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Friday, December 17, 2010

The 12 Gripes Of Christmas

On the 6th day of Christmas the county gave to me.....

The Commissioner no one heard of

Greg Skrepenak
Corruption in the Courthouse
Reassessment Debacle
Greco and his TV's
And the bogus Levy Fee

Can you name the 3 current County Commissioners? I bet you can't. Well, there is Republican turncoat now a Democrat Steven Urban and one of our favorites here at The Gripe, "In The Can" Mary Ann Petrilla. The 3rd Commish, who seems to lurk in the dark shadows of the courthouse is Thomas Cooney. Looney Cooney was appointed to the seat when Greg Skrepenak resigned due to his checking into the crowbar hotel. Cooney, the Director of Development for A & E Group, Inc.(a multi-discipline design and consulting firm) is married to the former Nancy Flanagan. Cooney holds a Bachelor of Science from Kings College and a Master of Business Administration. He was also the past chairman of the initial Government Study Commission in the mid 1970s. Why Cooney would want to get involved with this bunch of morons is beyond me. This is a smart man with extensive business experience and a good education. My guess is that he has thought about the tail pipe a few times since being selected. Normally business savvy folks do not get involved with politics because everything to do with it stinks of rotten potatoes. Have you ever smelled rotten potatoes? It is one of the worst smells in the world. Anyway, now you can name all 3 of the short term Commissioners. They are short term because of the voter acceptance of Home Rule. Good luck with that too.

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