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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Covid 19 - The Real Truth (Part 1)

I have not posted on the Right To Gripe in quite some time but feel the need to bring it back with a weekly Gripe.  My reason for bringing this Blog back is my intolerance of some people and their inaccurate postings on Facebook.  I have to tell you that this is quickly becoming one of my top 5 pet peeves.  It won't replace the masses being idiots thouygh!  During the election which put Donald Trump in the White House and now during the Covid 19 Pandemic people are posting inaccurate information on the web more and more.  For some reason, they feel the need to post bogus stories from news and web sites with a zero reputation ranking.  They are posting nilly willy video's of people giving their opinions and treating them like fact.  Right now we see so called doctors and even general practitioners posting contradicting stories and video's about the Corona Viruses.  These posts are contradicting to the viral and pandemic experts from around the world who actually know what the are doing.

One of these topics that we see quite often is the Covid 19 Virus is no different that other viruses that we get all the time.  This statement drives me CRAZY!  Medical workers on the front lines in Covid 19 hot spots will tell you different as well as the viral experts who deal with viruses everyday.  NO, it is much different and here are some facts that prove this.

Virus              # of Cases In U.S.          # of Deaths in U.S.          % of Deaths 
Covid 19         1,350,000                       79,773                                5.9%
H1N1              60,800,000                     12,469                                0.02%
Swine Flu       1,400,000,000                575,400                              0.04%
Avian Flu       0.00                                 0.00                                   0.00%

* H1N1, Swine and Avian flu numbers are based on a 1 year span of time versus a much shorter time for Covid 19.

When you look at the numbers, H1N1 and Swine Flu infected a significantly higher amount of the American population while the Avian Flu never made the transition in the U.S. from birds to humans.  The Avian Flu was first detected in Mute Swans in Michigan on 08/14/06 and then again in ducks in Pennsylvania and Maryland on 09/03/06.  Covid 19 ranks 3rd out of the 4 examples of total people infected with modern day flu cases, but ranks 2nd in the total number deaths.  The significant number to look at here is the percentage of deaths related to Covid 19 versus the rest of the pack.  Covid 19 ranks #1 by far with 5.9% of Americans passing away once infected.  We do need to take into play the short time that Covid 19 has been in the U.S. and our inability to test people early in the Pandemic.  Of course these numbers will change as time goes on and more testing is completed.  Our inability to test people is another topic soon to be Griped about.

The bottom line here is the Covid 19 Virus so far has been deadlier in terms of the percentage of people who die because of it.  It is easy to sit back and say, "I'm not going to pay attention to the virology experts because I think this is no worse than a common flu".  If you actually believe this, then you are sadly mistaken.  Please, please, please, I implore you to do some valid research on reputable sites such as the CDC, WHO and other good medical sources.  Don't believe every Tom, Dick and Harry who posts nonsensical garbage on the internet.  And for God's sake, don't believe everything you read on Facebook.  Believe it or not, I know at least one person who depends on Facebook for their news.  Finally, STOP POSTING false information on Facebook.  As I just mentioned, there are people who believe everything that they read on FB.  Do the research and then come up with your own conclusion based on the facts at hand.  Don't be an idiot!  We still don't know everything that there is to know about Covid 19 and it will take time to do so.

Listen to the experts!  Stay at home and wear a mask when you go out.  Is it hard to do these things?  Not really.  Let's make sure we can kick the BIG 19 so we can get back to what will be a new normal.   

Sunday, March 24, 2019


All winter, all I heard were people of NEPA griping about the roads.  Well, that's really a lie, they griped about the cold, the snow, the wind and just about everything else you can think of.  I was proud of the people of NEPA.  The really know how to Gripe.  The one thing that I heard the most was people complaining about the roads.  In fact you hear about them and encounter these auto damaging demon holes all year around.  It's really nothing new to NE Pennsylvania, we have been dodging potholes all of our lives.  So to start out this Gripe, I'm going to let you know that I am bringing back the POTHOLE OF THE WEEK side bar feature.  If you encounter a pothole of massive proportion or even one that you just hate with every fiber of your being, snap a quick pic of it and either post it to the R2G Facebook page or email it to me at our email address at the top of this Blog.  Your pic could be The Pothole of the Week 

So why are the roads in NEPA so bad?  The powers to be will tell you that it's the weather.  Yea, right.  The government said the UFO that crashed at Rozwell was a weather balloon.  How about some swamp gas?  I say bullshit to that excuse!  I've been to plenty of places in upstate New York, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia where the weather is the same as ours and their roads are nothing like ours.  Their roads are smooth as a baby's behind.  Our roads suck around here for a few reasons and let me tell you what I think.

