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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welfare Parasite

Orlando Shaw
One of our Gripers (Chris Strawberry Fields) sent me this story.  When you read this you will blow a gasket.

Every month, the state of Tennessee pays $7,000 to support twenty-two children, all of them fathered by a single man: Orlando Shaw, a 33-year-old lothario who can’t keep his pants zipped up. Orlando is now at the center of a child support case in Nashville, as some of the fourteen mothers of his children try to get him to cough up at least some money to support his brood.  Orlando gave a revealing interview to a reporter for NewsChannel 5, a Nashville television station, one that showed that he had no compunction about getting women pregnant. He cheerfully explained that “I was young and ambitious and I love women. You can’t knock no man for loving women.” No, you can’t, but you can knock a man for knocking up women. 

Orlando doesn’t just love women. He also loves crime. According to him, his criminal record prevents him from getting employment. And with 22 children (or, as Orlando, says “roughly eighteen”), with “seventeen” women, he needs a lot of employment. Magistrate Scott Rosenberg estimated that Orlando would need to hold three or four full-time jobs to meet the child support payments he owes.

Orlando assured TV viewers, though, that he’s not all bad. “I love my kids and I can care less about what anyone thinks about it.” He’s just excited that he has so many children to pass on his family legacy. “I’ll be sure we’ll be here for years and years to come.” Shaw seems to realize, however, that his days of producing progeny need to end, since he’s announced that he intends to get “fixed” (i.e., to have a vasectomy).  It’s a little unclear just how much Orlando really loves his kids. When challenged to name them all, he couldn’t, but he knew that all the children have names that somehow echo his. “Hey, I got ‘em, I named them, I named these kids, me!”’

It’s tempting to put all the blame for this little Tennessee Baby Boom solely on Orlando. However, that’s unfair. There were fourteen (or maybe eighteen) women who went ahead and had babies with a man to whom they were not married and who gave no indication that he would be able to support these children. These women could have said “no” to sex or they could have taken responsibility for birth control. Yes, accidents can happen (no birth control method other than abstinence is perfect), but accidents do not happen twenty-two times. As it is, all of these mothers have almost certainly grown up believing that it is the State’s responsibility to care for them – and the State has done so.

So, if you’re planning on blaming someone for Orlando’s population bomb, don’t start with him. Instead, place the blame where it belongs: on a Leftist culture that has informed generations of low-income, low-education people that the state will be both mommy and daddy to their children.

WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  This guy is getting $7000 a month in welfare for the 22 children that he fathered!  This guy is the ultimate sponge.  He has latched onto the teat of the system and will remain there suckling the taxpayers dry.  How on earth can one man have 22 children and still be sane?  I'll tell you, $7000.00 worth of sanity per month, that's how.   

Insane John McCain

Insane McCain with Syrian Rebels
During the 2008 presidential election I thought that John McCain was just plain "Nuts"!  He came across as feeble and quite senile and was not sharp enough to stay up with his competitor Barack Obama.  Just a few weeks ago, Senator McCain reassured me that he is totally "Insane"!  McCain came out both guns a blazing saying that the United States needs to arm the Syrian rebels who are fighting against current Syrian President Bashar Assad.  The web site Politico reported that McCain derided President Barack Obama’s response to the conflict in Syria, saying it is “disgraceful” how long it has taken the United States to make a move.  “It’s disgraceful, the conduct of the United States sitting by and watching this happen,” he said.  What happened?  It was reported that the Syrian government had used nerve gas against its own people to try and stop the rebellion.  Of course, this was the red line item that President Obama drew in the sand as a tipping point to our involvement there.  The Arizona Republican (McCain) said on Fox News that while Obama put down a “red line” regarding the Syrian use of chemical weapons on civilians, he “gave them a green light to do everything else.”  “For us to sit by, and watch these people being massacred, raped, tortured in the most terrible fashion, meanwhile, the Russians are all in, Hezbollah is all in, and we’re talking about giving them more light weapons? It’s insane,” he said.

