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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Gripes Wishes For 2011

As we all look forward to 2011, here are a few wishes and predictions that I have for the New Year.

I Wish and predict....

1. That the Feds actually investigate Thom "The Tick" Greco. This guy has been fleecing folks for years now with no repercussions. Good luck you tapeworm bastard. The Gripe has it's eyes on you.

2. That Judge Mark "Kids For Cash" Ciavarella actually gets the jail time he deserves. This crook belongs in the extended stay Crowbar Hotel. As I called it here on the Gripe over this past year, I predict that he will not see one second of jail time in 2011.

3. That the 12 person Home Rule Committee gives us as much controversy as our current three stooges. I'm sure they will. The voters will most likely vote in a bunch of political hacks to these posts which will keep The Gripe very busy. I will miss "In The Can" Mary Ann Petrilla though.

4. That PennDot finally finishes the work on I-81 in the Scranton Area. They have been working on that 2 mile stretch of highway for at least 25 years now. When will it end! I predict it will not! We will all be stuck in traffic behind tractor trailers throughout the year.

5. That Lou Barletta takes his illegal immigration ideas to Washington. I'm sure he will be making a total ass out of himself in our nations capitol. I predict that we will see him on the network morning talk shows at some point this year.

6. That McDonalds actually gets my orders right. Every time I order more than one value meal they screw it up. Only an absolute moron could freak it up. I predict they will continue to be a bunch of morons slopping fast food. Where are my fuckin fries?????

7. That the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen gets a few more celebrity sloppers to dish out their grub. Reilly and Greco will be making guest appearances this year. Let's hope there are a few more. I predict there will be.

8. That the USA finally gets that terrorist bastard Osama Bin Laden. We can find flea shit on this planet with our intel satellites but we can't find a 6 foot 5 inch Arab. Or can we? Let's drop more bombs and wrap this thing up in 2011.

9. That the people of Wyoming Valley realize that when it snows, they do not need to bum rush the supermarkets for bread and milk. I have a friend that works in one of the local markets and when they forecast snow she goes into a deep depression. Instead, lets rush the beer and liquor stores.

10. Finally, the fans of The Right To Gripe have spoken. It was a resounding YES to the addition of The Schmuck of the Week feature. The Pot Hole of the week will now be replaced with "The Schmuck".

There it is, 10 wishes or predictions for 2011. The Gripe would like to wish everyone a Happy and Gripe filled New Year.

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