First off, the idiots around here either don't know how to pave a road or they are skimming money off the top and doing a half ass job on purpose.  When you watch them grade down an old road surface to get it ready to be paved, it looks like they only take it down about 6 inches or so.  That's no where near enough.  I watched them work on Market Street in Kingston and N. Franklin Street in Wilkes-Barre and I don't think they even went down that far.  This does not allow for a sub base to be put down which creates a frost barrier and reduces winter damage.  This is the key to reducing the freezing and thawing that creates all of those little cracks that you see in the roads which eventually lead to the potholes.  All they do is grate down some of the old road and then slap on some new pavement.  In a short period of 5 years or so, we will be dodging new potholes again.

Another thing I don't understand is when they pave roads around here, why don't they set the manhole covers flush with the road surface?  Instead they indent them down a few inches so when your driving it's like your hitting a pothole.  People in the Valley have to swerve all over the roads to avoid these things, sometimes swerving into oncoming traffic.  Do the powers to be want us to hit potholes?  Do they own car repair shops in the area?  I just don't understand why they do this?  The only thing that I could think of is they want the rain water to run into the manhole covers but isn't that why the roads are pitched toward the curbs and toward the storm drains?  Take a drive down Church St in Kingston past the baseball and football complex there.  It's brutal!  And don't get me going on Welles St. in Forty Fort.  The manhole cover right down from the White House Diner is sinking into an abyss.  Wait until those dump trucks from the Swoyersville culm bank removal project start whacking the crap out of it.  (Note:  I just went by to snap a pic and this manhole cover has been fixed.  Cudo's to Forty Forty) 

Finally, why, please tell me why is it when a road is newly paved and we all feel good about it, either the gas or water company comes along a few weeks later and tears it up?  WHAT?  WHAT?  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!  Why don't they fix what they need to when the road is torn up?  This happens all of the time.  In fact 4 weeks after North Franklin Street in Wilkes-Barre was newly paved, someone came in and tore up a portion of it and then did a lousy job patching it back up.  Now, I know for a fact, that these entities such as the water and gas companies are required to return a street to a pristine drive able condition when they are done.  As we all know, they DO NOT!  So why are they not held accountable?  Instead they throw a half-ass patch on the hole they dug and off they go.  Within a week or two, the patch is torn up and we have a pothole.  Then whatever city or town it is in is responsible to take care of it.  The town then comes out and puts another half ass patch on it and the cycle of half-ass-ism begins.  Our hard earned tax dollars being thrown into the pothole of no return.  It's really a sick joke.

The bottom line here is, all of this pothole stuff can be alleviated if the roads were paved and maintained correctly right from the start.  Instead, our tax dollars are being thrown away by the politicians who give out contracts to friends and family members to pave roads in a half assed manner because they know in a short time they will be back to pave it again.  It's a vicious cycle of theft by pavement and pothole.  In the meantime, the people of NEPA are trying to dodge these massive craters and when they miss are damaging their vehicles.  Tire stores and car repair shops are raking in the dough while the politicians get away with not being held accountable.  This has to end.  It's time for NEPA to rise out of the potholes and to take control of our roads.  We should be as mad as hell and we should not take it anymore.  I'm sick and tired of the roads around here. 

Send me your pothole pictures and don't forget to include the location.  I will also pass them on to the town that they are located in and post them here on the R2G and on Facebook.  Maybe a little embarrassment will get them moving.               

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Life's Little Bites In The Ass

Sometimes in life we make some decisions that we regret.  One that I made was to stop blogging here on The Right To Gripe and to create and spend all my time on a Beer Blog called The Beer Meister.  It wasn't so much that I made an error in starting the other Blog, but the mistake was not continuing the R2G.  Believe me when I tell you there was nothing wrong with traveling around, drinking different types of beer and then writing about them.  HELL, IT WAS GREAT!  What I regret was not keeping up with Griping right here along with all of you fellow Gripers.  I know, I let you down and for this I am truly sorry.  It was a bite in the ass.

