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I had to do it! I had to create a blog so you and I could gripe about all of "The Crap" that we encounter everyday in our lives. Believe me, there is plenty! You can now come to this blog to Gripe because you have the right to do so. Over time, we will Gripe about topics ranging from sports to politics to just about all of the garbage that happens around us. When you Gripe, you can add your name or not. It's your right! You can vent any way you want. Use foul language if you are angry enough to and if you are offended, just Gripe It! Hell, we have been banned from Facebook twice! You can Gripe about people, places and things. The only thing I ask is if you are going to Gripe about someone and you use their name, make sure you have the facts straight or say it's your opinion. Otherwise they will sue your and my ass off! It's your RIGHT TO GRIPE! You can respond to one of our Gripes or you can lay down your own Gripe. It's easy. To post your own Gripe just email it to therighttogripe@hotmail.com and we will get it on. You can also post a Gripe on our Facebook page. Just search The Right To Gripe. If you don't want to write it down, just click on one of the boxes below each Gripe to give your opinion. You can also become an official "Griper". All you need to do is "Sign Up" and create an account. IT'S FREE! So, don't sit back and take it, just GRIPE IT!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stuff That Does Not Work

I don't know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of things that don't work. It happens all the time. You go to the store to buy something, you are all psyched up about it when you get home, you open the package set it all up and guess what? It doesn't work. The let down is monumental! I can't take it anymore! It's the same thing with the internet. You download something and guess what? It doesn't work. An example of this is the ESPN News gadget I downloaded for this page. I dropped it in this blog and guess what? Its not working! It has been loading for 20 minutes now. I'm not sure it will ever stop loading. Of course I have a theory on all this stuff not working. As we all know, most of the things that we buy are made in China. Of course that is a topic for another GRIPE. The Chinese have realized that a war with the USA would be insane with no winner emerging from a conflict of this magnitude. Instead, they will make products that do not work which will drive us to murdering each other or at least the clerk that sold us the piece of junk. If we are all in prison or we have all been executed for these murders they can walk right in and take what they want. The plan is genius. It will take them several lifetimes to accomplish their goal but I think it may work. By the way, the ESPN Gadget is still loading. No go yet. It must be from ESPN.Fareast. How much more of this can we take before we go insane!

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