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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feds Levy A Tanning Tax

I read in The Times Leader today that the federal government passed a tax on tanning, yes you read it right tanning. The tax goes into effect this Thursday. The greedy feds are going to whack us with a 10% tax on each tanning session provided by a tanning salon. I couldn't believe what I saw! I thought it was a joke. The tax is earmarked to go to health care with the target of helping defer the costs for skin cancer patients. The tax was also put into place to deter people from using the tanning beds. Are you kidding me! They claim that too much tanning will cause skin cancer. I'm sure it does, but it is every persons individual right to tan and risk the danger of skin cancer. I have to ask, what else can we be taxed on? Pretty soon they will be taxing us on the sunshine. As you know, too much exposure to the sun will also cause skin cancer. I'm now waiting for more taxes on booze which will go toward people with failing livers. This entire thing is insane! Our governments are now singling out specific groups and taxing them. This reminds me of the levy tax which the county rammed down our helpless throats. Whats next? Only time will tell. I'm thinking a tax on the air we breath. It's time we all stand up and refuse to pay these ridiculous taxes.

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