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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wilkes-Barre Cops - Donuts Are Hot!

Tuesday night the donuts at Dunkin must have been hot because our men in blue, the Wilkes-Barre Police were missing in action. A friend of mine, I'll call her JM, had her purse stolen at Chacko's Family Bowling Center by a few scum bags who cased the joint and then made their slimy move. After looking all over the place, inside and out, we called 911 to report the crime. The first call was placed at about 9:00 pm. After waiting about 30 minutes, another call was placed to 911 with the question as to when the cops were going to arrive. The dispatcher told us that the police were very busy and would get there when they could. Now, let me ask you this. On a Tuesday night with temperatures dipping into the teens, how busy could an entire police force be? I'll tell you, they were not! These slackers just don't like to respond to these types of calls because it means more paperwork. If it was a DUI, 12 police cars would be there along with the K9 unit and Ryan Lecky of Channel 16!

After waiting about another 15 minutes out in the bowling alley, we all decided to retire to the bar for an adult beverage. There is were we all sat and waited and waited and waited. At one point we all got excited because we mistook a taxi cab pulling into the parking lot for a police cruiser. Finally, one hour and 37 minutes later, the donut horking cops showed up. The girl, JM who had her purse snatched along with a few friends and the owner of the bowling alley went outside to report the crime. After about 5 minutes, the cruiser pulled away and they all came inside. JM had a small piece of paper in her hands and tears running down her face. We asked what happened. I'll tell you what happened, NOTHING! The officer took the information and said that he would have to turn it over to the detective. OH BROTHER! What that tells me is nothing is going to happen. The filthy scum bag pigs that stole the purse were actually caught on surveillance cameras throughout the bowling alley and the cop would not even look at them. My guess is that the detective won't either. This type of crime falls well below the hot donut priority line.

What burns my ass here is that these petty scumbags will get away with it because the cops think that they have bigger fish to fry. My opinion is that these crimes need to be dealt with just like any other crime, with swift justice. One hour and a half later is a disgrace! These filthy pigs were long gone, money and credit cards in pocket and the rest dumped on the street. In the mean time, we have a young girl who was not so much worried about those items as she was the pictures she carried of her deceased father. These are things you can never get back and the cops act like they just don't freakin care. I am going to keep an eye on this story to see how it progresses. I am also going to keep my eyes peeled for these low down scoundrels as well. Keep looking behind you you filthy bastards. Once I see who you are, I will be watching!


  1. You should see if you can get a copy of the surveillance video here or even given to one of the news stations/

  2. And if the judge gave him a long sentence you would complain it was for money.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    If you read my Gripes concerning the corrupt judges Conahan and "Ciavy" you would have noticed that I mentioned that some of the kids did deserve to go to the Juvie Centers for what they did. The problem that I have is the ones that got railroaded for minor first offenses. The sentence should fit the crime not fit into the judges pockets.


  4. A Turkey Hill get robbed and the Crook gets $25.00 Dollars and a few packs of smokes there is news media and 4 or 5 cops for that and you see the surveillance vidio on the news, You have surveillance of the bum that stole the purse and you see nothingm any place WTF. no thats justice, muiltimillion company get media and a taxpayer from Wilkes Barre gets nothing,

  5. a purse snatcher gets away and no one cares ! why is the question. the no good ignorant little bastards go buy there drugs and go out and commit yet another crime, maybe worse than the last,i say this you worthless excuse for a human keep your eyes peeled you never know whos watchn