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Saturday, December 20, 2014

PA Game Commission

For the past two weeks Pennsylvania hunters have hit the woods to try to bag a white tail deer.  Before going out, most "good" hunters will scan over the PA Game regulations to check for any changes.  This is a good practice since over the years, the Game Commission has changed the regulations concerning the harvest of antlered deer.  Years ago, if it had antlers of any length it was good to shoot.  Then it changed to the antlers had to be 3 inches in length or more on what we call a spiker.  Now, there has to be at least 3 points on one side to harvest.  The exception to this rule is that a junior hunter can harvest a spiker during the hunting season and during the mentored youth hunt.  A child must be at least 11 years old for the youth hunt.  It is no longer as simple as pointing the gun and pulling the trigger.  I say this because it is not as simple for some, but ignored by others.

I am one of the hunters who hits the woods every year to try to bag the elusive white tail deer.  Me, my son and my good friend Bob W. are also hunters who abide by the rules.  We may not like all of the rules, but they are "Da Rules" and we honor that.  This past year, we encountered a situation where some schmuck hunter did not play by the rules.  As we approached Bob's van after several hours in the woods we noticed a deer lying down about 20 feet from our parking spot.  As we approached we noticed that it was a spiker that had been shot and dressed down or gutted and left there.  There were also two young hunters, maybe in their mid 20's who were standing by their vehicle smoking cigarettes.  They too had seen this "illegal" kill.  To us, the carcass appeared to be about 24 hours old.  Needless to say we were disgusted by the whole thing.  Who would kill a spiker, gut it, drag it to the parking spot and then just leave it there?

Since our day was over, we packed our gear and decided to stop by the Game Commission in Dallas to report the illegal kill.  The Game Warden there was very polite and shared our disgust with what we reported.  He assured us that a representative from Wyoming County would be notified about the illegal kill and that he would go to investigate and retrieve the dead animal.  We left feeling a tiny bit better that next time we go out that carcass would not be there.

With work getting in the way all week, Bob and I did not make it out to hunt until the last Saturday of the season.  After we parked we got out and immediately noticed that the dead deer was STILL THERE!  I believe Bob uttered the words, "Are you freakin kidding me"?  "No one came by to pick up the carcass."  Yep, the decomposing carcass was still there.  No one from the PA Game Commission went by to pick it up.  Now our disgust level just went to Defcon 1.  Those lazy son's of bitches gave us nothing but lip service.  They are just as bad as the hunter who illegally killed the deer and left it there.  As a hunter of 20+ years, I had little faith in the Game Commission and now it is lowered to 0.  These people are cop wanna-be's who love putting on a uniform to harass hunters and fisherman.  They are quick to write out a citation as long as it does not involve them getting their hands dirty.  I can only assume at this juncture that next year when we hit our hunting spot the remains of this illegal kill will still be there melting back into mother earth.  To the hunter who killed this deer and to the PA Game Commission I say, "Drop dead you filthy bastards".    

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rest In Peace Hector

A familiar site in the downtown Tunkhannock area has passed away.  Gunned down in the streets in the prime of life.  Hector, the name folks in this quiet town gave to the daily visitor will forever be remembered by many.  You see, Hector was quite a bird.  Yes, a bird, a turkey to be exact.  Hector was often seen peering into business windows wondering what was going on inside.  He was often seen tapping on the front doors of the Hampton Inn, looking for a quiet room I guess.  He stopped traffic many a time to work his way across the street.  It makes me think of the joke, "why does a chicken cross the road"?  In this case it was a turkey.  The answer, to get to one of the stores on the other side.  Hector would saunter right up the middle of the Main Street while he took in all of the sites.  Nothing seemed to bother good ole' Hector, not cars, trucks or even police sirens.  He was the perfect guest.

Hector was a popular bird in the town of Tunkhannock.  The town adopted him and was moving to officially name the bird, Hector.  Hell, even the mayor gave Hector a pardon for Thanksgiving.  He was free to roam around the town in total safety.  Everybody loved Hector.  Everybody that is except the evil Pennsylvania Game Commission.

