using it so what does that tell you? Our federal government is an absolute mess and this is one of the ways they can cut back. Instead of cutting our kids school meals with Pink Slime why don't we stop giving all of our money away to countries who eventually turn on us like a mad dog. "It's cartilage. Pink Slime is made out of cartilage. They're making our food out of tendons. Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle for food. You've gotta tell them. You've gotta tell them!"

Friday, March 9, 2012

Weighing In On The Teat Of The System

One of my part time Grippers (Lisa M.), who by the way is quickly moving up to a full time status went banana's when she heard this one and immediately sent it over to the R2G. This was also thrown my way by avid Gripper Karen H., who also went into a tirade of atomic proportions. When you read this you will explode in a rage like no other. This was reported by CNN yesterday. They must be getting news hints from the R2G!

A Michigan woman who won the lottery but continued to receive food assistance from the state government has had her benefits pulled, officials said. Amanda Clayton hit it big playing the Michigan Lottery. Like many winners, she used her $1 million prize to buy a new house. But the Lincoln Park, Michigan, resident continued to receive money in another form -- $200 a month in state food assistance, according to CNN Detroit affiliate WDIV. In October, Clayton walked away with $1 million in the "Make Me Rich!" lottery game show. She also bought a car, WDIV reported. After taking a lump sum and paying taxes, the unemployed woman said she ended up with just more than $500,000. Asked if she had the right to the public assistance money, Clayton answered, "I kind of do. I have no income, and I have bills to pay. I have two houses." Clayton told WDIV she had wanted to continue using a food-assistance card until it is cut off. "It's hard. I am struggling."

WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! This woman takes home $500,000 in lottery winnings and continues to suck on the teat of the welfare system! This is an outrage! This sums up the sad state of affairs for some of the people in this country. Instead of using her winnings wisely, she goes out and buys another house and continues to remain on the free handout. She believes that she is entitled to this since she does not have a job. If she socked this money away she could have lived off it for 8 to 10 years.

Here is another kicker to this story. This is not the first case of this type in Michigan. Last year, Leroy Fick of Bay County, Mich., told a television reporter that he still used food stamps despite winning $2 million from the state lottery. Mr. Fick was acting within any laws and regulations, his lawyer reportedly argued. The state of Michigan does not have a system in place that tracks lottery winners who are collecting welfare. The department "relies on clients being forthcoming about their actual financial status. If they are not, and continue to accept benefits, they may face criminal investigation and be required to pay back those benefits," Director Maura Corrigan said in a statement. In other words these people are on the honor system. You know where this is going. These slugs who have latched onto the teat of the system in many cases have no honor. They are very comfortable with the warm nipple that they have been milking for month after month. They say, "Why the hell should I go out and get a job when I can get paid for sitting at home on my worthless ass". Instead they go ape with the dough and buy houses, cars, boats and other items that they "just have to have". I say check these people into the crow bar hotel with the other criminals. To me this is the same as walking into the grocery store with $200 in your pocket and shoplifting your weekly grocery order. This crap has to stop and NOW! How on earth can these people sleep at night?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hanging On To The Teat

Yesterday I flew into the rage of all rages. I went "ape" when I came to the realization that people do not want to work. There is a select group out there who have no desire to work but would rather latch onto the teat of the system to suckle it until it is dry. These lazy bastards turn down jobs because they rather collect unemployment from our already struggling government. Frankly, these bums make me sick! They make me want to puke out my innards and everything that was in them. I know you are probably wondering what sent me over the edge so I will tell you. A company that I am very familiar with had laid off two full time employees several months ago and is now willing to hire them back on a part time basis. The job pays $10.00 an hour plus a nice incentive package. One of those people jumped all over the opportunity while the other pondered for a few days to figure out if the job would interfere with their unemployment. The end result was they did not take the job for that reason. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! You won't take the job because you rather sit home and suckle off the teat of the unemployment compensation system! It is an outrage! When I heard this, my blood pressure rose so high the top of my skull almost blew off. I had to be strapped down into my chair because I may have committed a homicide.

