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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stupid When It Snows

Why is it every time it snows the people of Northeast Pa get stupid? They jump into their cars and storm the grocery stores for bead and milk. It's even a running joke around the valley that when snow is in the forecast bread and milk shelves will be empty. I have friends that work in grocery stores and they dread a forecast for snow, even if its for a dusting to an inch. They know that people will bombard the stores for the NEPA staple of life, bread and milk. Wake the hell up people, you are not going to starve. It's not 1910! Speaking of jumping in their cars, when it snows, the people of NEPA get stupid behind the wheels of their cars. On my way to work today I was dropping my sister-in-law off at work and pulled over for less that 20 seconds to dump her out the passenger side. By the way, she does not like to drive in the snow and that may sum up this entire Gripe. However, during that brief period of time, numerous people honked horns and swerved along side of me to pass like Jimmie Johnson passing for the lead. Of course as they pass you get the death stare because you may have made them wait for a nano second. When I was ready to pull out, I couldn't because none of the ignorant bastards would stop to let me go. I say, shove that horn where the sun don't shine because if I get out of this car.... I should be more forgiving because they all must have been hurrying to get bread and milk.

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