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Thursday, April 22, 2010

WBS Pens - Fans Bail For Playoffs

I had the great fortune to be at the last WBS Penguins playoff game this year thanks to getting tickets through my place of work. I was pumped up about going because I had never been to a Pens playoff game and my son and I would be part of the craziness of a playoff crowd. As we approached the Mohegan Sun Arena via Interstate 81, I looked to my right and thought something was wrong. I checked my ticket to make sure I had the right day because the parking lot was virtually about half full and it was 20 minutes before game time. I thought I would be held up in traffic and would miss the start of the game. I thought maybe the crowd was late coming in. Much to my dismay, the arena never filled up. The allegedly rabid WBS Pens fans had bailed, jumped ship because the Pens were down 3 games to 0 with elimination facing them. What a bunch of slobs! There would be no "White Out". In fact it was a "Blue In" due to all of the visible blue empty seats. How can you abandon your team just because they are down. I was devastated! I thought you bunch of band wagon jumpers. When all is good you show up in droves but when the team is down its "adios amigos". I must say, I'm not surprised. The people of NEPA want to have teams, but only support them if they are winning. Take the SWB Red Barons. The AAA Affiliate of the Phillies picked up and moved to Lehigh Valley due in part to declining ticket sales. I had season tickets and their playoff games were poorly attended. I went to a SWB Yankees playoff game two years ago and it was like a graveyard. Void of life. Plese don't make me mention the WBS Pioneers! The Pens had the playoff elimination gun to their heads and their fans turned tail and ran. All I have to say is, "You band wagon jumpin, I'll be with you in good times and not bad, BASTARDS"! Wise up fans of NEPA pro sports teams. If you don't, you will be driving to Philly or New York to spend tons of dollars to see a game. Support your team in thick and thin!


  1. I went to the first playoff home game on Sunday. The same thing. Half filled arena. Win or lose I support the little Pens. Me and my two boys all wore white Penguins Jerseys and the new shirts. It was disappointing. So to all you so called Pens fans!! The hell with you!!! I can't stand the fact that people only attend games if the team is winning.

  2. I had season tickets to the Pioneers game every year since the first year. Never missed a game. i was so pissed we couldnt hold a team