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Thursday, December 26, 2013


In jest this morning my sister-in-law, pigeon sister #3 wished my a Happy Kwanzaa.  Of course I wished her one back and sat down to drink my morning coffee.  As I sat drinking my Jamaica Me Crazy Java, I started to ponder on this Kwanzaa Holiday thing.  What did I actually know about Kwanzaa?  For sure I know that it is some sort of African-American holiday.  What else do I know?  NOTHING was the answer.  After 2.8 seconds, I fired up my laptop so I could do some real research on Kwanzaa.  Here is what I came up with.

Kwanzaa is celebrated by the African-American community from December 26th to January 1st every year.  Established by Maulana Karenga in 1966, Kwanzaa is a holiday that honors African heritage and celebrates family, community, and culture. It takes its name from the phrase "matunda ya kwanza," which in Swahili means "first fruits."  Not to be confused with hakuna matatta from the Lion King.  Kwanzaa's origin lies in the 1960s civil rights and Black Freedom movements, and is a way of commemorating the African heritage of black Americans whose ethnic history was stripped away by the slave trade. Swahili is the most widely spoken African language, and was thus chosen as the language of Kwanzaa's principles.  According to Karenga, "Kwanzaa was created to reaffirm and restore our rootedness in African culture." It is a cultural rather than religious holiday, and can be celebrated regardless of a person's faith tradition.  "First fruits" celebrations date back to ancient Egypt and Nubia, and commemorate the harvest.
The Unity Cup

So what do people do during Kwanzaa?  Well, it appears that true revelers gather during Kwanzaa to light the kinara, a candle holder with seven candles in the colors of red, black, and green. The black candle is placed in the center and used to light the other flames from left to right. Together, the candles are called the mishuuma saba, and they represent the Seven Principles.  Other traditions include the kikombe cha umoja, or Unity Cup, which is used to pour libations in honor of ancestors departed.  Songs and dances are a popular way of celebrating Kwanzaa. "Lift Every Voice And Sing," also known as the Black National Anthem, is a song that celebrates the struggles and triumphs of black Americans.  So there you have it, Kwanza 101 condensed down into 2 paragraphs.  An interesting holiday to say the least.
 So what's The Bottom Line here?  It appears to me that it is a compilation of Christmas and Hanuka combined into one week of celebration.  I especially like toasting libations to deceased loved ones.  I would be half in the bag by noon on the first day.  I think the big question here is can white folks celebrate Kwanzaa?  The answer is kinda!  Even though you may not have African heritage, you can celebrate Kwanzaa.  It is meant to pull communities together.  However, I am guessing that if a lily white Irishman like myself would wander into the black community dressed in a Dashiki suit it may turn some heads as well as some .45 revolvers.  I just can't seem to decide if this Kwanzaa is legit or just something made up to throw into the December mix of holidays.  For most of us we scoff and chuckle when we hear Kwanzaa.  On paper, Kwanzaa sounds like a great holiday.  In principle I just wonder if anyone actually celebrates it the correct way???
Holy shit, I forgot that it's Boxing Day in Canada!        


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas or Should I Say Gripemas

As our family opened presents this morning, I could not help but to hearken back to December 2009 when I lost it on a package that I needed a jack-hammer to open.  I sat and chuckled as my family members struggled to get past heat sealed plastic, multiple twist ties and of course the plastic straps that hold items in their boxes.  I kept saying to myself, "They are sealed for our protection".  Actually it is an outrage the way these things are packaged.  One gift took 15 minutes to get out of the package.  Hell, I had to go get my tool kit out pry the thing out.  I almost called 911 for the jaws of life.  It was easier getting King Tut out of his tomb.  A baby is born easier.   

Not being able to open a gift started it all 4 years ago right around this time of the year.  The Right To Gripe was born.  After 333 Gripes and 57,157 web hits, the R2G is still here and Griping.  We have complained about national, state and local news and sports, added multiple side features and even have a guest columnist, Mr. Pissed Off.  We have come a long way in 4 years.  So where do we go from here.  Many of our readers have had some good ideas.  One reader thinks we should do a video Gripe.  Another thinks we should do live remotes from locations that really tick us off.  And the ultimate idea of holding a Gripefest every year at a local establishment.  All great ideas.

Over the past 2 or 3 months I have not been very diligent in posting up my Gripes.  I assure you that I have not run short on things to go "ape" on.  The world is full of idiotic people and believe you me they will keep us entertained.  For some reason I just thought about WB Mayor Tom Leighton bragging to the media about how crime was down in "his city".  Ha!  Thirteen murders in less than 12 full months.  I think he must have been ingesting those magic mushrooms that he picks up in Exeter.  Speaking of Exeter, the authorities finally raided Magical Gardens Head Shop.  What the hell have they been waiting for?  See, there is plenty of fodder to Gripe about.

To all my readers, thank you for coming to my blog.  I hope to keep you entertained throughout 2014.  I encourage you to Gripe about things that tick you off and please Gripe often.  I would say Happy Holidays but this would send me into orbit.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka and to all a Happy and Joyous New Year.     

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hillbilly Invasion

The Gator Boys
I have to tell you, every night as I sit and scroll through the multitude of worthless channels on TV and wonder what the hell am I doing.  As I flip through the listing, I have noticed a disturbing trend in the shows.  I have noticed that hillbillies are the new craze.  Yes, hillbillies!  There is Hillbilly Handfishing, Swamp People, Hillbilly Blood, Swamp People, Call of the Wildman, Lizard Lick Towing, Redneck Island, Honey Boo Boo and the ever so popular Duck Dynasty.  Why this show is so popular I do not know.  In fact all of these make me sick.  I just can't wrap my head around why they are so popular.  I think it's the fact that a bunch of slack jawed country bumpkins run around looking like total idiots and doing things that no normal human being would think of doing.  For example, the Swamp People fly around in boats deep into the swamps to wrestle and catch alligators.  No way cousin Verne, I'm not doing that.  You also have that toothless moron Ernie "The Turtleman" Brown Jr diving into muddy ponds to scoop out large snapping turtles with his bare hands.  He also catches Raccoons, gators, woodchucks and the every popular skunk.  Both barrels, Bam! Bam!  Yep, he has taken more than one skunk bath.   

Hollywood Hillbillies
New to the prime time lineup of hillbilly shows this season will be Hollywood Hillbillies.  This family of low brow in breads move to Hollywood to experience the life style of the rich and famous.  It appears that their exploits will rival only a kid hitting the gifts under the Christmas.  In the previews, the grandmother Delores Hughes, other wise known as Mema actually goes to a hair salon to get a makeover.  I wonder why the EPA was present?  Does this shtick sound familiar?  It should.  It is an updated version of our old favorite The Beverley Hillbillies.  Instead, these mud puppies from rural Georgia go to Hollywood where they appal everyone they encounter with their backwoods ignorance.  It may actually be a riot to watch this one.

The question here though is why are these shows so popular?  I myself cannot imagine other than the thrill that viewers get watching these mental midgets plow their way through life oblivious to the real world that exists around them.  Once they hit intelligent society, they cease to function so they revert back to their caveman existence.  What irritates me the most is the fact that these bumpkins are going to make a boat load of money on their Hillbilly Hijinks's.  Why didn't I think of this first?  I think my next move will be to direct and produce a show called The Coalbillies of Plymouth.  This too would be a classic example of toothless, ill dressed. English language butchers roaming Main Street on foot or in their beat up 1978 pick up trucks.  Of course the trucks will be painted in primer black.  I think this would be a hit!  Could you imaging two big toothless women in tight tank tops fist fighting down on Main Street by the old Red Subs.  Classic I tell you, CLASSIC!      