No Senator McCain, you are insane!  What the Syrian government is doing is wrong, however how can we arm a rag tag bunch of rebels with all kinds of weapons.  We don't even know who or what these people stand for?  Are they Al Qaeda, factions of Jabhat Al Nusra or Taliban?  You bet some of them are and Insane McCain wants to give them our weapons.  I say NO Way Allah!  The Russians and Hezbollah are now arming the Syrian government while Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are supplying arms and money to the rebels.  If we do get involved and it looks like we are, then we need to be very careful as to who gets our weapons.  We need to be careful of exactly what kind of weapons we send and we need to make sure they do not get into the hands of factions who will turn them on us.  I am not sure how this can happen, but I'm sure it will get all screwed up.  As for Insane McCain, he needs to shut his pie hole and retire from Congress.  He has worn out his welcome there and all over the U.S.  That was evident during the Presidential election.    


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Total Stupidity

Cherish Perriwinkle
"Stupid is as stupid does"......Forrest Gump

 I am always amazed at how stupid people can be.  It was reported on AOL that Rayne Perriwinkle reported to police that her daughter, Cherish was missing.  Rayne and her daughters had been shopping at a local Dollar Store at 11:00pm, yes you read that right 11:00pm when they met Donald James Smith.  Smith overheard the mother saying she couldn't afford to buy her daughter a dress, and offered to help her out. She says Smith told her his wife had a Walmart gift card, and could meet them at Walmart and use the card to buy items for the family.  They all piled into Smith's van and headed to the Walmart. Once there, Perriwinkle says Smith kept insisting they were waiting for his wife. At one point, he said he was heading to the store's McDonald's. The mother says she did not realize her daughter was going with him.

"He asked if I wanted anything and I heard Cherish say 'cheeseburger.' I thought she stayed near me. I didn't realize she went with him. I didn't let her go with him like people think," the mother told the station.

Police tracked down Smith's van driving on I-95 in Jacksonville at around 9 a.m. Saturday. They have not said whether or not Smith led them to the girl's body.  Rayne Perriwinkle's two younger children were unharmed and remain in her custody.  Here is the kicker, Smith, 56, was previously convicted of attempted kidnapping and lewd and lascivious assault on children.

All I have to say is WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  There are so many things wrong here that I am not sure where to start.  One, you meet some guy at the dollar store and 5 minutes later you along with your kids pile into his van for a ride over to Walmart?  Strike one!  Then he claims his wife is there with a gift card but after several minutes no wife shows up.  So you continue to hang around with this clown?  Strike two.  Then you lose track of your daughter as she allegedly goes with this maniac for a cheeseburger at the in store McDonalds?  Strike three!  You are rung up for total stupidity.  At this point did it not dawn on this woman that this guy is a problem?  Did she not get one of those gut check moments when your spider senses start tingling to tell yourself that I am in trouble here?  And, how did you not know that your daughter just walked away with a total stranger?  I just can't comprehend the total stupidity here.  As for the icing on the idiot cake, the authorities allowed the other two children to remain in the mothers custody.  Let's hope she doesn't take them shopping at the local supermarket anytime soon.   As I always said, "The masses are idiots"! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gripers Respond

I have to admit, sometimes I too can be an idiot.  I was going through some stats concerning the R2G when I came across a section called Published Comments.  Now shame on me for not finding this sooner, since this shows a list of comments made by readers.  If you made a comment and I did not respond that is because I just found this section of the R2G.   So, I am going to post up some of these comments which were made on various Gripes along with the hyperlink to the actual story as well as a comment or two.

Anonymous - The title should read, "boys become pussies when they..." women nowadays are vaginizing this world. Luckily for me, I found a man. I respect him as a man and he adores me as his woman. I worry for my daughters....ugh! on The Delusional Thinking Of Women
R2G - There is something about the lure of the vagina.  It is like the singing of the sirens in mythology.  Men turn into mere balls of putty.

