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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Few FU's Go Out

I was driving back from a wedding in New Jersey and as usual on Pennsylvania's roads I see the Construction Ahead sign which made my bowels want to move. As I approached the work zone, traffic slowed to almost a complete stop. What else is new. I was on Interstate 80. I had to deal with construction for the next 4 miles. As I proceeded trough the zone I thought something was not right here! As my blood began to simmer to a boil I figured out that this 4 mile stretch of highway was littered with construction cones, BUT NO ACTUAL CONSTRUCTION! Nothing! What the hell are they doing? How can you have a construction zone with no f#@*ing construction. Way to go PennDot. Let's clog up the highways even more. I say FU PennDot!

I read in The Times Leader on Saturday that people are Griping about long time tow truck owner Bob Kadluboski. For years this clown has had an open season on towing vehicles in Wilkes-Barre. Believe me I know first hand. He patrols lots like a vulture waiting for a carcass to plunder. Once this parasite gets a hold of your vehicle the only way you get it back is to pay the fee, which I would guess is now about $100.00. I know he whacked me for $75.00 about 20 years ago. I wanted to strangle the ever livin' shit out of him. Friday night he went through a strip mall in Wilkes-Barre after hours and towed several cars, one was a bazaar volunteer. To this I say FU Bob Kadluboski and City Wide Towing.

A resounding FU goes out to Luzerne County for leveling out the bike jumps down by the river. Kids from Forty Fort, Kingston and Exeter, several that I know personally took time to build bike jumps and paths down by the river. These kids spent many hours and lots of hard work and sweat to build this make shift bike park only to see the county flatten it out on Friday. Mary Ann Petrilla claimed it was an insurance issue and it had to be done. FU Petrilla! These kids took the initiative to build this thing so let it alone! If you think about it, what is there for teenagers ages 13 trough 15 to do. NOTHING! The county should build a bike and skateboard park for our teens. Of course we know that will never happen. This one deserves a double FU!

And finally, a resounding FU goes out to LeBron James for his cowardly escape from Cleveland. LeBron waited until the last minute to make his decision and never even called the owner of the Cav's to let him know. This guy has no class what-so-ever. Also an FU goes out to ESPN for their over bearing coverage of the self proclaimed "Kings" decision. I have all I could do not to throw up every time I see or hear his name. ESPN covered this thing like it was a Papal visit. On top of it, LeBron shamelessly recruited several other good players to go to Miami making the Heat an All Star team. I hope they lose every game they play. I say FU to them all!


  1. F.U. The best medicine there is...."The Drake"

  2. I totally agree with all those F.U.'s. Especially what they did to the kids with the bike ramp.

  3. again i also give a big resounding FU to in the can mary ann ,i guess they are afraid of the law suit