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

This is the start of the holiday season and boy do we start it off right.  Thanksgiving, its no longer a day of thanks, but a glutenous feast of food and booze followed by three NFL football games and then a tryptophan induced sleep.  If you are not into any of these Thanksgiving traditions, you can now either sit in the dark listening to Christmas songs on Magic 93 or you can go shopping.  Yes, you read that right, go shopping.  It seems that many of the major stores like Sears, Bon Ton and others at the mall open at 8:00pm tonight.  In fact, K-Mart will open at 6:00am Thanksgiving Day while our friends at WalMart are open 24/7 as usual.  Many of the local retail monsters open at some point today with Black Friday like sales.

I have to tell you, I have a real problem with this on several avenues.  First off, let me just say, "You greedy sons of bitches".  Let your part time employees stay at home with their families for Thanksgiving.  No, why would they do that?  Instead their quest for every freakin penny has led them to taking people away from their Thanksgiving dinner.  I have to tell you that this really ticks me off.  People deserve a break and holidays should be that break.  Hell, these poor workers will be bum rushed as soon as the doors open by every low life scum bag trying to get a 62 inch high def TV for $399.95.  Of course the stores will only have 3 of them in stock.  Wow, that just brought back memories of the Cabbage Patch Kid riot at Zayers.  That one made the national news.  If you never saw the video, just look it up on U-Tube.  It's beautiful.

Speaking of Black Friday, it's now going extinct like the Do Do Bird.  With all the stores open on Thanksgiving, Black Friday now becomes no big deal.  The mindless discount dimwits will storm the stores right after dinner.  Many will be drunk and tired from a day of gluttony.  I would expect several fist fights and car accidents.  I would think that WB Township will have extra cops on duty at triple time to handle the brawls and fender benders.  Sure, Black Friday will still have some great deals, but the thrill of standing in line starting at 3am in the 17 degree weather is now gone.  What has this country come too?  I'll tell you.  It's all about the almighty dollar, PERIOD!  It's about retail chains milking everything they can from the marketplace.

The R2G would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another New Tax

Here we go again.  It's time to bend over, drop your drawers and get ready to take the red hot tax poker right in the old shit chute.  Our wonderful Governor, Tom Corbett along with the state House passed a bill this past week to fund $2.3 billion dollars over the next five years to fix roads and bridges here in the Keystone or should I say Keybone state.  By a 113 to 85 vote, these political parasites voted to add another additional tax onto gasoline and motorist fees to fund this project.  Corbett feels that there is an urgent need to repair the infrastructure here in Pennsylvania.  State Rep Mike McGeehan out of Philadelphia said, "Everyone wants good roads and bridges but nobody wants to pay for it".  You got that right laser breath.  McGeehan is the ranking Democrat on the Transportation Committee  This I can actually agree with.  However, Corbett is now laying the burden of these repairs on the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.  What else is new?  McGeehan also said, "Unfortunately that is not a reality.  If we want to remain a first class economic power it can't be done with a third class transportation system". 

WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!  Pennsylvania an economic power!  What a joke.  Here in NEPA our economic power revolves around $10.00 an hour warehouse and customer service jobs.  We have the economic power of a flea.  AS for a third class transportation system, I would rate it as a tenth class system.  I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of getting the tax shaft every time our government drops the ball and lets everything deteriorate to dangerous conditions.  If these clowns did their jobs we would not be in this pickle in the first place.  If over the years they repaired roads and bridges on a continual basis "We The People" would not be getting whacked on the rump with yet another tax on gas.  I for one am sick and tired of all these taxes.  I have nothing left to give these mismanagement monkeys in Washington and Harrisburg.  There is no one to blame but themselves for letting our infrastructure deteriorate into its current deplorable condition.  Yet again they place the burden on the taxpayers to fix their mistakes.  Maybe it's time to storm Harrisburg so we can let them know that we have had enough.  I recommend that you call your State Rep to find out how they voted.  Every time they vote for another tax or to raise taxes mark it down and remember it on election day. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Government Shutdown

We are now about 2 weeks into the shutdown of the U.S. Government and there appears to be no end in sight.  The morons in Washington continue to meet day and night but have not come up with a mutual resolution that both Democrats and Republicans can stomach.  So, who is actually to blame for this mess.  Some will say the Democrats, Some say Republicans and even some blame the Tea Party.  The Democrats and President Obama are holding fast on their stance especially when it comes to Obama Care.  The Republicans don't like Obama Care and refuse to increased the debt ceiling to fund it.  As for the Tea Party, these pin heads seem happy that the government is closed and basking in the thought that they are ruling the Republican Party.  Are any one of these entities to blame?  I think not!  They are all to blame for this embarrassment we call a government in Washington.

I am a Democrat.  However, the more I look at Obama Care the more I don't like it.  I hate the fact that this is being forced onto the people of this country really bothers me.  It bugs me that if you don't have health insurance you get fined.  I always thought this was a free country and I could choose what I want to do.  (More on my thoughts on Obama Care coming in the near future).  The Obama led Democrats are not budging on this during their talks which has forced and impasse.  They claim that they have made numerous concessions over the past few months but refuse to give anymore.  The Demo's also want to raise the debt ceiling yet again which means we will be spending money that we actually don't have.  Right now the federal government is close to $15 trillion dollars in debt.  There must be an end to the national debt and that is what the Republicans are looking at.

On the other side, the Repo's led by House Speaker John "Boner" Bohener are looking to flat out kill Obama Care.  They don't think it makes fiscal sense and it should not be forced on the people.  They also don't believe that the penalties will make up for the cost to the feds bottom line.  According to the website Obama Care Facts, the cost of Obama Care will be $1.1 trillion over 10 years while saving over $200 billion and up to $1.1 trillion over the next 20 years.  The Republicans argue that the math just does not add up.  They also argue that there must be a stop to the national debt ceiling and government spending.  Their stance is that we should not raise the debt ceiling, but instead cut spending which includes programs that effect the American people in a negative way.  Speaker Boner like Obama is holding fast to his side and does not seem too willing to compromise either.

On the third side of this triangle of idiocraty are the members of the Tea Party.  This somewhat radical wing of the Republican Party are the loudest minority that we have had in Congress in quite some time.  These pin heads led by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Michele Bachman have taken over the reigns of the Republican Party away from their traditional leaders.  While the major players stand by, the Tea Party people are making a joke of the Republican Party.  They have single handedly closed down the federal government and are proud of it.  These morons have now furloughed over 800,000 federal employees and have possibly put dozens of vendors out of business.  Boy, that is great for an already dying economy!  These nimrods get their ugly faces on CNN all the time so they can spew their nonsensical policies out of their flapping pie holes.  Frankly I am sick of them.  They need to go away and fast.  The Republican leadership needs to pack these jokers away in the back of the closet before they destroy the entire party.  If there was an election today, the Democrats would win in a landslide.