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D.B. Echo - It, ummm, was on Holy Saturday night. That's when they've been airing it lately. AND IT WAS FABULOUS!!! on WTF No 10 Commandments Tonight?
R2G - Ah, Holy Saturday night.  No wonder I missed it.  D.B., I still think it should be on Easter Sunday evening.
kevin grim - I understand the concept of Trackback. If you have made your blog can be super site. antibacterial bath salts on Amusing Local Notes-Meth, Bath Salts and The Intercomodal
R2G - I have to ask, what the hell are you trying to say here?

Anonymous - I have to tell you, that officer Cole was also hit by a large bus of paratroopers in which he lost most of his hearing, I am not sure at what point this happened. He is not crafty, he was and is very much injured. He is not a SOB, and shame, shame on you all. You cannot tell me that you would not go bankrupt if something like this happened to you, especially on a policeman's salary. His future was uncertain, he has family. So shut up! Cast a stone if you want, carma is a bitch! on Wilkes-Barre Gets The Shaft Again
R2G - Now that is the fire that I like to see.  First off if he lost most of his hearing how can he perform his duties?  Can I assume it was in the military?  If it was then he must be collecting some disability from Uncle Sam.  Secondly, I would not go bankrupt because I have health insurance as he does to cover the medical costs along with workers compensation, again as he does.  It sounds to me like he will be taken care of from multiple sources.  Let me tell you this, there is a trend here in the Wyoming Valley of long time police officers going out on permanent disability.  I have seen it first hand.  They milk the teat of the system better than welfare parasites.  All of this is on the buck of the taxpayer.  If Officer Cole can no longer perform in the field, then lets get him back working at a job that suits his physical capabilities.  It's called light duty.  Yes, Karma is a bitch and it's gonna get you.
Anonymous - The only reason Jonny numb nuts won is because they beat Alabama. They might as well call it the best sucking off media award. on The Heisman Trophy - What A Joke!
WBFF088 - I don't know who you've been talking to, but they are wrong about the FD. I'll use yesterday as an example, to have the 11 per shift, there was an overtime for both day shift and night shift. Also the Duty Chief for one group (there are 4 groups) has said there will be 26 overtimes (on his group alone!) to the end of the year, WITHOUT anyone off injured or personal time. He has cut WAY to far! So HOW is Leighton saving money? He's NOT! So what is his real plan? Remember the FD is the ONLY union that has worked with the city to save money. And we have been ridiculed by the other unions for it, Yet who does Leighton threat like a baby treats a diaper? on Gripe Shots
R2G - I have to apologize to the WB Firefighters.  I really blasted them, however after more research it was the WBPD that I should have lambasted.  It does appear that Mayor Tom has cut the WBFF deeper than the bone. 
There you have it.  Keep those comments coming because  I love to hear what our readers have to say.  I promise to keep a keen eye on my comment section from here on out.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crime Is Down?

Mayor Tom Leighton
At their last council meeting, Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton announced to the total disbelief of the people in attendance, that crime was down in the city.  My initial thought was that I wanted some of those drugs that the mayor was on because he was on another planet.  Perhaps Uranus.  However, there are statistics out there that support his statement.  As of Friday, The Pennsylvania State Police Uniform Crime Reporting System (that's a mouthful) showed a 5.06 percent decrease in known offenses in a year to year comparison.  Hard to believe, right?  In fact, the data for the city showed a total of 1,540 offenses reported to police as of Friday compared to 1,622 from a year ago. The crimes fall under 41 classifications ranging from murder to disorderly conduct to a collection of unclassified offenses.  Overall there was an increase in 22 of the 41 classifications, four classifications were unchanged and decreases in the remaining 15 classifications.  Here is a quick breakdown of some of the "classified offenses".

Stolen property crimes up from 3 to 31 or 933%.
Marijuana possession up from 8 to 19 or 138%. 
Murder and non-negligent manslaughter up from 2 to 3 or 50%.