You see, the Game Commission deemed Hector a hazard and disposed of the loved gobbler.  One day he was there and then the next, gone never to return.  They murdered Hector in cold blood.  Gunned him down in the streets like a criminal.  The murdering bastards of the Game Commission could have trapped Hector but instead chose to end his life with one shot.  Why, who knows.  The Pa. Game Commission is staffed with a bunch of power hungry morons who think that they rule the world.  They could have easily trapped the bird and then set her free in the woods.  No, instead some game goof murdered Hector and most likely took her home for a meal.  If I was the Mayor of Tunkhannock I would want answers.  Why did the kill poor old Hector.  I would have run the Game Commission clowns out of town on a rail.  The Mayor should have told them to let Hector alone.  Instead the Game goons rode in and opened fire like the Clanton gang.

Yes, Hector will be missed in Tunkhannock.  People will still talk about the turkey who came to town.  Hector had people talking to each other.  He brought the community together for a short period of time.  It seems to me that more of our towns need a Hector, especially during this holiday season.  People have drifted apart and inspirations like Hector can pull a community together.  Rest In Piece Hector. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

College Football Committee (Week 1)

Almost two years ago, the NCAA announced that there would finally be a playoff system put in place to name the National Champion.  After years and years of controversy and long debates, now a 4 team playoff will happen with the winner claiming the much heralded title.  These two playoff games will be held every year at the sites of the major bowls and will rotate around.  The top 4 teams to make this playoff as well as the picks for the other major bowls will be selected by a panel of 12 experts.  These "experts" will be chosen based on their experience and knowledge of the game.  Leading this selection committee is the Vice Chairman & Director of Athletics for the University of Arkansas Jeff Long.  Just for reference, Arkansas is in the SEC or South East Conference.  Below is the remainder of the members.

Barry Alvarez - Wisconsin AD (Big 10 Conference)
LT. General Mike Gould -Former Superintendent of the Air Force Academy (WAC Conference)
Pat Hayden - USC AD (Pac 12 Conference)
Tom Jernstedt - Former NCAA Executive V.P.
Oliver Luck - AD West Virginia (ACC Conference)
Archie Manning - Former Mississippi QB (SEC Conference)
Tom Osbourne - Former AD and Head Coach of Nebraska (Big 12 Conference)
Dan Radakovich - AD Clemson (ACC Conference)
Condoleezza Rice - Stanford Professor and Former Sec. of State (Pac 12 Conference)
Mike Tranghese - Former Commish for the Big East
Steve Weinberg - Former Football Reporter for USA Today
Tyrone Willingham - Former Head Coach at 3 different universities.

Well, Last week, this selection committee or what I call the ICC (Insane Clown Committee) released their first ever playoff poll.  Just when you thought college football got it right, BAM, total bedlam.  Sports reporters all over the country shook their heads in disbelief as teams like Ohio St (16), Notre Dame (10) and Alabama (6) were shunned by the ICC.  All three teams have 1 loss as do many others.  Of course the two undefeated teams, Miss. St and Florida St were ranked 1and 2 respectfully.  At #3 was Auburn, how I don't know.  In the final playoff spot after week one was Ole Miss who lost to #24 LSU by 3 points at home.  Again, total confusion on this pick.  The ICC tells us that both Auburn and Ole Miss have more "quality wins".  I say bull honkey to that.  Ole Miss beat Alabama, the only "quality" win that I see.  Auburn beat LSU, a "quality win" but lost to Miss St at home by 15 points.