The bottom line here is our federal government is a mess.  All the parties involved should be fired by "We The People".  We should also band together and march on Washington to protest this mess.  I say storm the Congress and take over the government.  Let's throw these bums right out onto the street where they belong.  It's time for common sense government.  Let's stop sending billions of dollars over to countries like Egypt who hate out guts.  Hell, this shutdown is no skin off their backs since they are still getting paid.  This really sticks in my craw.  These lunk heads are also exempt from Obama Care which to me speaks volumes.  Why force it on the people if they don't want it?  To sum it all up, this entire thing is a mess.             

Raises All Around

I was going to write about the government shutdown today, but I just went out to my front porch to pick up my Times Leader and immediately saw this front page story, "No Tax Increases in Leighton's 2014 Budget.  WOW, what could I Gripe about here?  The line below this says, "City Workers and mayor will receive raises".  WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  I thought because of all the whining about no money that the city of Wilkes-Barre was just about broke.  In addition the mayor will hire 10 new police officers at a total cost of $1 million dollars.  I am OK with the hiring of 10 new officers considering Wilkes-Barre has become a drug infested cesspool of crime.  I am not OK with each officer making $100,000 per year.  How many murders have we had so far this year, 6,7 or maybe 8 no 9.  My question is where in the hell is he getting all of this money?

Tommy "Bag of Toe Nails" Leighton unveiled his $42.7 million budget yesterday which includes a 3% raise for all unionized employees which make up most of the city's workforce.  This raise was negotiated by the city and the parasite unions.  This really ticks me off because in this time of financial hardships for most, these city employees are getting a raise.  How about we pave more roads and actually try to stop crime before it happens instead.  On top of this 3% raise for the city minions, the Mayor is also taking a nice chunk of change in the form of a raise.  Tommy "Bags" salary will jump from $79,911 a year to $82,309.  WHAT, the mayor makes $82,309 a year.  When asked why he took the raise he simply said that it was consistent with what all the city employees receive.  In addition, (and this sent me through the roof) the Mayors medical insurance costs will drop from $19,793 annually to $19,755.  How can this be?  All over the country people's health care costs are rising. 

To sum this up in two words, THIS STINKS!  I am all about no new taxes.  I am all about hiring 10 new cops as long as they are actually patrolling the streets and not waiting for hot coffee and donuts.  I am not in favor of raises or reductions in health care costs.  You may think that I am crazy, but I remember the layoff of 11 firefighters last year.  I remember the downgrading of the city's credit rating due to no cash.  I remember the workers taking a voluntary furlough.  Also, lets not forget that if our jug-heads in Washington don't come to a compromise, all of this goes right out the door.  I am guessing that about 4 to 6 months into 2014, the city will be crying poverty while "Tommy Bags" and his minions are laughing all the way to easy street.   



Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Government Shutdown

If you have noticed, I have not weighed in on the federal government shutdown.  It would have been very easy for me to just hammer out some off the cuff comments on how crazy the Tea Party is or how stupid the Republican Party is or how stubborn President Obama is.  No, I have sat back for the past week and remained silent.  I have watched debate after debate on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and even the EIEIO.  I have taken my time because I wanted to make sure that I could consciously point my finger at the right party and say, "STOP, you are a bunch of idiots".  Well, I have been silent long enough.  I have seen it all and heard it all and let me tell you I have had enough.  I have had enough of them all!

Speaker John "Boner" Boehner
We are now in day eight of the government shutdown and there seems to be no real hope on the horizon for a compromise.  The President will not budge and neither will House Republicans under the leadership of their top moron Speaker John "Boner" Boehner.  Instead of sitting down to hash out a compromise for "We The People", these pinheads in Washington have actually shut down the Federal Government which has resulted in about 800,000 people being out of work for over a week now.  Along with these 800,000 federal people being out of a paycheck, countless other vendors and private companies are being hit right in the pocketbook because of all this insanity.  So, who's to blame for this disgrace?  Who's to blame for what is maybe the dumbest thing our government has ever perpetrated onto its people?

I have digested all of the data and most of the blame needs to be thrust the way of the Tea Party Republicans.  These radical idiots have driven a wedge into the Republican Party that is quickly destroying the credibility of America's oldest political party.  This small but puzzlingly powerful minority in the House along with Speaker "Boner" have now sent this country on a very dangerous path.  The main sticking point is of course Obama Care.  The Democrats back the Prez on this while the Republicans claim it is going to sink the nation even further in debt.  In April of this year, the U.S. national debt was approximately $11.959 trillion.  I don't know about you, but I can't even get my head around a number this large.  Pluto is only 3.78 billion miles away from Earth.  The national debt number changed to miles would take us out of the solar system.  Both parties are standing fast on possible compromises on Obama Care.

President Obama
The second hot issue is the debt ceiling.  In order to actually fund Obama Care and pay our bills, President Obama is asking for Congress to raise the debt ceiling.  Raising this limit actually happens almost every year, but now Republicans are holding the position that enough is enough and we cannot go any further in debt.  On October 17th the federal government will default on many of it's loans.  This would be a catastrophic blow to the financial integrity of our nation if it actually happens.  Economists warn of dire fiscal impacts from failing to raise what is called the debt ceiling, such as a reduced U.S. credit rating that would spike borrowing costs. The economic blow and questions about America's fiscal fidelity could bring a global slowdown, Obama has warned.

So, who is to blame?  I will tell you who is to blame over the next several days with my multi-part series, Government Shutdown.         

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Everybody Knows But The Cops

Vito & Jane Aiello
Why is it when you read or hear about a murder all of the neighbors say, "I knew he or she was capable of it"?  It seems that on many occasions the neighbors know, the relatives know but the cops are oblivious.  Case in point, Vito Aiello of Wilkes-Barre shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.  His wife Jane was pronounced dead at Geisinger Hospital and Vito is in critical condition.  He survived the suicide attempt.  All of this was done while their 15 year old son was at home.  Neighbors report that they heard several gun shots and then the boy running across the street screaming, "call 911, call 911".  Right now the motive for the shooting was unclear, however Jane Aiello had filed for divorce at the Luzerne County Courthouse on September 13th.  Her reason for the divorce was that the marriage was, "intolerable, life burdensome and irretrievably broken". 

Evidently Vito Aiello was not the most liked guy. Neighbors up and down Andover St. all said that the Aiello marriage was rocky at best.  One neighbor said, "When she filed for divorce and he was served with the papers we knew he was going to kill her".  "You won't find one person on this street that wouldn't believe that."  Another neighbor said he had installed security cameras on his property after several disputes with Aiello.

Vito was no stranger to the law.  Between 2003 and 2004 he had a girlfriend on the side.  At one point his wife had called the cops to report that he was on his way over to the girlfriends house to kill her.  Exeter police staked out the home, but Vito was a no show.  Jane Aiello also filed an involuntary commitment for her husband fearing that he would hurt someone or himself.  In 2003 Aiello pleaded guilty to harassment which included terrorist threats and stalking.  He had actually spliced into his girlfriends phone lines so he could record her phone calls.  He was sentenced to one year probation.  He also served 48 hours in the clink for drunk driving in 2005.

