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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day #7 - The Ciavarella Trial

Closing Arguments, Jury Instruction and Deliberation

On Day #7, both the prosecution and the defense gave their closing arguments to the jury of 6 men and 6 women. Both teams spoke for about 45 minutes each detailing what had transpired over the past week and debating the interpretation of the evidence that was presented. In my opinion, this all boils down to who does the jury believe. It probably should be no one because they are all a bunch of no good thieves. It was a rats nest of corruption with plenty of rodents biting at the bum of the judicial system. Believe me when I say that I am a little bit worried about the outcome of this trial. There were plenty of doors left open, but the defense did not kick them in.

Right after closing arguments, Judge Edwin Kosik reviewed in detail all 86 pages of jury instruction that the 12 jurors will use in coming up with their verdicts. Eighty six pages? Can you imagine sitting there with a judge going over 86 pages of this stuff word by word. My brain would have turned to concrete after page 4! Once this was completed, the jury organized a few things and then quit for the day. I don't envy these poor bastards on the jury. They may be deliberating for 6 months on this one. My guess is that "Ciavy" will be found guilty on the counts he confessed to and not guilty on all of the rest. Let me tell you that will stink like rotten garbage! Of course whatever happens an immediate appeal will be filed by Ruzzo and Flora. Hell, "Ciavy" might as well keep milking the teat of the tax payers a little longer.

On a side note, the courts made Michael Conahan turn over more than $12,000.00 from an account that his wife had at Citizens' Bank of PA. This mere pittance will go towards a $2.5 million loan that the Conahan's took out from First National Community Bank of Dunmore. The one thing that really baffles me about this entire Kids For Cash thing is that Conahan took a deal from the Feds and pleaded guilty to a "related" charge and is awaiting sentencing. Is that it for him? If it is he just basically got away easy! He didn't even testify against his pal "Ciavy"! I just don't get it????

Finally, I see this trial has taken on galactic proportions. Chewbacca was spotted outside the Federal Courthouse yesterday with a sign that read, "Send them on a jet to planet Jupiter prison. I'm the boss, real Chewy justice". Luke, "Ciavy" is your father!


  1. well with all the crap that goes on in this county why and how the hell can we possibly trust the legal system. i feel ciavy should have been tied to a poll on public square and stoned by anyone who thinks hes guilty......
    wonder how long that would last ?

  2. When they find him innocent of the big charges we should follow the people from the Middle East's example and storm the courthouse till they give us what we want.