Ok, I think I get the Ohio St slot since they lost to a 4-4 Virginia Tech team by two touchdowns and have what I see as 0 "quality wins".  As for Alabama, they lost to Ole Miss at home by 5 points and have again what I see as 0 quality wins.  Notre Dame at #10 is a big joke.  They lost to #2 Florida St in Florida St by 4 points on a bum offensive pass interference call with little time left in the game that took away the winning TD.  Don't get me going on that!  ND has one "quality" win over Stanford.  The #10 ranking does not make any sense.  I could go on and on and on about several other teams, but I won't.

Coming up....The week 2 abomination. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pa Game Commission (Update)

It looks like the Pa Game Commission has done a 360 degree turn on their decision to allow people to hunt in the area of the Eric Frein manhunt.  The temporary ban on hunting came after State Police voiced concern for the safety of the hunters.  Earlier this week they found home made explosives in the woods which they think were made by Frein.  

Game Commission Executive Director R. Matthew Hough said the executive order closes hunting and trapping seasons in Price, Barrett and Paradise townships in Monroe County, and Blooming Grove, Porter, Lehman and Greene townships in Pike County. The townships are within the Wildlife Management Unit 3D, the commission said. The closure will affect all private and public lands, including portions of state game lands 180, 183 and 221.

Well, someone came to their senses and it wasn't the morons at the Pa Game Commission.  My guess is that after their first announcement, the State Police rang them up and asked if they had lost their minds.

Paper or Plastic

Paper or Plastic?  Remember that question being asked of you while checking out at the grocery store?  You do not hear this any more because all stores have either gone to or assume that you want plastic.  Everybody now a days gets plastic.  Every store from your local grocer to Wal Mart use nothing but plastic bags.  If your house is like mine, you probably have a special plastic bag to store all of your other plastic bags.  If not, then you simply toss these plastic demons right in the garbage.  If you do, shame on you!  These bags are recyclable and do not belong in the dump.  WOW, I sound like a bleeding heart conservationist.  Well, here is why.  Beginning next summer, retail businesses in the state of California will no longer be able to use single use plastic bags.  You heard that right, the powers to be out in Calli have placed a ban on plastic bags.  They say that these little devil bags are contributing to high amounts of pollution in the state.  In a statement to the media Governor Edmund Brown said,
"This bill is a step in the right direction -- it reduces the torrent of plastic polluting our beaches, parks and even the vast ocean itself.  We're the first to ban these bags, and we won't be the last."

I have to tell you that I agree.  Everyday I see these plastic tumbleweeds rolling around the streets of our area.  They are everywhere.  However, I have kept the best part of this ban a secret until now.  Brace yourself for the kick in the ca hones.  Instead of using plastic, retailers will be able to offer recycled or paper bags at a charge of $0.10 per bag.  In addition, California will use $2 million dollars in state backed loans to help businesses transition away from plastic.  WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!  Ten cents a bag and $2 million to help stores out!  This makes my head explode.

Here is a novel idea, why don't we fine and arrest the clowns that litter these bags all over the place.  It's not the bags, its the morons that throw them all over the place.  Let's also hold the garbage and recycling jockeys who pick up trash accountable for not letting these bags get loose.  If they do, these guys need to pick them up.  Let's hold the dumps and landfills accountable to keep this stuff in check while its on their property.  Don't get me wrong here, I HATE these bags with a passion.  They are like a boil on my ass.  I can't get rid of them.  However, let's not force people to pay for paper bags.  This is just another example of the government forcing a dumb law down the throats of "We The People".  Governor Brown is correct when he says that California won't be the last.  I can see our pinhead Governor Corbett and his staff drawing up the ban right now.  Hell, why would we simply ask people to be accountable?        

