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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ciavarella Trial - The Circus Is In Town

With tons of fanfare, the circus entered Scranton yesterday in full color. The TV stations, radio stations and all the newspapers are there. This circus has no elephants, no lions, no tigers, but it does have clowns, acrobats and a ring leader. This circus has no bright colored lights and no cannons but it does have a center stage with performers ready to be on display. This circus is the trial of former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella. The center ring will be the Federal Courtroom in Scranton with its ringleader U.S. District Judge Edwin Kosik. The clowns will be potential witnesses Michael Conahan, William Sharkey, Robert Powell, Jill Moran, Sandra Brulo and Robert Mericle. Atty. Robert Powell is expected to be the star witness in the trial of the Kids For Cash Master Ciavarella. Right in the middle of the clown chaos will be our beloved Rob Mericle who centers around the honest services fraud and money laundering charges being brought up by the Feds. The acrobats on the high legal wire will be Defense Attorneys Al Flora and William Ruzzo while performing on the judicial trapeze will be Prosecutors Peter Smith and Gordon Zubrod. All 4 of these legal acrobats will be performing without a net.

Just yesterday, a jury of 8 women and 4 men were selected but not without the attorneys almost coming to blows. That, I would pay money to see! Swift intervention by Judge Kosik restored order and the process moved on. It appears that Kosik is going to move this thing on as quickly as possible. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I know it makes me a bit nervous. Let's hope mistakes are not made by Judge Kosik which will get Ciavarella off the hook. People will go banana's if this happens especially the parents of the kids Ciavy sent up the river who are attending the circus. These kids were hung out to dry by this bastard and he needs to pay. Hillary Transue, one of Marky Marks and the Fun Bunches victims was sent away for simply posting a fake MySpace page that mocked a school official. WOW, where would I go for The Right To Gripe? Another victim was Trisha Savage who was sent to a wilderness style detention camp for 3 months for having a bowl used to smoke pot. It was her first offense EVER! Judge Ciavy tried and convicted this girl in less than a minute, had her handcuffed and led away much to the terror of her parents. I would have stormed the bench and strangled the bastard. They would have needed the Jaws Of Life to pry my hands from his throat.

Enough of that before I get too worked up! Now that you have a flavor of what went on, you can get a better feel for how important this trial circus really is. This circus will be around for a while, so you can keep your pulse on the clown nation right here on The GRIPE. We will give you a different look at all 3 rings in action!


  1. Oh how I would love to be on that Jury. I think it is a damn shame what those kids had to go through. Granted some of them probably deserved some sort of punishment. My child was one of the lucky ones who received probabtion and we recently got a letter that his record was expunged without predudice. All children who went before him got the same letter, but that does not erase the horror of being sent away to "camp" for minor infractions. It makes me sick to my stomache. And you're right...if he ever got off on a technicality the shit would hit the fan in this area. I hope he gets what he gave these kids.

  2. All of our trials were less than a minute. I was cuffed in the next room without getting to say good bye to my mother as I listened to her screaming and crying in the next room. The woman who cuffed me snorted in my ear and said, "Look what you've done to your mother."

    If I wasn't six hours away at college, I'd tell Ciavarella, "Look what you've done to your family."

    This guy is a friggin' clown.

    BTW, this is the coolest site ever.