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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taxes On The Rise Again

Yep, that's right, our taxes are going up again. Luzerne County is slapping on another 10% to our taxes for 2010. Due to their total mismanagement of money along with their greed, bribery and graft "We The People" are getting the "Shitty End Of The Stick" once again. In addition to the County increase, residents from 26 of our 76 municipalities will also see an additional tax increase. If you live in Hanover Twp, Lehman Twp or Dorrance Twp you will see your local taxes go up more than 100%. You read that right, 100%! I didn't add an extra zero on the end by accident. Of course along with these increases we all got whacked with reassessment and the bogus levy tax. How much more can we take? I'll tell you how much more we can take...NONE! Did you know there are actually 3 property taxes that we pay. One from the county, one from the school district that you live in and one from the town you live in. When you open your paycheck, 38% of your hard earned money goes for some sort of tax. I can't take it anymore! Tax, tax, tax. Soon they will be taxing the air we breath. I think our founding fathers threw a little tea party in Boston many moons ago and I think its time we do the same. Take a tea bag, put it in an envelope along with a note that says, "No More Taxes - We are not going to take it anymore" and mail it to the County Commissioners, your mayor or town council, your state and federal representatives and senators to let them know we are sick and tired of taxes. We The People deserve better!

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