Speaking of a bite in the ass (left cheek), just as I got my Beer Meister Blog up and running, I had 2 seizure like episodes where I found myself passed out on the floor.  I know, you are saying that I drank too much beer and simply passed out.  Well, yes I was drinking beer for both episodes and yes I drank way too much.  Common sense would say that I drank to much and that I may have even been dehydrated as well which caused me to pass out.  But NOOOO, the doctors here in the great Wyoming Valley determined that I had Epilepsy and the seizure trigger was alcohol.  WHAT! WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!  Epilepsy and the trigger is booze!  It can't be!  To make a long story short, after a few tests and their diagnosis, I was placed on an anti seizure medication and can no long drink alcohol.  Well, maybe only one or two drinks now and then.  To top it off, the medication that I am taking kills the taste of all carbonated drinks which in essence murdered The Beer Meister.  Yep, the doctors murdered The Beer Meister.  They executed him by pharmaceutical. 

Me not being satisfied with the jug head doctors in the Wyoming Valley Area, I decided to go to an epilepsy expert in Lehigh Valley for a 2nd opinion on all of this crap.  After a 1.5 hour initial visit, yes you read that right, an hour and a half visit, she is not convinced that I have Epilepsy.  The only hour and a half you spend with a doctor around here is in the waiting room with 28 senior citizens that smell like either rose water and bad body odor who are hacking and coughing up mucus and farting.  So I would say that I would like your thoughts and prayers, but really I just want you to buy me a few beers.

To make things worse and to bite the right cheek on my ass, while I'm going through this Epilepsy debacle, I was diagnosed with skin cancer.  I'm not kidding you.  I had basal cell cancer on my forehead and melanoma on my back.  Both of these required minor surgeries that totaled 15 stitches on my skull and 20 on my back.  I also had 2 lymph nodes removed from under my left arm which were sent out to be biopsied.  All of this happened within about a months time.  It happened so darn fast.  That just reminded me of a Drivers Ed. film that we had to watch in high school.  The other car came out of nowhere and it happened so fast.  Remember that line from the film?  Anyway, the result of all of this slicing and dicing was that I am now cancer free!  Again, I would have asked for thoughts and prayers, but I just want you to buy me a beer.

Yep, life can really bite you in the ASS and I now have teeth marks on both my cheeks.  For now, The Beer Meister is dead and the Right To Gripe is back.  I have been thinking about the R2G for some time now and boy do I have some good idea's on how to Gripe.  Stay tuned right here, get involved and always remember, you have The Right To Gripe!         



Sunday, June 4, 2017

Is President Trump A Russian Double?

Ever since taking the White House, God help us all, Donald Trump has made decisions and said things that make me wonder if he is actually a Russian double.  Every week I watch the show The Americans which portrays a Russian couple who were specifically trained to be planted into the American mainstream so they can spy on the U.S..  While watching this show I thought to myself, damn, The Trumpster is a Russian plant, a body double.  No one person could make so many careless decisions, say so many insane things and post ridicules Tweets which are contrary to the best interest of our great nation.  It seems like everything he does is manipulated by the Russians.

If you think that I am crazy to propose this, check out what happened during the campaign and what is happening in a little over 100 days of the Trump administration.

1.  During the campaign, The Trumpster touted Vladimir Putin as a great leader and that someday maybe the U.S. and Russia could be more friendly.  He said this time and time again.  In fact he said that he would, "Get along very well" with the Russian President.  Why would he even fixate on this?  Every U.S. President has these hopes, but they don't bring it up multiple times on the campaign trail.  Maybe The Trumpster already gets along with Vlad.

2.  Let's talk about Trumps Cabinet.  He hires Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn to be his National Security Advisor after spending time as a Trump advisor while the orange devil was campaigning.  Since he retired in 2014, Flynn has built ties to Russia and even appeared on the Kremlin's RT Television Network and at a gala where he sat at the same table as Putin himself.  Also, on December 29th, 2016 right after then president Obama laid down the smack sanctions on Russia, Flynn was is contact with Russian Ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak to set up a phone conversation for The Trumpster and Putin.  Remember, Trump was not sworn is as President yet.  Why would he set up this call and who asked him to do it?  As we all know, Flynn resigned from his White House post after lying to V.P. Pence and getting caught.

3.  With allegations flying all over the news and in the halls of Washington revolving around The Trumpster and his evil minions ties to Russia, the lain brained idiot invites Sergey Kislyak and Sergey Lavrov along with a Russian photographer right into the Oval Office for some talks and a photo op.  WHAT?  WHAT?  ARE YOU FREAKIN" KIDDING ME?  You are under investigation for illegal ties to the Russians and you invite them right into the Oval Office.  What is wrong with this man?  Is he that dumb or is he a Russian body double?

