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Friday, January 8, 2010

The BCS - What A Joke (I Can't Remember The Punch Line)

I just took a look at the final BCS poll and guess what? Yep, I threw up! This thing is nothing but a serious joke. As you all know, I am not a Penn State fan, however they just beat LSU in a bowl game less than a week ago and the BCS has them ranked below LSU. How can that be? LSU is number 12 and PSU is number 13. To top it off, LSU is 9-4 and the Nitany Lion are 11-2. Would somebody please tell me what I may be missing. Also, Boise St., one of the only two undefeated teams in the nation is ranked #6 behind 4 other 1 loss teams. To add insult to injury, TCU who Boise St beat only 4 days ago in the Fiesta Bowl is ranked higher at #4. Once again I ask, how can this happen? Speaking of a joke, Nebraska who beat the BCS beloved Arizona Wildcats in their bowl game finished with a 10-3 record. Their three losses to Iowa St., Virginia Tech (11th in BCS) and Texas (2nd in BCS) were by a total of 4 points. That's right, 4 points. Guess where the mental midgets of the BCS have them ranked? #22. Are you kidding me? There are 7 teams with worse records ahead of them including Arizona who finished 8-5 and lost to Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl. The farce goes on. The Miami Hurricanes who lost to Wisconson in the Champs Sports bowl finished with a 9-4 record. I think you know where this is going! The Badgers beat Miami but are ranked lower at #25 with a 10-3 record. Now you may be inclined to say that the Big 10 is weak. Maybe? However, they were 4-3 in bowl games this year with wins over Miami (ACC), LSU (SEC), Oregon (Pac 10) and Georgia Tech (ACC). These teams finished the season ranked 15th, 12th, 7th and 9th respectively. For the record, the BCS's beloved Pac 10 finished 2-4 in bowl play this year. The BCS loves the Pac 10 and the proof is in the final poll. Three teams that are ranked in the top 25 are 8-5. Guess what, they are all from the Pac 10. They are Oregon St, Arizona and Stanford. They should not even be ranked with an 8-5 record. Can you say OVER RATED! I can. Speaking of the Pac 10 it looks like USC Coach Pete Carroll is taking the head coaching job for the Seattle Seahawks. He is getting out of dodge before the sheriff (NCAA) gets into town. USC just threw their basketball team under the bus for rules violations but has not found the wisdom to pull their heads out of the sand to investigate their own football team. This of course is a topic for another day. Speaking of USC, how on earth are they even ranked (#24) after losing 4 games to conference opponents Washington, Oregon, Stanford and Arizona by a combined 68 points. That's an average of 17 points per game or 2 touchdowns and a field goal. Their average margin of victory was 16 points. W-H-A-T?

It's time college football wises up and tells the BCS to take a hike. Let's can the preseason polls so we have no preconceived notions before week #5. After the games in the 5th week let's put the polls out. In 2008, 52% of the teams in the AP and USA Coaches Poll were not ranked at the end of the year. How can you possibly know how good or bad a team is before they take the field to play a game. You can only guess. Do away with strength of schedule. If you beat a team doesn't it diminish your strength of schedule in the log run? I don't really know the formula for this. Neither does Einstein. In a way wouldn't you hurt yourself by winning. Let's institute a playoff. This year we had 34 bowl games. More than half of the teams that played in them did not belong in a bowl game. Let's use some of these bowls as playoff games. The others can be filled up by the other teams. The major bowls, Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta as well as the old New Year's Day favorites Cotton, Gator, Liberty amongst others should be used. Fifteen of the 34 bowls would be used for the playoffs. The top 16 teams make the playoffs. It would be over in 4 weeks. This years bowl schedule started on December 19th and ran until January 7th. If I am counting correctly, that is exactly 21 days or 3 weeks. Let the teams play 10 regular season games instead of 12 or 13. This would start the playoff the 3rd Saturday in December with it ending the 2nd Saturday in January with the National Championship. If they are worried about them getting in all of their conference games all they have to do is STOP scheduling all of these Division AA opponents. It's time they stopped whopping up on these teams and getting credit for it. If you play a AA school you should automatically drop 2 spots in the polls. Wouldn't all of this make more sense than what we have now?


  1. I Vote for Jim McCabe for NCAA President to straighten out the Bowl system, the BCS "Bull Crap Shit", and put in a playoff Game Format..All schools play 7 Games. Based off Record and strength of schedule 64 teams then make the playoffs. 64 teams would give you 32 games to start with, then 16 games, then 8 games, then 4 games, then 2 games and then championship game..that would mean the national champ would of had to play 13 games to be the champ...you can have consolation games for everyone else to get to 12 games...then we would know who the best team is....Vote McCabe now..as the crowd chants..Jim, jim, jim, jim,........

  2. Jim, you are right on the mark. There are now, and always have been injustices in the ranking system of college football. I have an idea for a playoff system. It may sound a little radical at first but read it through. First, I would restructure all the 1A teams and maybe add some of the top AA teams into 16 conferences, each having two divisions. Each conference would have a playoff. The winners go into a playoff that would take 4 weeks. The last three rounds of the playoff would be hosted by one of the major bowls. There could be a parallel playoff of the conference second place finishers. Some, if not all, of these games could be hosted by minor bowls. The regular season would have to be 10 games or less. Well, those are my thoughts. Anything has got to be better than what we have now.

  3. I went to the Pens game last night and I heard more people talking about the BCS and how much of a joke it was. Penn St. fans are furious about them being ranked below LSU and they should be. Last night at Lucky's Sports Bar Bob Washney and I came up with the perfect playoff system. It's not that hard to figure out. The NCAA and the BCS are afraid to change because they all rely on the "Big Bucks" that are generated right now. The one thing you have to admit, people are talking about it and that is good for the BCS. The TV ratings for the National Championship have steadily decreased since the 2005-2006 season. However, this years game increased from 15.8 last year to 33.4 this year (at half time). Of course it all depends on who is playing and how much hype it gets. This years game got a ton of hype. There was so much hype from ABC and ESPN I thought I was watching the moon landing. I was waiting for Colt "I bailed out for the big paycheck" McCoy to say 'One small step for man, a Giant leap for mankind". Personally I thought the Central Michigan and Troy game along with the Idaho and Bowling Green game were the best games of the bowl season.

  4. here is the problem #2 plays # 16 and beats them in a hot dog eating contest prior to kickoff then move up in the rankings to #14 however during thecoin toss the now # 14 team captains throw up on the refs shoes witch automatically drops them out of the top 25 then the # 1 ranked teams head coaches wife is caught on the jumbo tron giving head to the president of the bcs see where im going with this neither do i and neither do they thats why a playoff is a must and the only way to have a true champion i feel as jim and many others that there is possibly more money to be had in a playoff senerio