Unchanged were assaults with a dangerous weapon other than a knife or firearm (3), forgery and counterfeiting, drug sale and manufacturing of marijuana and driving under the influence.

There were no reports of possession of synthetic drugs, forcible rape and assault with a knife or cutting instrument. Those classifications showed a 100 percent decrease.

The bottom line here is the stats are misleading.  If you really look at these numbers, the story is clear.  Crime in total may be down, but the types of crimes being committed are up.  Stolen property, marijuana possession and murder total up to DRUG DEALERS

                   Theft + drugs + murder = drug dealers

The city is filled with them like rats in a blighted property.  These filthy parasites from Philly and New York are pouring into the city like water over a dam.  Just think about it.  The druggies have to steal to get money, the cops can only arrest the poor guy looking for a little pot and the dealers have no second thoughts about whacking someone.  It's as clear as day.  By the way, I did not see any data on cocaine, meth or heroine arrests.  Why?  Let me tell you.  Our cops are afraid of these dealers because they are armed to the hilt with illegally obtained automatic weapons.  They let the State Police and the Feds handle these.  The city of Wilkes-Barre is a shit-hole.  It's a mess and covering this fact up with a few misleading statistics makes me sick.  Shame on you Mayor Tom!

P.S.  Where were you on St. Patrick's Day Mayor Leighton?  I was at Senunas all day and did not see you.  Avoiding the R2G?   

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Shoe Bomber - What Happened To Him?

The Shoe Bomber

Do you remember the guy who got on a plane with a bomb built into his shoe and tried to light it?  He was nicknamed "The Shoe Bomber" however his real name was Richard Reid.  Born to a father who was a career criminal, Reid converted to Islam as a young man in prison after years as a petty criminal. Later he became radicalized and went to Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he trained and became a member of al-Qaeda.  On 22 December 2001, he boarded American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami, wearing shoes packed with explosives, which the idiot unsuccessfully tried to detonate. Passengers subdued him on the plane, which quickly landed at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, the closest US airport. He was quickly arrested and indicted.  What ever happened to him?  Did you know his trial is over?  Did you know he was sentenced?  Did you see/hear any of the judge's comments on TV or Radio?  I didn't think so.!

Here is the ruling which was handed down by Judge William Young, US District Court.  It's a little lengthy, but definitely worth reading.  It will really fire you up. 

Prior to sentencing, the Judge asked the defendant if he had anything to say, his response: After admitting his guilt to the court for the record, Reid also admitted his 'allegiance to Osama bin Laden, to Islam, and to the religion of Allah,' defiantly  stating, "I think I will not apologize for my actions," and told the court "I am at war with your country."

Judge Young then delivered the statement quoted below:

Judge Young: "Mr. Richard C. Reid, hearken now to the sentence the Court imposes upon you.

On counts 1, 5 and 6 the Court sentences you to life in prison in the custody of the United States Attorney General. On counts 2, 3, 4 and 7, the Court sentences you to 20 years in prison on each count, the sentence on each count to run consecutively. (That's 80 years.)

On count 8 the Court sentences you to the mandatory 30 years, again to be served consecutively to the 80 years just imposed. The Court imposes upon you for each of the eight counts a fine of $250,000, that's an aggregate fine of $2 million. The Court accepts the government's recommendation with respect to restitution and orders restitution in the amount of $298.17 to Andre Bousquet and $5,784 to American Airlines.

The Court imposes upon you an $800 special assessment. The Court imposes upon you, five years supervised release simply because the law requires it. But the life sentences are real life sentences so I need go no further.

This is the sentence that is provided for by our statutes. It is a fair and just sentence. It is a righteous sentence.

Now, let me explain this to you. We are not afraid of you or any of your terrorist co-conspirators, Mr. Reid. We are Americans. We have been through the fire before. There is too much war talk here and I say that to everyone with the utmost respect. Here in this court, we deal with individuals as individuals and care for individuals as individuals. As human beings, we reach out for justice.