Overall, Vito Aiello had been involved on the wrong side of the law multiple times.  The neighbors knew he was capable of murder, his relatives knew, his girlfriend knew and his dead wife knew.  The question here is how did the cops not know?  How come entire streets know which house is the drug house but the cops don't know.  The bottom line is the flat footed cops in our area wouldn't dare know.  They are too busy either giving teenagers traffic tickets or speeding for hot donuts at Dunkin.  It amazes me that our police forces do NOTHING to prevent crime.  All they do is respond to crime, sometimes an hour or two after the fact.  How many of you see police cars patrolling up and down your streets?  I know in the town I live in it is seldom.  In Wilkes-Barre it is almost never.  We need to get more patrol cars out on the streets.  We need beat cops back on Public Square moving the Square Rats along.  The FOP and the police always want more money and no copay for health care.  If they want it, lets prove that you deserve it.  If not, hit the bricks and get out of Dodge.  I'm sick of my hard earned tax dollars going to waste on fat cat cops.  

Friday, August 30, 2013

Gripe Shots

I have neglected by duties as the King of Gripe.  I have not been Griping for the past two weeks and believe you me the anger is building up inside.  When that happens it's time to pull up a stool, summon the Gripetender and slam down a few Gripe Shots.

It appears that the government of Syria has used chemical weapons on its own people.  Our government intelligence says that they have intercepts of Syrian officials talking about the gassing after it was completed.  This was the line in the sand for the Obama administration and Syria has crossed it.  It now appears that we may take military action against Syria.  So far no other country is on board, not even England.  Limey bastards!  Anyway all I have to say is, " Don't do it Barrack, don't do it"!  Syrian computer hackers have already hacked into the New York Times web site and claim that they will get into our power grids to shut down the countries electrical power.  With the backing of China, Iran and Russia they just may be able to do it.  Is this the start of World War III?

A-Rod is getting hosed.  Yes, you read that right.  A-Rod was suspended 210 games by Major League Baseball for being implicated in a PED fiasco.  Twelve other players were suspended for 52 games.  Why do I think he is getting a raw deal.  Well, first off the other guys got 52 and A-Rod gets 210.  Next, his MLB union brethren are throwing him under the bus claiming that he should not be playing while he appeals the suspension.  Players like John Lackey amongst others have voiced their opinion through the media on this matter.  In fact, Boston pitcher Ryan "Dumpster" Dempster beaned A-Rod last week as a protest to him playing.  By the way, "Dumpster" is so bad it took him 4 pitchers to make contact.  He was suspended for 5 games.  None of these players should open their spewing pie holes since they are the ones who voted in the appeal process.  Is A-Rod on PED's?  I would say yes.  Should he be suspended?  Only MLB can hand down that ruling.

Jerry "Scumdusky" Sandusky will be back in court again on October 9th, this time to fight for his $4900.00 a month pension.  Scumdusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for sexual abuse of 10 boys and had to forfeit his pension. The forfeiture also made his wife, Dottie, ineligible for benefits.  All I have to say about this one is WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  Did this guy work for Luzerne County.  Why are the courts wasting time on this.  I say NO PENSION!  If he is eligible, then all of this money should go to the victims that he raped in the showers at PSU.

Carmelo Flores Laura - If Bolivia's public records are correct, Carmelo Flores Laura is the oldest living person ever documented.  They say he turned 123 a month ago.  The native Aymara lives in a straw-roofed dirt-floor hut in an isolated hamlet near Lake Titicaca at 13,100 feet, is illiterate, speaks no Spanish and has no teeth.  He walks without a cane and doesn't wear glasses. And though he speaks Aymara with a firm voice, one must talk into his ear to be heard.  "I see a bit dimly. I had good vision before. But I saw you coming," he tells Associated Press journalists who visit after a local TV report touts him as the world's oldest person.  Hobbling down a dirt path, Flores greets them with a raised arm, smiles and sits down on a rock. His gums bulge with coca leaf, a mild stimulant that stave's off hunger. Like most Bolivian highlands peasants, he has been chewing it all his life.  Bring on the cocoa leaves!

Miley Cyrus - What the hell was that all about.  I loved the outfit, but the big teddy bears gave me the creeps.  Cyrus caused quite a stir when she performed at the MTV Music Awards.  People in the audience were dumb struck when Cyrus ripped of her teddy bear teddy to unveil a two piece gold number.  She then proceeded to "twerking" all over the stage while grabbing at her cooter.  By the way, what is a twerk?

There you have it.  I have slugged down enough Gripe Shots for now.  I think I will watch the Miley Cyrus replay. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pill Popping Police

Our area is so corrupt (how corrupt is it).  Let me tell you.  The FBI, who by the way has set up a headquarters in Wilkes-Barre arrested Hughestown police officer Robert Evans for selling prescription drugs while on duty.  Yes, you read that right, while on duty.  This nimrod has been admitted to selling prescription drugs to people, one being a Dupont cop.  WHAT! WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  The Feds interviewed a guy named John Nat.  That's not nat with a G.  "I have a friend that works in the sewer and he does not spell his name with a G".  If you like the Honeymooners you will get that one.  Anyway, Nat said that Evans was selling Oxycodone, Vicodin and other prescription drugs to him weekly for the past two years.  The corrupt cop was getting $30 to $60 a pill.  Evans told Nat that he had a prescription for the pills but he also bought them from an associate named Sid Lewis.  He also bought pills from a guy named John Ames.  Evans actually gave Ames rides to Wilkes-Barre so he could buy the pills at a house on River St.  This even gets better.  Evans also confessed that he bought pills from another guy named Billy Tucker.  Tucker had sold him pills, but stopped doing so because Evans owed him money.  This caused Evans to go through Lewis to get pills from Tucker.  I think my head just exploded. 

In his confession the drug dealing defender of injustice also stated that he also provided Dupont police officer Kenneth Shotwell with Oxycodone 25 times.  It appears that Shotwell has been a prescription pill junkie for years.  Shotwell along with Evans were also Avoca emergency services people in 2011.  These two zipper heads actually came to the aid of Dupont police Sgt. John Saranchuk when a suspect took his gun during a struggle.  Only in Dupont!  Saranchuk is now the police chief in the thriving metropolis of Dupont.  The "Big Chief" said he did know about the arrest of Evans but had no further comment.

No further comment!  I have a comment.  What the hell is wrong with these guys?  They are sworn in to enforce our laws, not break them.  This makes me sick.  You can't even trust the cops now a days.  Here are two police officers, one selling the drugs and the other taking them while driving around town arresting people.  I wonder if their judgement is a bit fuzzy at times.  Hey, maybe that's why they are called The Fuzz.  These bacon benders should be tried, convicted and sentenced to the max.  Oh, by the way, no charges have been filed on Lewis, Ames, Tucker or Shotwell yet.  We will have to keep ours eyes peeled and our ears to the ground to see if they will be arrested.  In the back of my mind I have a little piggy telling me that we may not see any. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Worst Drivers In America

Slate.com has just released the the top 5 cities with the worst drivers.  They looked at years of data about traffic accidents, automotive fatalities, alcohol-related driving deaths and pedestrian strike rates as indicators of bad driving.  I love that term, pedestrian strikes.  It warms me up all over.  Here is Slate.com's top 5 cities with the worst drivers.

