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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Big Shakedown

Our parasite friend Thom Greco was in the news again yesterday. Finally the largest tapeworm in Northeast PA. was sentenced on his watered down charge for not turning in former Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak on shaking him down for a few TV sets. "The Tick" as I like to call him was sentenced by you guessed it, Judge Conoboy to 2 years probation, a $10,000 fine and 50 hours of community service at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen. He will be joining Former Luzerne County Clerk Of Courts Bob Reilly on Jackson St. Judge Conoboy sentenced Reilly to a fine and community service at the Soup Kitchen. Let me just say this whole think stinks! It wreaks of garbage all around. Greco claims that he thought he was "doing Skrep a favor" by obtaining 9 TV sets for Big Ugly's Bar. Greco pays $14,000 for the TV's and then turns them over to Skrep. When Greco asks Skrep for the money, he refuses to pay saying, "For all we have done for you, you pay for them". WHAT! Are you kidding me?

This entire thing is bogus all around! First off, what kind of TV's did Thom "The Tick" buy. Nine TV's for $14,000? That's about $1,500.00 per set. Skrep asked Greco to buy them below retail. You can go over to Walmart and pick up a 32 inch flat screen for under $700.00. Second, I have been in Big Ugly's and I don't remember 9 TV's. There may have been 5 or 6, but not 9. The place was not that big. Third, why would Skrep ask Greco to get the TV's? Sounds to me like he thought "The Tick" would have gotten them off the back of one of Thomas C. Thomas's produce trucks. This part I might be able to believe. A few hot TVs, why the hell not?

If you are not familiar with the Market Street Square situation here goes. You will throw up when you read this. Our business savvy County Commissioners had loaned the Luzerne County Development Authority $200,000.00 to put toward the purchase of the run down Market Street Square Complex which Greco owned and ran into the ground. The Authority then purchased this once grand complex and now a total dump thanks to "The Tick" for $5.8 million ($5,800,000.00)in 2006. BINGO! Of course, Skrep thought he should have received a small token of appreciation for "The Tick" making $5.8 million. It's all becoming clear! Of course he should have! Everybody else does! The least Greco could have done was toss him a few TV's. When a buddy does you a favor, the least you can do is buy him a beer or two. That's how my world works. Christ, Skrep did "The Tick" a $5.8 million dollar favor.

The bottom line here is they all got Freakin' caught and Skrep is taking the shot to the balls for them all. It's like the mafia guy taking the jail time for the boss. Greco knew exactly what those TVs were for and he threw Skrep under the bus. I think the bus was totaled when it ran over Skrep. I say "The Tick", like Bob Reilly should have been thrown into the crowbar hotel along with the rest of the rats nest. Shit, it all stinks and the smell is wafting higher and higher. I think maybe we should investigate Judge Conoboy for handing down these slaps on the dick or should I say wrist for these clowns. Who's next? Who knows? What I do know is the days these guys are ladeling out the soup I am going to throw on some old clothes and go down for some chow.

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