You are not an enemy combatant. You are a terrorist. You are not a soldier in any war. You are a terrorist. To give you that reference, to call you a soldier, gives you far too much stature. Whether the officers of government do it, or your attorney does it, or if you think you are a soldier, you are not-----, you are a terrorist. And we do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not meet with terrorists. We do not sign documents with terrorists. We hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice.

So war talk is way out of line in this court. You are a big fellow. But you are not that big. You're no warrior. I've known warriors. You are a terrorist. A species of criminal that is guilty of multiple attempted murders. In a very real sense, State Trooper Santiago had it right when you first were taken off that plane and into custody and you wondered where the press and the TV crews were, and he said:

'You're no big deal. '

You are no big deal.

What your able counsel and what the equally able United States attorneys have grappled with and what I have, as honestly as I know how, tried to grapple with, is why you did something so horrific. What was it that led you here to this courtroom today?

I have listened respectfully to what you have to say. And I ask you to search your heart and ask yourself what sort of unfathomable hate led you to do what you are guilty, and admit you are guilty, of doing? And, I have an answer for you. It may not satisfy you, but as I search this entire record, it comes as close to understanding as I know.

It seems to me, you hate the one thing that to us is most precious. You hate our freedom. Our individual freedom. Our individual freedom to live as we choose, to come and go as we choose, to believe or not believe as we individually choose. Here, in this society, the very wind carries freedom. It carries it everywhere from sea to shining sea. It is because we prize individual freedom so much that you are here in this beautiful courtroom, so that everyone can see, truly see, that justice is administered fairly, individually, and discretely. It is for freedom's sake that your lawyers are striving so vigorously on your behalf, have filed appeals, will go on in their representation of you before other judges.

We Americans are all about freedom. Because we all know that the way we treat you, Mr. Reid, is the measure of our own liberties. Make no mistake though. It is yet true that we will bear any burden; pay any price, to preserve our freedoms. Look around this courtroom. Mark it well. The world is not going to long remember what you or I say here. The day after tomorrow, it will be forgotten, but this, however, will long endure.

Here in this courtroom and courtrooms all across America , the American people will gather to see that justice, individual justice, justice, not war, individual justice, is in fact being done. The very President of the United States through his officers, will have to come into courtrooms and lay out evidence on which specific matters can be judged and juries of citizens will gather to sit and judge that evidence democratically, to mold and shape and refine our sense of justice.

See that flag, Mr. Reid? That's the flag of the United States of America . That flag will fly there long after this is all forgotten. That flag stands for freedom. And it always will.

Mr. Custody Officer. Stand him down."

Way to go Judge Young.  Why we did not hear or see this sentencing on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSN, MSNBC or EIEIO, WWE, WWF, UFO or any other 3 letter channel of communication is beyond me. This should have been broadcast around the world as a message to these terrorist bastards that we will never live in fear, we will never break, we will never bend, we will never give up our freedom.  These murderers of innocent people WILL be hunted down, captured or killed and brought to justice if taken alive.  Of course I prefer a lead filled death to life in prison any day.  This is the type of justice that our court system needs to hand down to these lunatics.  Swift and decisive justice.  As for this clown Richard Reid.  I hope he gets Big Bubba Gump as his cell mate for the next 70 years of his miserable life. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Federal Government Out Of Control (Part 3)

“Your worst enemy, he reflected, was your nervous system. At any moment the tension inside you was liable to translate itself into some visible symptom.” ...George Orwell, 1984

The federal government is not the only government that is watching us.  In cities and towns all over America governments are now mounting cameras on traffic intersections and buildings so they can allegedly catch traffic violators and criminals in the act of committing crimes.  They can also keep track of everyone who drives or walks by a camera at any time of the day.  This did come in handy in catching the Boston Marathon bombers who killed and injured multiple people with two home made bombs.  This sounds great doesn't it?  As long as these cameras are used for this purpose and this purpose only.  In the hands of a tyrannical government, these cameras along with tapping into the web, emails and phone calls can become an oppression to the people themselves.  I can tell you that this scares the hell out of me.  In the wrong hands, all of this technology can take us to the "Big Brother is Watching You" syndrome that George Orwell wrote about in his book 1984.