No. 5: Baltimore. Baltimoreans just can’t keep from running into each other. They were outside the top 10 in fatalities, DWI deaths, and pedestrian strikes, but their rate of collision couldn’t keep them out of the top five overall.
No. 4: Tampa, Fla. Tampa doesn’t do any single thing terribly, but it is consistently poor: 18th worst in years between accidents, fifth in traffic fatalities, tied for 11th in DWI fatalities, and 10th in pedestrian strikes. If the city had managed to get outside the bottom half in any individual category, Tampa residents might have avoided this distinction.
No. 3: Hialeah. The drivers of Hialeah get into a middling number of accidents, ranking 11th among the 39 candidates. But when they hit someone, they really mean it. The city finished third for fatalities. They also have a terrifying tendency to hit pedestrians.
No. 2: Philadelphia. Drivers in the city of brotherly love enjoy a good love tap behind the wheel. Second-places finishes in collisions and pedestrian strikes overwhelm their semi-respectable 16th-place ranking in DWI deaths
No. 1: Miami. And it’s not even close. First in automotive fatalities, first in pedestrian strikes, first in the obscenity-laced tirades of their fellow drivers.

Three out of the five cities with the worst drivers are found in the Sunshine State, with Miami topping the list as the absolute worst. Miami is first in auto fatalities and pedestrian strikes and, according to Slate, first in "obscenity-lace tirades of their fellow driver". Fellow Floridian cities Hialeah, which comes in at number three, and Tampa at number four also seem to host a populace with a passion for running down pedestrians and fatal car accidents.  Miami shows up on more than just Slate.com's worst list. The Huffington Post reported that Miami also had the most hit-and-runs in Florida last year, an incredible 35 a day. Transportation for America also ranked the most dangerous cities in America to drive in, with the top four all in Florida. Maybe Floridians should look into buying heavy-duty trucks and steering clear of sidewalks.

Well, it is painfully obvious that slate.com did not come to the Greater Wilkes-Barre Scranton Area or as I like to call it the Siamese Twin Cities of despair.  Our area is overflowing with bad drivers, dumb drivers and angry drivers, very angry drivers and I must confess I am one of the angry ones.  Just this past week I was dropping my wife off at work over by the Hotel Sterling (that's a story for another day) and had just pulled over to let her out.  The light ahead of me was red and it took her about 2.6 seconds to actually get out of the car.  The idiot behind me lays on the horn and proceeds to weave to his left to go by me.  Now mind you, it is one lane due to the orange barrels blocking the way.  This lug nut weaves between the barrels and as he goes by is eye balling me hard.  Of course that sets off my road rage trigger and I start lacing this moron with a tirade of profanity only rivaled by the movie Scarface.  "Are you eye ballin' me", I yelled.  "Are you eye ballin' me you mother f*#! pile of monkey s*^#?".  As you may know, every thing is worse with the word monkey in front of it.  After about 8 seconds or so of me verbally destroying this clown, the light went green and he turned onto S. Franklin St.  No, I did not follow him so I could get the rest of my pent up anger out.  There is more, still bottled up somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain waiting to be unleashed by some nit wit.      

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The NFL - The National Felony League

It has been about 5 months since the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl and since that time, 28 players in the NFL or National Felony League have been arrested.  Now in terms of just plain numbers, 28 does not seem like a lot since there are 32 teams x 53-man roster = 1,696 total players.  If you do the math it is only 1.6% of the entire group of NFL players.  It seems like a very small percentage of players who are getting on the wrong side of the law.  However in comparison, only 2 NBA players have been arrested while 5 MLB players have been cuffed and hauled away during the same time span.  The NFL front office is in Def-con 4 over the rash of player arrests since February.  They have been counseling players and coaches while handing down huge fines and suspensions for any act that may seem criminal-like in nature.  However, these 28 nitwits thought that they could "get away with murder".  I have broken them down into categories based on their crimes.

The Brawlers
These guys just can't get enough personal violence.  If there are no players around, then they just beat their wives or girlfriends.

Ronnell Lewis (Detroit Lions): Arrested for getting in a bar fight in Oklahoma.
Adam "Pacman" Jones, (Cincinnati Bengals)  Arrested on an assault charge for allegedly punching a woman outside a club in Cincinnati.  One arrest in a long string.
Daryl Washington (Arizona Cardinals)  Arrested for aggravated assault after an alleged domestic violence incident with his ex-girlfriend.  He thought she was carrying the football!
Rolando McClain (Baltimore Ravens)  Arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in Alabama.  He was still celebrating their Super Bowl victory.
William Moore (Atlanta Falcons)  Arrested for simple battery after allegedly grabbing a woman by the shoulder in Atlanta.  He thought she dropped a quarter.
Amari Spievey (Detroit Lions)  Arrested for third-degree assault in an alleged domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend in Connecticut.    

The Stone Cold Killer
A little bit of fame and these bone heads think they can get away with murder.

Aaron Hernandez (New England Patriots)  Arrested on murder charges for the alleged execution-style death of associate Odin Lloyd.  All I can say here is IDIOT!

The Fast & The Furious
These clowns buy fast cars and are dumb enough to think they can use them in a 25 MPH area.

Joe Lefeged (Ind. Colts)  Arrested after being in a car involved in a police chase in Washington D.C.  I bet he was leading police to a real crime.
Jason Peters (Philadelphia Eagles)  Arrested for street racing and leading police on a high-speed chase.  Heck, he had just gotten out of the new Fast & Furious movie.

Just Plain Idiots
It is hard to believe that these guys actually got a college education....or did they?

Dan Conner (NY Giants)  Possession of an offensive weapon. This blockhead tried to go through security at Philadelphia International Airport with a switchblade in his luggage.
Titus Young, (Free Agent)  Arrested on suspicion of DUI, and then arrested again on the same day May 5th for trying to steal his own car from the tow yard. Arrested less than a week later for burglary. Young formerly played for the Lions and briefly was with the Rams.  Formerly a player....PERIOD!
Cody Grimm (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)  Arrested for public intoxication in Virginia twice.  Not once but twice!
Quinton Carter (Denver Broncos)  Arrested for allegedly cheating at craps at a Vegas casino, case dismissed.  How dumb can someone be!
Javarris James (Arizona Cardinals)  Arrested for failing to appear in court in Florida.  Moron, just show up!
J’Marcus Webb (Chicago Bears)  Arrested for marijuana possession in Illinois, charges dropped.
Da’Quan Bowers (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)  Arrested for having a gun in his luggage at LaGuardia Airport, charges later reduced to disorderly conduct.  DUMB!
Michael Boley (New York Giants)  Arrested for child abuse in Alabama.  This clown should go to jail.

The DUI Gang
There would not be an NFL without the list of players arrested for Driving Under the Influence.

Joe Morgan, (New Orleans Saints) Arrested for DWI in Louisiana.
Brandon Barden (Tennessee Titans)  Arrested on suspicion of DUI after driving his car off the road in Georgia.
Trumaine Johnson (St. Louis Rams)  Arrested for misdemeanor DUI in Montana.
Evan Rodriguez (Chicago Bears)  Arrested for DUI, speeding and “improper lane usage”.
Al Netter (San Francisco 49ers)  Arrested for DUI in California.      

The J - E - T - S.....Jets, Jets, Jets
Looks like Sexy Rexy needs to swing the hammer down. 

Claude Davis -  Arrested for marijuana possession in New Jersey.
Mike Goodson - Arrested on drug and gun charges in New Jersey.
Cliff Harris - Arrested for marijuana possession in New Jersey.

The Hapless Browns
At least the Bowns are good at something.

