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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 12 Gripes Of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas the county gave to me.....

Corruption in the Courthouse
Reassessment Debacle
Greco and his TV's
And the bogus Levy Fee

Corruption in the courthouse and that is putting it lightly. Do you know how many of our nitwit public servants have been involved with a crime? Well here is the list so far.
Judge Mark Ciavarella - Numerous charges for the Kids For Cash Scheme
Judge Michael Conahan - Numerous charges for the Kids For Cash Scheme
Judge C. Joseph Rehkamp - Simple assault and harassment for fight with his wife
Judge Michael Toole - Fraud and tax charges
Commissioner Greg Skrepenak - Taking a bribe
County HR Director Doug Richards - Taking bribes
Prothonotary Jill Moran - The Kids For Cash Scheme (She claims she did not know)
Probation Director - Sandra Brulo - Obstruction of Justice
Clerk of Courts Bob Reilly - Taking kickbacks
Treasurer Michael Morreale - Hunting over bait

Well there it is! Four judges that administer the law breaking the law, one commissioner, three row officers and two department leaders all rounded up by the Feds. Oh, let me single out Mike Morreale, he was charged and fined by the Pa Game Commission. By the way, he is responsible for dishing out all of the anterless deer licenses. I wonder how many of his relatives and friends get them? I know I don't. Anyway, this is an absolute embarrassment to the people of Luzerne County. Remember in the movie Frankenstein when the people stormed the castle with torches, well I'm envisioning that at the courthouse. This makes me sick. I just puked up lunch writing it. I bet you didn't know about a few of these crooks.

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