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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ex-Luzerne County HR Director Gets Pension

Former Luzerne County HR Director Doug "Dougy Boy" Richards was in court this past week where he received a favorable verdict on his pension as well as restitution for his crime. "Dougy Boy" will not have to pay the cash strapped county any restitution and YES he will get his pension money totaling $17,854. Are your freakin' kidding me. "Ram Shot Richards" was sentenced last month for his guilty plea to corrupt receipt of an award for official action. In other words, he accepted money for handing out a contract to Continental Consultants Group for cleaning up after the 2006 flooding in the county. I believe the appropriate word here is "KICKBACK"! What I want to know is why is there no time in the slammer and why does he not forfeit his pension due to his guilty plea? This ruling by a Federal Judge will now open the flood gates of feces for convicted crooks like former Jury Commish Gerald Bonner, former Clerk of Courts "Really" Bob Reilly and former Deputy Chief Clerk Bill Brace to legally challenge the decisions made by the Luzerne County Retirement Board. Just so you know, our Soup Kitchen Swiller Reilly may receive $48,577 in pension money. WHAT! All of this is happening because Greg Skrepenak received money from the Retirement Board because they simply got a letter from his attorney stating no restitution was owed. This all stinks like the sewer authority area in Hanover on a hot August night. This makes me sick! Since when do the crooks get the money? These guys have real big ca-hones going to court for this dough! Aren't they totally embarrassed by what they did? Oh, it's Luzerne County and as we all know it's a rats nest of corruption. They don't give a rats ass about "We The People"! If it were you or me we would have been shackled and escorted right to the nearest crowbar hotel. We would have been asked to empty our pockets and that's the way they would stay. Empty! When will all of this crap end? I guess when they all get their dough, ray, me!

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