Armonty Bryant  Arrested for DUI in Oklahoma.
Quentin Groves  Arrested for solicitation in a prostitution sting in Ohio.  Oh C'mon, everybody needs a little.
Ausar Walcott  Arrested for attempted murder after punching a man outside a club in New Jersey.  The guy must have been a Bengals fan.
Desmond Bryant   Arrested for criminal mischief in Miami.  Mischievous little imp.

There you have it, the list of arrests over the past several months in the National Felony League.  These NFL nimrods are out of control.  The fame and fortune turns them into total idiots who think that they are above the law.  In my opinion the law should throw the book at each and every one of these guys to serve as a wake up call for all professional athletes and the people who look up to them.  I for one am sick and tired of these pin heads making a boat load of money for playing a sport and then doing dumb things like committing crimes. 





Sunday, July 7, 2013

Obama's $7 Billion Gift

As most of you know by now, I am not a big fan of the republican party.  I didn't like Reagan, Bush Sr. or W.  In fact I am amazed that I liked Abe Lincoln.  If you didn't know he was a republican.  I did not vote for Insane McCain or Mitt "Nit Wit" Romney.  I voted for our current president, Barack Obama.  I thought he was the best person other than Hillary Clinton to get us out of this mess the republicans left us in.  However, after reading this story from the Mr. Conservative web site I am beginning to wonder?  This was sent to me by our conservative republican friend Chris "Strawberry" Fields.    

$7 BILLION of our tax dollars will be sent to Africa.
The new expenditure was announced by President Obama on Sunday, during his vacation to Africa at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. During his announcement, the president said the US needs to “up our game” when it comes to Africa.  Well, $7 billion is certainly stepping up our game…

Obama said America will be spending this money to give electric power to Africans.  “My own nation will benefit enormously if you reach your full potential,” Obama said. Well, isn’t that a convenient way to spin it, Mr. President.  During the speech he introduced the $7 billion “Power Africa” initiative. Two-thirds of the people living in sub-Saharan Africa do not have electricity, according to Gayle Smith, Obama’s senior director for development and democracy.
Six countries will be the primary targets: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania. 

George W. Bush also supports such programs throughout Africa, and will be in Tanzania next week. The White House did not deny that the two might connect in the continent at some point.
Obama also spoke about starvation in Africa. He said he’d like to see the US become more involved in food and health programs in the continent.  The week-long trip to Africa is Obama’s most lengthy trip to the continent since becoming president. He will not, however, be paying a visit to Kenya, where his father is from.

Chris's propaganda machine has been in full swing over the past few months.  If you read the article you would have noticed that one of your "MAIN MEN" George W. supports this program.  He is even going to make a visit to Tanzania next week in support of the U.S. getting more involved with helping Africa.

I have two thoughts on this, first is our country cannot afford to just hand over $7,000,000,000 to anyone.  We need to start worrying about ourselves for a change.  However, I think there is an alternative motive here.  Northern Africa is infested with terrorists and extremists who hate the United States.  By making good with South Africa, we can eventually place military bases or intelligence outposts there so we can keep a close eye on these maniacs in the north.  Build up the love and then take advantage of them until they turn on you.  AH, the American way.   

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welfare Parasite

Orlando Shaw
One of our Gripers (Chris Strawberry Fields) sent me this story.  When you read this you will blow a gasket.

Every month, the state of Tennessee pays $7,000 to support twenty-two children, all of them fathered by a single man: Orlando Shaw, a 33-year-old lothario who can’t keep his pants zipped up. Orlando is now at the center of a child support case in Nashville, as some of the fourteen mothers of his children try to get him to cough up at least some money to support his brood.  Orlando gave a revealing interview to a reporter for NewsChannel 5, a Nashville television station, one that showed that he had no compunction about getting women pregnant. He cheerfully explained that “I was young and ambitious and I love women. You can’t knock no man for loving women.” No, you can’t, but you can knock a man for knocking up women. 

Orlando doesn’t just love women. He also loves crime. According to him, his criminal record prevents him from getting employment. And with 22 children (or, as Orlando, says “roughly eighteen”), with “seventeen” women, he needs a lot of employment. Magistrate Scott Rosenberg estimated that Orlando would need to hold three or four full-time jobs to meet the child support payments he owes.

Orlando assured TV viewers, though, that he’s not all bad. “I love my kids and I can care less about what anyone thinks about it.” He’s just excited that he has so many children to pass on his family legacy. “I’ll be sure we’ll be here for years and years to come.” Shaw seems to realize, however, that his days of producing progeny need to end, since he’s announced that he intends to get “fixed” (i.e., to have a vasectomy).  It’s a little unclear just how much Orlando really loves his kids. When challenged to name them all, he couldn’t, but he knew that all the children have names that somehow echo his. “Hey, I got ‘em, I named them, I named these kids, me!”’

It’s tempting to put all the blame for this little Tennessee Baby Boom solely on Orlando. However, that’s unfair. There were fourteen (or maybe eighteen) women who went ahead and had babies with a man to whom they were not married and who gave no indication that he would be able to support these children. These women could have said “no” to sex or they could have taken responsibility for birth control. Yes, accidents can happen (no birth control method other than abstinence is perfect), but accidents do not happen twenty-two times. As it is, all of these mothers have almost certainly grown up believing that it is the State’s responsibility to care for them – and the State has done so.

So, if you’re planning on blaming someone for Orlando’s population bomb, don’t start with him. Instead, place the blame where it belongs: on a Leftist culture that has informed generations of low-income, low-education people that the state will be both mommy and daddy to their children.

WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  This guy is getting $7000 a month in welfare for the 22 children that he fathered!  This guy is the ultimate sponge.  He has latched onto the teat of the system and will remain there suckling the taxpayers dry.  How on earth can one man have 22 children and still be sane?  I'll tell you, $7000.00 worth of sanity per month, that's how.   

Insane John McCain

Insane McCain with Syrian Rebels
During the 2008 presidential election I thought that John McCain was just plain "Nuts"!  He came across as feeble and quite senile and was not sharp enough to stay up with his competitor Barack Obama.  Just a few weeks ago, Senator McCain reassured me that he is totally "Insane"!  McCain came out both guns a blazing saying that the United States needs to arm the Syrian rebels who are fighting against current Syrian President Bashar Assad.  The web site Politico reported that McCain derided President Barack Obama’s response to the conflict in Syria, saying it is “disgraceful” how long it has taken the United States to make a move.  “It’s disgraceful, the conduct of the United States sitting by and watching this happen,” he said.  What happened?  It was reported that the Syrian government had used nerve gas against its own people to try and stop the rebellion.  Of course, this was the red line item that President Obama drew in the sand as a tipping point to our involvement there.  The Arizona Republican (McCain) said on Fox News that while Obama put down a “red line” regarding the Syrian use of chemical weapons on civilians, he “gave them a green light to do everything else.”  “For us to sit by, and watch these people being massacred, raped, tortured in the most terrible fashion, meanwhile, the Russians are all in, Hezbollah is all in, and we’re talking about giving them more light weapons? It’s insane,” he said.

