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Monday, March 15, 2010


Here is our first guest gripe from one of our loyal Gripers.

Quit Your Job!! Go on Welfare!!!

Here is my little gripe that I have. Don’t get me wrong here either, some people do sometimes need the help, but this is for the people who live on welfare. I’m an average guy, I work a full time job, pay taxes and medical, even preparing myself by doing a 401k. However, I don’t make enough money and struggle pay check to pay check to afford the generic foods and clothing items. While this is all going on with my 40 hr work weeks and during my bill paying, there are the people in this world (scumbags or lazy pricks I like to call them) who don’t know what work is and get free aid from the government. They get free medical, free food and yet still have all this extra money to drive nice cars and go wherever they please. How is this fair? Its not!!! And how can you collect so much F***in money on income taxes, when you have no taxes to pay. I got my little chunk back and that has to go for bills and hopefully a vacation which I well deserve. Then, I see all the scums walking through the mall buying brand new clothes and Wal-Mart buying new TVS and computers. How is this fair? ITS NOT!!! So if I wasn’t a classy person I would just quit my job and go on welfare!!! Also, it does help to pop out some kids because you’ll get anything and everything more you want for free. This is my gripe for the honest working class who is just barely getting by and having to see all the lazy scums get it all!!!!


  1. Don't get me started!! There are a lot of people who benefit from Welfare and are quite deserving. That being said, there are many many more who abuse the system. Being in the job I'm in, I see it all the time. I, too, work paycheck to paycheck and would like to be able to afford some of the things I see others buying. I keep saying I'm gonna try getting fired so I can collect and go on WElfare!!!! I'd probably be better off being a single parent and all. There's only so far that I can stretch a dollar.

  2. Do you live in the Trenton, NJ area because it is rampent. I see it all the time and I also work(ed)(I got laid-off today)in an industry where I see the system being played. I never thought I would say this -- but I might be next "on the welfare"