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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Goodbye to Conan O'Brien And I Say It's About Time

Talk show host Conan O'Brien said goodbye to the Tonight Show last night after a lengthy feud between NBC and Jay Leno. All I have to say is "It's about fuckin' time"! This guy sucked! He just plain sucked! Every time you watched him you thought you were on a Suck-A-Thon. You wanted to dial the phone to make a donation just to get him off the air. He was not funny and man was he tough on the eyes. He was so ugly to look at I couldn't watch for more than three or four minutes before my retina's started to burn. That ghost white appearance along with those beady little eyes made for tough viewing. Also, I have to ask, what kind of haircut does he have? That scoop in the front makes his melon look about twice as big as it really is. Baby, that's one big noggin! Of course, the media is now blitzing us with more Conan O'Brien stories than we care to handle. Actually I have to ask, "Does anyone really give a rats ass about Conan O'Brien"? He should have been axed from the airways a long time ago when they had him on after the tonight show. Speaking of giving a rats ass, does anyone actually watch these talk shows at night? We now have had a ton of them and they all seem to suck. Everybody and their brother has a talk show. There is David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, George Lopez and Craig Ferguson. I know you are now asking, "Who the hell is Craig Ferguson?" Ferguson took over for Conan on the late, late show that airs after The Tonight Show. They all of course pale in comparison with the King, Johnny Carson. When Carson left The Tonight Show they should have ended it there. People actually stayed up to watch Johnny and the greatest sidekick ever Ed McMahon. You waited for Ed to say, "Here's Johnny! As you read this you can hear him say it. When you have a good thing and it's time for it to end, don't try to recreate it. Just let it go. Let's hope that NBC along with all the other networks will just let Conan go. Please don't try to torture us with an hour of pure comedic torture. Sifting through 300 satellite channels over and over and over and over with nothing on is torture enough.

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