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Friday, February 18, 2011



At approximately 1:30 pm today, the jury in the Mark "Ciavy" Ciavarella trial came back with verdicts on the 39 counts of bribery, racketeering, mailing of statement of financial interest, money laundering, money transfer via wire and extortion. The jury found "Ciavy" guilty on the Racketeering, Mailing Of Statements Of Financial Interest, Money Laundering, Conspiracy To Defraud The Federal Government and Filing False Tax Statements. Here are the verdicts.

Count #1 Racketeering (Guilty)
Count #2 Racketeering Conspiracy (Guilty)
Counts #3 thru #6 Money Transfer Via Wire (Not Guilty on all counts)
Count #7 thru #10 Mailing Of Statement Of Financial Interest (Guilty on all counts)
Counts #11 thru 20 Bribery (Not Guilty on all counts)
Counts #21 thru #26 Money Laundering (Guilty on all counts)
Counts #27 thru #34 Extortion (Not Guilty)
Count #35 Conspiracy to Defraud The Federal Government (Guilty)
Counts #36 thru #39 Filing False Income Tax Statements (Guilty)

There it is, just as I predicted right here on The GRIPE. Guilty on all of the counts he admitted to and Not Guilty on the rest. It appears that the jury of 6 men and 6 women did not have any faith in the testimony of Robert "The Slip" Powell. Go figure! Anyway, our man "Ciavy" faces up to 157 years of looking at striped sunlight in the crow bar hotel. He also may have to pay close to $1,000,000.00 in fines and restitution. We will see, we will see?

What do you think of the verdict? I want to know!


  1. He will not spend much if any time behind bars. Just as you noted earlier, his high priced legal team will work to keep him out of the big crapper while he is on appeal! He needs to be locked up for a long time. But most if not all those families he affected will make huge profits off of our tax dollars..The thing is most of these kids were not pillars of society and did indeed do something that was not up to par. They will make money for being delinquents!

  2. I think it sucks that he was not sent directly to jail.