No Senator McCain, you are insane!  What the Syrian government is doing is wrong, however how can we arm a rag tag bunch of rebels with all kinds of weapons.  We don't even know who or what these people stand for?  Are they Al Qaeda, factions of Jabhat Al Nusra or Taliban?  You bet some of them are and Insane McCain wants to give them our weapons.  I say NO Way Allah!  The Russians and Hezbollah are now arming the Syrian government while Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are supplying arms and money to the rebels.  If we do get involved and it looks like we are, then we need to be very careful as to who gets our weapons.  We need to be careful of exactly what kind of weapons we send and we need to make sure they do not get into the hands of factions who will turn them on us.  I am not sure how this can happen, but I'm sure it will get all screwed up.  As for Insane McCain, he needs to shut his pie hole and retire from Congress.  He has worn out his welcome there and all over the U.S.  That was evident during the Presidential election.    


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Total Stupidity

Cherish Perriwinkle
"Stupid is as stupid does"......Forrest Gump

 I am always amazed at how stupid people can be.  It was reported on AOL that Rayne Perriwinkle reported to police that her daughter, Cherish was missing.  Rayne and her daughters had been shopping at a local Dollar Store at 11:00pm, yes you read that right 11:00pm when they met Donald James Smith.  Smith overheard the mother saying she couldn't afford to buy her daughter a dress, and offered to help her out. She says Smith told her his wife had a Walmart gift card, and could meet them at Walmart and use the card to buy items for the family.  They all piled into Smith's van and headed to the Walmart. Once there, Perriwinkle says Smith kept insisting they were waiting for his wife. At one point, he said he was heading to the store's McDonald's. The mother says she did not realize her daughter was going with him.

"He asked if I wanted anything and I heard Cherish say 'cheeseburger.' I thought she stayed near me. I didn't realize she went with him. I didn't let her go with him like people think," the mother told the station.

Police tracked down Smith's van driving on I-95 in Jacksonville at around 9 a.m. Saturday. They have not said whether or not Smith led them to the girl's body.  Rayne Perriwinkle's two younger children were unharmed and remain in her custody.  Here is the kicker, Smith, 56, was previously convicted of attempted kidnapping and lewd and lascivious assault on children.

All I have to say is WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  There are so many things wrong here that I am not sure where to start.  One, you meet some guy at the dollar store and 5 minutes later you along with your kids pile into his van for a ride over to Walmart?  Strike one!  Then he claims his wife is there with a gift card but after several minutes no wife shows up.  So you continue to hang around with this clown?  Strike two.  Then you lose track of your daughter as she allegedly goes with this maniac for a cheeseburger at the in store McDonalds?  Strike three!  You are rung up for total stupidity.  At this point did it not dawn on this woman that this guy is a problem?  Did she not get one of those gut check moments when your spider senses start tingling to tell yourself that I am in trouble here?  And, how did you not know that your daughter just walked away with a total stranger?  I just can't comprehend the total stupidity here.  As for the icing on the idiot cake, the authorities allowed the other two children to remain in the mothers custody.  Let's hope she doesn't take them shopping at the local supermarket anytime soon.   As I always said, "The masses are idiots"! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gripers Respond

I have to admit, sometimes I too can be an idiot.  I was going through some stats concerning the R2G when I came across a section called Published Comments.  Now shame on me for not finding this sooner, since this shows a list of comments made by readers.  If you made a comment and I did not respond that is because I just found this section of the R2G.   So, I am going to post up some of these comments which were made on various Gripes along with the hyperlink to the actual story as well as a comment or two.

Anonymous - The title should read, "boys become pussies when they..." women nowadays are vaginizing this world. Luckily for me, I found a man. I respect him as a man and he adores me as his woman. I worry for my daughters....ugh! on The Delusional Thinking Of Women
R2G - There is something about the lure of the vagina.  It is like the singing of the sirens in mythology.  Men turn into mere balls of putty.

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D.B. Echo - It, ummm, was on Holy Saturday night. That's when they've been airing it lately. AND IT WAS FABULOUS!!! on WTF No 10 Commandments Tonight?
R2G - Ah, Holy Saturday night.  No wonder I missed it.  D.B., I still think it should be on Easter Sunday evening.
kevin grim - I understand the concept of Trackback. If you have made your blog can be super site. antibacterial bath salts on Amusing Local Notes-Meth, Bath Salts and The Intercomodal
R2G - I have to ask, what the hell are you trying to say here?

Anonymous - I have to tell you, that officer Cole was also hit by a large bus of paratroopers in which he lost most of his hearing, I am not sure at what point this happened. He is not crafty, he was and is very much injured. He is not a SOB, and shame, shame on you all. You cannot tell me that you would not go bankrupt if something like this happened to you, especially on a policeman's salary. His future was uncertain, he has family. So shut up! Cast a stone if you want, carma is a bitch! on Wilkes-Barre Gets The Shaft Again
R2G - Now that is the fire that I like to see.  First off if he lost most of his hearing how can he perform his duties?  Can I assume it was in the military?  If it was then he must be collecting some disability from Uncle Sam.  Secondly, I would not go bankrupt because I have health insurance as he does to cover the medical costs along with workers compensation, again as he does.  It sounds to me like he will be taken care of from multiple sources.  Let me tell you this, there is a trend here in the Wyoming Valley of long time police officers going out on permanent disability.  I have seen it first hand.  They milk the teat of the system better than welfare parasites.  All of this is on the buck of the taxpayer.  If Officer Cole can no longer perform in the field, then lets get him back working at a job that suits his physical capabilities.  It's called light duty.  Yes, Karma is a bitch and it's gonna get you.
Anonymous - The only reason Jonny numb nuts won is because they beat Alabama. They might as well call it the best sucking off media award. on The Heisman Trophy - What A Joke!
WBFF088 - I don't know who you've been talking to, but they are wrong about the FD. I'll use yesterday as an example, to have the 11 per shift, there was an overtime for both day shift and night shift. Also the Duty Chief for one group (there are 4 groups) has said there will be 26 overtimes (on his group alone!) to the end of the year, WITHOUT anyone off injured or personal time. He has cut WAY to far! So HOW is Leighton saving money? He's NOT! So what is his real plan? Remember the FD is the ONLY union that has worked with the city to save money. And we have been ridiculed by the other unions for it, Yet who does Leighton threat like a baby treats a diaper? on Gripe Shots
R2G - I have to apologize to the WB Firefighters.  I really blasted them, however after more research it was the WBPD that I should have lambasted.  It does appear that Mayor Tom has cut the WBFF deeper than the bone. 
There you have it.  Keep those comments coming because  I love to hear what our readers have to say.  I promise to keep a keen eye on my comment section from here on out.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crime Is Down?

Mayor Tom Leighton
At their last council meeting, Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton announced to the total disbelief of the people in attendance, that crime was down in the city.  My initial thought was that I wanted some of those drugs that the mayor was on because he was on another planet.  Perhaps Uranus.  However, there are statistics out there that support his statement.  As of Friday, The Pennsylvania State Police Uniform Crime Reporting System (that's a mouthful) showed a 5.06 percent decrease in known offenses in a year to year comparison.  Hard to believe, right?  In fact, the data for the city showed a total of 1,540 offenses reported to police as of Friday compared to 1,622 from a year ago. The crimes fall under 41 classifications ranging from murder to disorderly conduct to a collection of unclassified offenses.  Overall there was an increase in 22 of the 41 classifications, four classifications were unchanged and decreases in the remaining 15 classifications.  Here is a quick breakdown of some of the "classified offenses".

