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Monday, December 28, 2009

I Couldn't Open The Gift Because It Was Wrapped In That Plastic Stuff!

How many of you got a gift this Christmas sealed in that damn plastic krap? You need a chainsaw to get it open. At first you try with your bare hands to open the item but quickly realize that a full grown gorilla could not achieve this feat of strength. Next you go for the scissors. Sometimes they work, but for the most part its like cutting through steel. Finally you go to the kitchen drawer for the sharpest knife you can find. Of course, this is probably a mistake. You drive the knife into the plastic and then start slicing through. Once the knife gets past the super thick edge, it cuts right through the plastic as well as the skin on your hand. Now you drop the plastic torture chamber and run for the E.R. Of course, the E.R. is a big gripe for another time. Once you have stopped the bleeding, you realize that the present that was sealed inside this space age polymer is broken because it came out before it hit the floor. Why, I ask you why do the retail manufacturers try to protect us from ourselves. Its like breaking into Fort Knox just to get into what you paid for! I can't take this krap anymore! When I go to the store I try not to buy anything that is packaged this way because I know it will take me close to 30 minutes to get it open. Does anyone know how to open this stuff? My hands can't take it anymore.


  1. Its like when you buy something and it doesn't work....like a brand new "32"inch flat screen tv...you have sound but no friggin picture. so you unplug it, hook up old tv and it works..sound an picture...so then you unhook old TV..plug backin new TV and again...sound and NO picture....then have to take it back and get another one...then wow...it works...

  2. And it's always the CHEAPEST toys that are packaged this way! With barbed wire and a secret code to unlock...it's ridonkulous!

  3. Its bullshit... These plastic holders r not only aggravating but hurt... and when you get mad you usually get hurt more... I bought these silly new headphones the new kind were they go inside your ear very cool!! however the plastic was soo secure for these $10 headphones that when i cut with scissors enough to get my hand in it.. what do you normally do yank the plastic with your muscles.. well in this case damn thing cut my hand and as im pulling out the headphones now from anger and 10 min of work i break the damn headphone right off the cord...