4.  Let's talk about the Trumps family ties to Mother Russia.  The Trumpsters son Eric had an interview with Golf Writer James Dodson and the topic of funding for the Trump golf courses came up.  Here is a part of that interview,
Dodson: “So when I got in the cart with Eric,” Dodson says, “as we were setting off, I said, ‘Eric, who’s funding? I know no banks—because of the recession, the Great Recession—have touched a golf course. You know, no one’s funding any kind of golf construction. It’s dead in the water the last four or five years.’ And this is what he said. He said,
Eric Trump: ‘Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.’ I said, ‘Really?’ And he said, ‘Oh, yeah. We’ve got some guys that really, really love golf, and they’re really invested in our programs. We just go there all the time.’ Now that was three years ago, so it was pretty interesting.”
Now, let's not forget about The Trumpsters Son-In-Law Jered Kushner.  He is now under the FBI's scrutiny for his December 2016 meetings with the Russian Ambassador and a banker from Moscow.  Doesn't it seem like the Trumpsters evil minions met an awful lot just before he took office in January?  I do feel the need to make it clear that Kushner is only a "person of interest".

5.  Finally, what is going on with The Trumpster and his wife Melania?  It seems that all might not be good in The Towers.  Melania and their son Baron are still in New York with no move to the White House in the works yet.  And how about the media catching her slapping his hand away not once, but twice on their recent visit to the Middle East.  Does she know something we don't?  Does she know deep down that this is not the man she married?  Does she think something unusual is going on with him?  Maybe he is not the man you married but a Russian double.  By the way, why does Melania always look so freakin miserable?  She never smiles.  Well, maybe when The Trumpster grabs her by the p*$$#.

The Bottom Line here is that something smells like borscht here.  It seems like everything Tump and his evil minions do is in favor of making America weaker in the eyes of the rest of the world.  His decision to bail out on the Paris Climate Accord has weakened us even more in the eyes of the European nations and the rest of the globe.  The Trumpster claims that he will propose a new climate deal which leaders have already thumbed their noses at.  It's time Congress, the FBI and the CIA step up this investigation so we can get rid of this jack weed and his cronies once and for all.  The American President was always referred to as the leader of the free world.  Not any more.    

Monday, May 29, 2017

My March For Science

Back on Friday, 4/22/17 I jumped in the Gripe Mobile and headed south in I-81 towards our nations capitol, Washington, D.C.  Of course the drive down boarded on a vehicular Bataan Death March with multiple construction zones and dozens of road mules (tractor trailers) impeding a smooth flow of traffic.  By the way, I hate tractor trailers on the highway.  Don't get me wrong, I know they are a necessity when it comes to interstate commerce.  How else would we get 20,000 pounds of banana's to Price Chopper. What I don't like about them is when the drivers place two trucks along side each other and they both go the same speed.  I call it the old side by side.  This drives me insane!  These mule drivers will clog up 2 lanes while they go the same speed for miles.  It's like a game to see how pissed off they can make all of the drivers stuck behind them.  After a 4.5 hour drive that I normally make in 3 hours and 58 minutes, we arrived at the home of my Washington operative in Virginia.  After a nice dinner and a few beer's, it was time to hit the sack to get a well deserved rest.  We had a long day ahead of us Marching for Science.

Saturday came quickly and it was time to hit the streets of D.C. to protest The Trumpster and his administrations views on science.  I was really looking forward to this March since I had never been involved with a protest of this magnitude.  Hell, we have protests in Wilkes-Barre, but usually 12 people show up.  I don't think the people of the Valley really give a rats ass about anything but themselves.  They know how to bitch and butt their noses in where they don't belong, but God forbid if they actually took a stand on something.  Anyway, the 5 of us who were marching jumper in a car and headed down to a free parking spot by the Pentagon.  Not many people know about this spot so I will not tell you exactly where it is.  It's Top Secret information that Trump most likely gave up to Chancellor Merkel at the G7 Summit.  Once we got to our lot, we summoned an Uber and headed down to the lawn by the Washington Monument.

Once we arrived, we walked by the Lincoln Memorial, down the length of the Reflecting Pool and right to the Washington Monument.  Another by the way, the Reflecting Pool is a shallow body of water filled with duck and goose feces.  If you fell into it you would contract some sort of disease in seconds.  As we walked up toward the Monument we could see thousands of people focused on a stage where people of science were speaking.  We were now at the epicenter of the event and guess what?  It's starting to rain.  Are you freakin' kidding me?  I come all the way to finally officially protest against Tonald Dump and its raining.  Thank goodness our group was prepared with poncho's.

