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Friday, May 28, 2010

Thom "The Parasite" Greco

It's about time that Wilkes-Barre's biggest parasite Thom Greco has finally been nabbed by authorities. Federal investigators have charged this "blood sucking leech" with failure to report a crime. It appears that Thommy Boy had knowledge that an elected official had solicited and accepted a gratuity in exchange for an official action. In other words, the elected official accepted a bribe. Greco knew this and kept tight lipped. If you are not aware of who Thom Greco is, he has been labeled as Wilkes-Barre's big entrepreneur when it comes to restaurants and night clubs. Of course this is a bunch of "Bull Shit"! Greco is more like the entertainment parasite of Luzerne County. Every business he touches goes down the tubes but he comes out making a boat load of cash. An example of this is the old Market Street Square Complex. Greco got his hands on what was the show place of the downtown and ran it right into the turf. I remember going there to the Gandy Dancer Saloon and the Dance Club which had the infamous $5.00 Beer Bash on Thursday nights. Once this "tick" got his dirty mitts on the complex it was curtains. After he destroyed the business, he sold it back to the idiots from the county for 5.8 million dollars. Now what once was a gourgeous entertainment complex is rotting away, just waiting for the bulldozers. It seems the Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority does not have the funds to fix it up. Another ton of cash pissed away by the county. Greco also killed the old Grogg Shop on North Main St, The Factory and let's not forget how the Woodlands ran him out of Dodge. Where Greco goes, trouble follows. He is like a bad penny that just keeps coming back.

Speaking of the old Grogg Shop, another tactic this "roundworm" uses is to take a business that has taken a real beat down, snag a partner or should I say a host, take their money and then sue them in court when it all goes in the shitter. Ask his partner from Martini's. Greco bled this poor bastard dry and is now suing him. Greco is like a "remora" on the underbelly of a shark. Just lying there, attached to his next host and gobbling up a meal. I say lock this "tapeworm" up in the crowbar hotel so he can't suck the life out of our city any longer.


  1. You are right on the money with this idiot! He should be run out of dodge...right into the clink!

  2. Every time I here about this guy it makes my blood boil. I would love to see him in jail.