Stolen property crimes up from 3 to 31 or 933%.
Marijuana possession up from 8 to 19 or 138%. 
Murder and non-negligent manslaughter up from 2 to 3 or 50%.

Unchanged were assaults with a dangerous weapon other than a knife or firearm (3), forgery and counterfeiting, drug sale and manufacturing of marijuana and driving under the influence.

There were no reports of possession of synthetic drugs, forcible rape and assault with a knife or cutting instrument. Those classifications showed a 100 percent decrease.

The bottom line here is the stats are misleading.  If you really look at these numbers, the story is clear.  Crime in total may be down, but the types of crimes being committed are up.  Stolen property, marijuana possession and murder total up to DRUG DEALERS

                   Theft + drugs + murder = drug dealers

The city is filled with them like rats in a blighted property.  These filthy parasites from Philly and New York are pouring into the city like water over a dam.  Just think about it.  The druggies have to steal to get money, the cops can only arrest the poor guy looking for a little pot and the dealers have no second thoughts about whacking someone.  It's as clear as day.  By the way, I did not see any data on cocaine, meth or heroine arrests.  Why?  Let me tell you.  Our cops are afraid of these dealers because they are armed to the hilt with illegally obtained automatic weapons.  They let the State Police and the Feds handle these.  The city of Wilkes-Barre is a shit-hole.  It's a mess and covering this fact up with a few misleading statistics makes me sick.  Shame on you Mayor Tom!

P.S.  Where were you on St. Patrick's Day Mayor Leighton?  I was at Senunas all day and did not see you.  Avoiding the R2G?   

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Shoe Bomber - What Happened To Him?

The Shoe Bomber

Do you remember the guy who got on a plane with a bomb built into his shoe and tried to light it?  He was nicknamed "The Shoe Bomber" however his real name was Richard Reid.  Born to a father who was a career criminal, Reid converted to Islam as a young man in prison after years as a petty criminal. Later he became radicalized and went to Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he trained and became a member of al-Qaeda.  On 22 December 2001, he boarded American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami, wearing shoes packed with explosives, which the idiot unsuccessfully tried to detonate. Passengers subdued him on the plane, which quickly landed at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, the closest US airport. He was quickly arrested and indicted.  What ever happened to him?  Did you know his trial is over?  Did you know he was sentenced?  Did you see/hear any of the judge's comments on TV or Radio?  I didn't think so.!

Here is the ruling which was handed down by Judge William Young, US District Court.  It's a little lengthy, but definitely worth reading.  It will really fire you up. 

Prior to sentencing, the Judge asked the defendant if he had anything to say, his response: After admitting his guilt to the court for the record, Reid also admitted his 'allegiance to Osama bin Laden, to Islam, and to the religion of Allah,' defiantly  stating, "I think I will not apologize for my actions," and told the court "I am at war with your country."

Judge Young then delivered the statement quoted below:

Judge Young: "Mr. Richard C. Reid, hearken now to the sentence the Court imposes upon you.

On counts 1, 5 and 6 the Court sentences you to life in prison in the custody of the United States Attorney General. On counts 2, 3, 4 and 7, the Court sentences you to 20 years in prison on each count, the sentence on each count to run consecutively. (That's 80 years.)

On count 8 the Court sentences you to the mandatory 30 years, again to be served consecutively to the 80 years just imposed. The Court imposes upon you for each of the eight counts a fine of $250,000, that's an aggregate fine of $2 million. The Court accepts the government's recommendation with respect to restitution and orders restitution in the amount of $298.17 to Andre Bousquet and $5,784 to American Airlines.

The Court imposes upon you an $800 special assessment. The Court imposes upon you, five years supervised release simply because the law requires it. But the life sentences are real life sentences so I need go no further.

This is the sentence that is provided for by our statutes. It is a fair and just sentence. It is a righteous sentence.

Now, let me explain this to you. We are not afraid of you or any of your terrorist co-conspirators, Mr. Reid. We are Americans. We have been through the fire before. There is too much war talk here and I say that to everyone with the utmost respect. Here in this court, we deal with individuals as individuals and care for individuals as individuals. As human beings, we reach out for justice.

You are not an enemy combatant. You are a terrorist. You are not a soldier in any war. You are a terrorist. To give you that reference, to call you a soldier, gives you far too much stature. Whether the officers of government do it, or your attorney does it, or if you think you are a soldier, you are not-----, you are a terrorist. And we do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not meet with terrorists. We do not sign documents with terrorists. We hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice.

So war talk is way out of line in this court. You are a big fellow. But you are not that big. You're no warrior. I've known warriors. You are a terrorist. A species of criminal that is guilty of multiple attempted murders. In a very real sense, State Trooper Santiago had it right when you first were taken off that plane and into custody and you wondered where the press and the TV crews were, and he said:

'You're no big deal. '

You are no big deal.

What your able counsel and what the equally able United States attorneys have grappled with and what I have, as honestly as I know how, tried to grapple with, is why you did something so horrific. What was it that led you here to this courtroom today?

I have listened respectfully to what you have to say. And I ask you to search your heart and ask yourself what sort of unfathomable hate led you to do what you are guilty, and admit you are guilty, of doing? And, I have an answer for you. It may not satisfy you, but as I search this entire record, it comes as close to understanding as I know.

It seems to me, you hate the one thing that to us is most precious. You hate our freedom. Our individual freedom. Our individual freedom to live as we choose, to come and go as we choose, to believe or not believe as we individually choose. Here, in this society, the very wind carries freedom. It carries it everywhere from sea to shining sea. It is because we prize individual freedom so much that you are here in this beautiful courtroom, so that everyone can see, truly see, that justice is administered fairly, individually, and discretely. It is for freedom's sake that your lawyers are striving so vigorously on your behalf, have filed appeals, will go on in their representation of you before other judges.

We Americans are all about freedom. Because we all know that the way we treat you, Mr. Reid, is the measure of our own liberties. Make no mistake though. It is yet true that we will bear any burden; pay any price, to preserve our freedoms. Look around this courtroom. Mark it well. The world is not going to long remember what you or I say here. The day after tomorrow, it will be forgotten, but this, however, will long endure.

Here in this courtroom and courtrooms all across America , the American people will gather to see that justice, individual justice, justice, not war, individual justice, is in fact being done. The very President of the United States through his officers, will have to come into courtrooms and lay out evidence on which specific matters can be judged and juries of citizens will gather to sit and judge that evidence democratically, to mold and shape and refine our sense of justice.

See that flag, Mr. Reid? That's the flag of the United States of America . That flag will fly there long after this is all forgotten. That flag stands for freedom. And it always will.

Mr. Custody Officer. Stand him down."

Way to go Judge Young.  Why we did not hear or see this sentencing on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSN, MSNBC or EIEIO, WWE, WWF, UFO or any other 3 letter channel of communication is beyond me. This should have been broadcast around the world as a message to these terrorist bastards that we will never live in fear, we will never break, we will never bend, we will never give up our freedom.  These murderers of innocent people WILL be hunted down, captured or killed and brought to justice if taken alive.  Of course I prefer a lead filled death to life in prison any day.  This is the type of justice that our court system needs to hand down to these lunatics.  Swift and decisive justice.  As for this clown Richard Reid.  I hope he gets Big Bubba Gump as his cell mate for the next 70 years of his miserable life.