Along with everything mentioned above, now governments want to use unmanned drones for surveillance in cities and towns across the U.S.  These drones would fly overhead almost undetected with cameras that can pick up words on a small piece of paper or maybe the screen of an I-phone.  Right now, our military uses these drones in surveillance as well as bombing targets in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In a war situation, these drones are great.  They keep soldiers from getting injured or killed in the line of duty.  However, in the hands of the local, yocal police, they can become another tool for "Big Brother".

The bottom line here is that all of this surveillance technology in the wrong hands can be harmful to everything our constitution stands for.  In the wrong hands we will not be able to say or write with a freedom that was allotted us by our founding fathers.  Instead we will have to meet in dark, back rooms to articulate our thoughts especially if they pertain to our governments.

Several weeks ago I wrote about how I was for the proposed gun control that dealt with automatic and semi-automatic firearms.  Now I am beginning to change my mind.  If the government has the ability to watch us and takes our weapons away, we are no more than mindless drones at their mercy.  This combination of removed writes which were given to us the the constitution would allow the government to have total and absolute control over all of us.  Is this where this is heading?  I really hope not.  I can only think that our governments will use these technological tools wisely.  I can only hope that they do not use this ability to suppress the people in the guise of The War On Terror.  I can hope, can't I.    

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Federal Government Out Of Control (Part 2)

“Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull. ” ― George Orwell, 1984

Were you aware that U.S. intelligence agencies have a direct tap into the servers of the U.S.'s largest Internet companies?   Did you know that agents can troll around the internet without cause for what they deem suspicious activity?  This highly classified program, designed to look at international communications and run by the National Security Agency and the FBI, can peek at video, audio, photos, emails and other documents, including connection logs that let the government track people.  Of course intelligence officials dispute these reports that the program was engaged in "data mining" and instead described the activities as "data collection." I'm not sure what the difference is here, but I'm sure the government can tell us in a 450 page legal brief.

NBC News reported, the program, code-named PRISM, was first publicly exposed Thursday evening by The Washington Post and The Guardian out of London, England.  According to the Post, which reported that it had obtained an internal NSA presentation on the PRISM operation, the tool was so successful that it was the top contributor to President Barack Obama's daily intelligency brief — with 1,477 articles last year.  I wonder if the R2G was one of these?  The participating technology companies were a virtual "Who's Who" of Silicon Valley, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple,  the Post said.  Companies contacted by NBC denied knowledge of the PRISM operation, which has been described as a "partnership" with the technology industry.  In response to this story, representatives of some of the top tech companies responded by saying, 

"Google does not have a 'back door' for the government to access private user data," Google spokesman Chris Gaither said.  

"We do not provide any government organization with direct access to Facebook servers," Facebook's chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, said in a statement.

"We have never heard of PRISM," an Apple spokesman told CNBC. "We do not provide any government agency with direct access to our servers, and any government agency requesting customer data must get a court order."

Microsoft and Yahoo also denied to NBC News knowledge of the program, saying they only comply with legal requests for information on specific individuals.  According to the NBC News sources, PRISM works in tandem with another program, code-named BLARNEY, which collects "metadata" Internet addresses, device signatures and such — as the data streams past intersections on the Internet backbone.  BLARNEY, what an appropriate name!

Now call me cynical, but it appears to me that either the Feds are back dooring into these servers without the knowledge of the host companies or these companies are either voluntarily cooperating or are being forced to cooperate.  My guess is the Feds are going in the back doors and these companies had no idea it was happening.  Under the guise of the war on terror, the federal government is slowly putting into place a system of surveillance that can be turned against it's own people.  I don't think that is the current plan, however in the wrong hands it would allow a tyrannical government the ability to watch its citizens 24 /7.  It would allow for Gestapo like tactics to be used to suppress the thoughts and actions of the people.  Are we heading toward the Big Brother syndrome?