After a few speeches, chants and roars from the crowd I heard the words, "It's time to March"!  A huge cheer went up and the several thousands descended onto Pennsylvania Avenue to parade down several blocks and to the Capitol Building.  It was thrilling to walk with people of science.  They were very prepared for the occasion with signs and chants.  Most of the signs protested The Trumpster in one way or another and his personal views on global warming and climate change.  In case you don't know, this buffoon does not believe if global warning and climate change even though scientific facts have been reported to support it.  He is blind to anything that may result in him and his evil minions losing a few bucks.

After about an hour or so of marching, we finally made it to the Capitol Building, the home of the U.S. House and Senate.  Of course they were not in session.  They were on one of their many breaks that they get throughout the year.  Did you know that the member of the House and Senate only work about 133 days out of a year.  Most Americans log about 240 days a year at work.  For working almost half less time than most Americans, our illustrious law makes make $174,000.00 per year in salary.  Doesn't this make you want to charge the Capital Building.  In fact, I wanted to but the members of my group held me back.  They said that they would not forgo a nice dinner to bail mew out of jail.  I was surprised that no one charged the building or caused a small riot.  I guess people of intelligence know better.

The Bottom line here is that this march made a statement.  It showed our current buffoon riddled government that the people have a voice and it's going to be heard.  Did the thousands there make a difference?  I really don't know.  Did they take a stand on what they believe in?  You bet they did.  This was just one of many demonstrations that have and will be held across these great 50 states.  The organizers of this March did a great job overall.  The only thing I was disappointed in was the end of the March.  We got to the Capitol and that was it.  No rally.  No war cries for science.  No speeches and certainly no riots.  It was anti-climactic to say the least.  I guess there were no paid protesters involved with this March as The Trumpster would claim.  A final by the way, Trump was not there to see it.  Guess where he was?  YEP, MAR-A-LAGO. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Proposterous PennDot

I have spent a boat load of time bashing our President for the things he has done so far in office and rightly so.  However, I have a Gripe about something that hits home right here in the Kingston and Forty Fort area of the Wyoming Valley.  This Gripe has to do with our wonderful state department called PennDot.  Believe you me, it is easy to have an issue with what PennDot does, especially when it comes to the roads in the Keystone state.  In most cases, it seems that the PennDot road crews are constantly working on the same stretches of roads like Interstate 81 between Dupont and Dunmore without finalization of their project. 

A few weeks ago, PennDot started to work on the bridge portion of Rutter Ave. or what I call the hump of the Cross Valley.  This is a very high traffic area that links Kingston to Forty Fort and both communities to the Cross Valley Expressway.  It's a vital link between the West Side communities and the shopping areas up and around the Wyoming Valley Mall as well as Interstate 81.  Speaking of the Mall, does anyone actually shop there anymore?  Anyway, PennDot started work on the lane coming from Kingston to Forty Fort and blocked off the entire road starting just after the CV entrance.  Believe me, I am thrilled to death that they are repairing the bridge and the road to make it safer for drivers.  However, it seems to me that not a lot of thought was put into this plan other than to tear the place up and fix what may be broken.

What the brain surgeons at Penn Dot did was to prohibit traffic from moving in the North bound lanes totally while maintaining the two lanes moving South.  They did not split the South bound lanes into two lanes moving North and South.  Wouldn't that have made sense?  Instead the traffic can only move in one direction which causes drivers to go up E. Bennett St. to access Wyoming Ave to travel North.  This detour has now caused traffic jams at the light on the corner of E. Bennett and Wyoming Ave.  The jams have occurred because no one at PennDot thought far enough ahead to change the traffic signals to accommodate additional traffic.  Also, you have another light about 30 yards down the Ave., for the turn onto Church St..  When this light turns red, the traffic backs up past Bennett St. and stops people turning right with the green light to sit and wait.  Of course, when the light at Church turns green, the light at Bennett turns red.  A proverbial log jam of stupidity.

Speaking of stupidity and lights, lets talk about the light at the end of the CV exit ramp into Forty Fort.  Yes, its still functional even though absolutely NO traffic can come from the Kingston side.  WHAT?  WHAT?  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?  Drivers have to actually stop at a red light even though there is a (0) zero chance of traffic coming from the other direction.  It may be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.  Has anyone at PennDot actually thought about this?  I'm sure the answer is NO!  I just don't get it.  Maybe, they don't know how to change the signal pattern.  Maybe they forgot about it or maybe they just don't give a rats ass about it.

