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Monday, January 3, 2011

A Griper Lashes Out

One of our faithful readers of The Gripe sent over this Gripe to us concerning our President, Barack "Osama" Obama. She is so right on target with this one. Since when does a dog killer rate higher than firefighters who give their lives to save people?

May I gripe a moment? I am not sure if this falls under a sports gripe, or a political gripe. Perhaps we can call it Spolitical?? I was shocked and appalled to learn President Barack Obama, for whom I voted, had the balls to contact Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to praise the organization for giving quarterback Michael Vick a second chance and doing "the capitalism thing" . Praise for giving an animal abuser another chance?? Did those poor dogs he drowned and electrocuted get a second chance? HELL NO.

Surely you recall the tragedy in Chicago, just two days before Christmas. Two of Chicago's Bravest gave their lives searching for transients who may have been in a burning structure. Several other firefighters were injured in that same fire. Our President hails from the Windy City and he did not have the decency to call the grieving families and offer his condolences. It's never a good time to lose a loved one but Christmas is arguably the worst time for it to happen.

Mr. President, the hell with capitalism. Where's your compassion? I hope you never, ever have to know that type of tragedy first-hand.

Thank you for allowing me to vent......Karen H.

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