Tomorrow Part 3 of The Government Out Of Control.  


Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Federal Government Out Of Control (Part 1)

"It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself--anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face...; was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: facecrime...George Orwell (1984)

On Wednesday, the Guardian newspaper out of London broke a story that sends shivers down your spine.  It is right out of the novel by George Orwell 1984 which is best known for the phrase, "Big Brother is watching you".  This week, the Guardian released the story the Verizon now has to provide the NSA (National Security Agency) with daily information on calls by their customers both inside the U.S.  and from foreign locations into the United States.  This information includes numbers dialed and received and length of calls.  It does not require the content of the calls.  The NSA claims that this information allows them to construct a map of individuals daily movements, social connections, travel habits and other personal information.  In other words, where you go, where you have been and who your friends are.

Little do you know, the federal government has been collecting phone records ever since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.  This collection of phone records falls under Section 215 of the Patriot Act which was put into place by then President George W. Bush.  This section authorizes the federal government to make broad demands on telephone providers.  As a Senator, now president Barack Obama supported changes in this blanket act which would require the feds to convince a judge that the records they are seeking have some connection to a national security threat.  As a newly elected president Obama said, "As for our common defense, we reject false the choice between our safety and our ideals".  It appears that in his second term hew has changed his mind.  On Thursday his administration defended the collection of Verizon's records as a necessity on the war on terror.

The bottom line here is that our federal government is out of control.  They are using the war on terror as a way to spy on their own citizens.  I am all for trying to get these terrorists before they kill innocent people.  However, any type of blanket like rules of surveillance scares the hell out of me.  What will be next?  Microchips implanted under the skin at birth so they can track each and every citizen?  Tomorrow, Part 2 of my 3 part series on The Federal Government Out Of Control.  We will take a hard look at surveillance drones and cameras. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Levy Fee - An Update

As most of you know, the R2G has operatives all over the country.  In fact, we have people all over the world keeping their eye balls peeled for things that really tick us off.  We have people in England, Ireland, Mexico, Russia and even China reading and reporting.  Just this past week, one of our local GRIPERS "Checked" in with some news concerning one of our favorite topics, the BOGUS Luzerne County Levee Fee.  Dave Check of Forty Fort reported this.

"Why are there volunteer groups cleaning the Wilkes-Barre side of the river commons?  We pay a Levee Fee for that same reason?  I was also informed by a friend of mine whom walks that way daily  and the garbage cans have not been emptied in days." 
Yes Dave, that sounds like our hard earned tax dollars hard at work for the jug heads at the county.  This bounty of illegal taxation is hard at work doing nothing.  I STILL have not seen one stitch of work being done on the levee or the walls since the last flood scare.  If someone reading this GRIPE has actually seen work being done on the levee I want to know where.  Forty Fort got the brunt of the damage last time and I have not witnessed one second of work being done.  Not one single GRIPER has reported back that they have seen work being done on the levee.  WHERE IS OUR MONEY GOING?  My guess is that it goes into the General Fund and is being spent on other useless projects like the Hotel Sterling.  Don't get me going on that!

The bottom line here is that when the mighty Susquehanna rises again, and it will be soon, the levee system will fail and a flood of 1972 proportions will be imminent.  Our homes will all be underwater and much will be lost.  If this happens, we all need to band together and sue the ever living shit out of the county for their total disregard for levee repair.  I for one will be at the front of the line.  In fact, I am lining up an attorney right now because I predict it will happen in the fall of this year.  If any of you are on board just let me know.  In the meantime, I will wait for my quarterly Levee Fee invoice so I can hand over my money to the county.  It burns my balls every time I have to write out the check.