The Bottom Line here is since this functional light is so stupid, I regularly slow down and simply blow through it.  I drives me crazy when something doesn't make sense and I have to abide by it.  To all of you motorists who exit on this ramp, I say blow through this light whenever you can.  There is no way in hell that you can get hit by oncoming traffic while the lug nuts of PennDot are working on the bridge.  If someone in front of you is dumb enough to actually stop and wait for the light to turn green, lay on your horn until the nitwit in front of you goes deaf or runs the red light.  Wake up PennDot and think through these projects.  Think about not only the traffic problems that are caused by the direct work, but also the jam ups that may occur from the detours.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The U.S. House - Unfathomable Pinheadery

I know I was supposed to write about my weekend in Washington, DC and my participation in the Science March.  However, this past week, the U.S. House of Representatives jammed through a Republican created Healthcare Bill that is being referred to as the AHCA or Trump Care.  I felt that this would take preference over my march since this bill and the way it was handled really made me sick to my stomach.  The passage in the House of the AHCA was hailed as a major victory for the Republican members as well as President Trump who promised his supporters that one of the first things he would do once in office would be to "repeal and replace the disaster that we know as Obama care".  The Trumpster got his wish on May 4th when the Republican majority House led by Speaker of the House Paul "The Pinhead" Ryan virtually rammed this down America's throat.  This victory was so big for the Trumpster and his evil minions that he had all of the Republican "Yea" voters bused over to the White House for a big press conference in the Rose Garden.  Of course, he took credit for something he had very little to nothing to do with as usual.

For the record, I liked some of the parts of Obama care but did not care for others.  I guess most people could say this because certain areas of the plan helped or hurt Americans in different ways.  For example, I liked the part that allows your child to be on your health care plan until they are 26.  I liked it because my youngest son is 21 years old and could not currently afford to pay for health care.  One of the parts I didn't like was the mandatory health care for everyone or you get fined part.  I always have a problem when the federal, state or local governments tell me that I "have" to do something or else.  It's kind of like making the wearing of seat belts mandatory.  By not wearing a seat belt, I am not harming anyone but myself so why do I have to wear one?  By the way, I wear my seat belt every time I get in the car.

As for Trump Care, I have a few problems with it.

1. First off, this plan was put together and passed by the House in less than 2 months.  It makes me wonder if any legitimate thought about the American people was put into it.  Compared to the several months of preparation for Obama care, this was lightening fast.

2. Did you know that the Trump Care bill was actually submitted to the House as a budget reconciliation bill as part of the 2017 Federal Budget process?  It was presented this way because rules will not allow for any filibusters and that it can be passed through the Senate with a simple majority vote.  It would repeal the parts of the Affordable Care Act within the scope of the federal budget, including provisions contained within the Internal Revenue Code such as the individual and employer mandates and various taxes, and also allow modifications to the federal Medicaid program.  This seems somewhat underhanded, however it is within the rules.

3. The MacArthur amendment which was added to the plan to lure and reel in doubting Republicans allows insurers to charge enrollees in their 50s and early 60s more than younger enrollees.  I am 58 years old and have two words for this.  FUCK YOU!  It also allows states to waive essential health benefits and certain sections of the community rating program. The revised version of Trump Care weakens protections for insurance consumers with preexisting conditions while allowing insurers to charge people significantly more if they had a pre-existing condition.  This is a kick in the ass to many of our Senior citizens who struggle with major infliction's.

4. I have a real problem with a health care bill that effects the American people being created and passed by a bunch of rich men and women in Washington who have the best health care that the tax payers money can buy.  These ass clowns health care will not be effected in any way by this bill.  Maybe if it was, they would take their time to come up with a better bill or maybe entertain the thought of our federal government getting out of the health care business all together.

5. Finally, I really have a problem with a bill like this being passed without first being reviewed and approved by The Office of Management & Budget.  The OMB dissects and analyzes all budget type bills to access their financial stability.  In other words, they make sure that a bill makes sense financially.  Our members of the House rammed this bill through without getting a true view of how it will effect the federal budget as well as the pocketbooks of the American public.

The Bottom Line here is the Republican majority House rammed a new health care bill down America's throat without regard for "We the People".  They were more interested in pounding their proverbial chests to say that they got rid of Obama care.  This actually makes me sick!  I threw up 4 times when I heard this passed.  Instead of taking their time to create a plan that benefits most to all Americans, they jammed through a bill so they could finally get a victory.  It's wrong and it's time to get these unfathomable pinheads out of Washington.