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Pa Game Commission

The Pennsylvania Game or should I say "Shame" Commission announced on Monday afternoon that it would not restrict hunting in the area that police are searching for ambush killer Eric Frein.  The area along the Monroe and Pike County line will be open to bow hunters in October.  WHAT! WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!  This may be one of the most idiotic decisions that I have ever heard.  There has been a three week manhunt going on for a survivalist who ambushed two State Troopers, killing one and wounding the other.  My brains started to leek out of my ears when I heard this announced.  In their statement, the "Shame" Commission said,

"Hunters should use common sense and not interfere with the search.  Hunters should wear fluorescent orange on their head, chest and back, which is not usually required until a later part of the hunting season. "

This statement alone makes your head swell.  First off the vast majority of people in general don't have a lick of common sense.  As I always said, "The Masses Are Idiots."  I can see it now, actual hunters along with a multitude of nimrods packing the woods so they can be the ones to say they caught Eric Frein.  By the way, there is a $100,000 reward for his capture.  Mark my words, someone will get killed during archery season.  I can't believe that the PA State Police are allowing this to happen.  It will be sheer bedlam in the woods on the first day of archery.

Once again, the PA "Shame" Commission makes another really dumb decision.  I am a hunter and I have seen one bad decision after another being put in play.  This group of mental midgets have ruined hunting in the state of Pennsylvania, especially on State Game Lands.  Game is non existent in these areas.  Hell, up on the Game Lands in Thornhurst you can't even find a squirrel.  The place is dead.  This latest decision sums up the state of despair that our Game Commission is in.  It's time to clean house and put people in place that actually know what they are doing.  Right now there is not a shred of common sense in the bunch when it comes to the Pennsylvania "Shame" Commission.    

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gripe Shots

It's been some time since I spouted off here and boy am I ready.  Let's pull up a stool and belly up to the bar.  Gripetender, pour me a few Gripe Shots.

It's fall and that means the start of the National Football League season.  I know many people out there are thrilled about NFL football starting but I am not one of them.  It seems every year I write about the NFL and how boring the games are.  This season is no different.  I sat down on week one to watch a few games and BAM, I went right to sleep.  These games just plain suck!  They are slow and predictable at best.  The announcers suck and so do more than half of the teams.  Watching a game on TV is like watching grass grow.  The game starts with a 30 second kick off, followed by 3 or 4 minutes of commercials and then 3 plays and a punt followed by 3 or 4 minutes of commercials.  God forbid if someone scores a touchdown.  Its the TD, commercials, the extra point, commercials, the kick off and you guessed it, more commercials.  There are more commercials than actual game time.  Of course before the game, at half time and then after the game we have countless minutes of 5,6 and sometimes 7 so called experts numbing our brains with useless tripe concerning the league.  I can't watch it, I just can't.

WB Police at Sherman Hills
Over the past few months, Wilkes-Barre Police have responded to several shootings and stabbings at the Sherman Hills/Coal Street Housing Project.  Do I need to say more, YES!  This Low Income scum pit has become a nesting place for riff raff from New York, New Jersey and Philly.  They come to the Valley to settle in while bringing their Wild, Wild West ways to the area.  I for one am sick and tired of reading about it.  The City of Wilkes-Barre needs to shut this pig pen down and take a bulldozer to it.  I had the chance to talk to a resident that lived on Walters Way which is right across the street.  He echoed by thoughts and felt that dynamite was the answer.  Let's get this rats nest shut down and send these filthy animals back where they came from.

Eric Frein
Finally, a few thoughts on Pa State Trooper ambush suspect Eric Frein,  Actually, one word, coward.  This jerk ambushed two Troopers at the Blooming Grove barracks on September 12th killing one and wounding the other.  He has eluded the Dragnet now for 15 days in the woods near Canadensis.  Police don't seem to be any closer to catching this murderer.  Frien is a survivalist with the skills to stay hidden for a long time.  Police believe that he a armed and dangerous.  No shit Sherlock.  The search has been slow through the woods due to the belief that Frein had knowledge of using explosives.  It was reported that authorities had him contained within a 5 mile wooded area.  In the end, I suspect he will go out guns a blazing.  Good Luck finding this creep.

That's it folks.  I have had enough Gripe to get off my chest for now.  I know I have not been up to task recently with my posts, damn work keeps getting in the way.  Don't fret though, I will make sure that I post up a Gripe at least once a week.