Once I calmed down, I started to think about this entire unemployment system. Back a few years ago, the government extended benefits to almost two years due to the dismal job market across the country. This was intended to help people out until they found work and to keep money in the already struggling economy. Now, I hear people saying, "I think I will take some time off and look for a job in about 6 months to a year because I can collect for a coons age". These dead beat bastards are latching onto the nipple of the system and not letting go. I also hear these parasites say, "I had a chance to take a few jobs, but they were not what I was really looking for". Not what you are looking for? Get your lazy ass off the sofa, put down the channel changer and get to work! When I hear this kind of stuff I want to grab these people by their throats and choke the last breath out of them. It simply drives me out of my cotton pickin' mind!

I always said if you give em an inch, they will take a mile or two years. The brain surgeons in government had good intentions, but failed to come down to the level of the masses when they made the extension decision. I would think that no one actually said, "Hey, don't you think that people will take advantage of this extension"? Hell no they didn't! The powers in the government are so removed from the general public that this may have never even crossed their minds. They probably had no inkling that there would be a core group of suckling hogs who would nuzzle up to one of the millions of compensation teats to feast on the free meal. I say lets start to turn these people in so they can be pried off the Nippleoons. I for one am sick and tired of my tax dollars being given to people who have no intention of looking for work. I think there should be a compensation "teat line" to call to turn these lazy bums in.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am overwhelmed with anger this morning because there are so many things ticking me off right now! Every time I pick up the newspaper or turn on the local yocal news I go ballistic! As you all know, when there are several things flipping my anger switch its time to pull up a stool, slide in close to the bar and slam down some GRIPE SHOTS! Boy, do I have plenty to GRIPE about. Sit down right here and let's tie one on with a bottle of our best GRIPE.

I want to know if our good pal Thom "The Tick" Greco has done his time at the soup kitchen? I have made several calls and no one can tell me if "The Tick" has been dishing out some slop over on Jackson Street. Every time I think about this no good parasite I want to explode. My guess is he has not spent one single second of his sentence over there. If it were you or I, we would be locked up in the crow bar hotel for not showing up. Can anybody tell me if this blood sucking monger has spent any time over there? I have to know!

Speaking of "The Tick", every time I drive past the old Market Street Square I want to throw up. That was the showplace of downtown Wilkes-Barre for so many years and now it is a dump! I remember the great times along with the up scale atmosphere that the place provided. Once "The Tick" got his hands on it he miked it dry and tossed the place aside like a whore on Friday night. This is what this guy does. Of course, the Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority bought the place from him for a few million and now it sits vacant and rotting away. This makes me want to puke! Let's get this thing back to its original state as a train station so we can open rail service in and out of town. Wouldn't it be nice to jump on a train and ride it to New York or Philadelphia? YOU BET IT WOULD! Instead, we let the place deteriorate until it is so bad and it has to be demolished. Doesn't that sound familiar? Can you say HOTEL STERLING? Say it....HOTEL STERLING!

Another two thumbs up goes out to the idiots over at the county Taj Mahal on River Street. Luzerne County lost out on thousands of dollars in state reimbursements because an attorney who represented children in abuse cases did not get the proper training required by the state. YOU FREAKIN' IDIOTS! Attorney John Bellino who was paid a flat salary of $50,230 was permitted to remain employed even though he had not gotten the correct training. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! The bozo's knew he didn't have the required training but they let him remain employed? They let this guy on the payroll even though they knew they would not get the thousands of dollars from the state. It's time to shut the courthouse down and gut it from the inside out.

While I am on the topic of the courthouse, has anyone seen anybody actually working on the repairs lately? I have gone by the place many times over the past few weeks and have seen no one working. My question is are they ahead of schedule and are now getting paid for not showing up? I think we can all answer that one with a profound YES! I have not seen anyone actually working on the Taj Mahal on River for a few weeks now. Maybe they are only working between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm with a two hour lunch in between.

Finally, Major League Baseball announced yesterday that they will expand their post season from 8 teams to 10 starting this year. Holy shit! The season now goes into November with teams playing in the cold and snow if they make it to the World Series. MLB will add two more wild card teams that will play a one game playoff against the other two wild card teams. In my opinion MLB thinks they need to put this change in to effect because teams with 500 records are winning their divisions while others with much better records are going home early. Why don't they do away with all of these divisions, keep the National and American Leagues and have the top 8 in each league play a bracket type of playoff to see who gets to the World Series. Wouldn't that be much easier? Of course that would make sense so why would it happen?

Well, that's it for now. If I go any further I may blow my lunch from all of the GRIPE SHOTS I have just thrown down. It's time to stagger out into the screwed up real world to gather up some more outrage.