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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you have gassed up your vehicle latley you must have noticed that the price per gallon of gas has gone up to $2.79 per gallon. That is an increase of $0.14 per gallon in just one month. The question I have is why? Why on gods green earth has the price gone up that much in one month? Does anybody really know. Was it the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti? Was it the tsunami warnings in Hawaii? Or is it the start of spring training for major league baseball? Who the hell knows? My best guess is that as the warmer weather approaches, the greedy oil hogs have to start inching up the cost so they can bend us over during the summer when we all take vacations and ram the nozzle where the sun don't shine. Why is it every summer the price of gas skyrockets? I guarantee that by May 1st, the cost per gallon will be at $3.00 per gallon or higher. The word is our fuel friends at OPEC claim that the build up of crude oil reserves currently at 343 million barrels did not reach their expected number of 2.1 million barrels. They only reached 1.4 million barrels. So I guess that means because they screwed up we take the pain at the pumps. Oil analyst and trader Stephen Schork said, "There was nothing inherent in the report to justify buying up to $83 per barrel. He cautioned against focusing on one week of data which "doesn't mask the fact that we have seen enormous builds and smaller draws in the weeks prior to this." Even an expert at trying to analyze this monster has no idea why they are increasing the cost. The way I look at it is summer is coming, people will be traveling so lets drain their wallets while we can. I say all Americans should gas up at stations that only carry gasoline made from American crude oil. Let's send a message to OPEC and the rest of the greedy oil pigs.

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  1. it does always happen the greed of the opec nation once again will try and rape the hard working people of every last spare dime they have . the end of the middle class is nearing, so many are taking out of our pockets, i dont have enough money left to get drunk! what the hell i cant take much more