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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just When We Thought The Tick Was Gone

We went through the delousing unit. We got sprayed with bug spray. We got our hair combed with the lice comb. Just when we thought we had the parasite out of our hair, he reemerges once again. Thom "The Tick" is back in the news. If you can remember back in August 2010, "The Tick" had allegedly wired $41,911.00 in checks over to the county to cover some, and I say some of the back taxes he owed on his properties. "The Tick" claimed he never sent over the money and someone else must have done it. After an investigation by the U.S. Attorney's Office, our man "The Tick" has been vindicated. They said he did not pay the back taxes, therefore his checks did not bounce.

Now, all of us here at The Gripe knew that the parasite did not send over the dough. He couldn't have done it because he does not pay his taxes some on time like the rest of us. He only pays up when the heat is turned up on him. Something like when you put a lit cigarette on your skin to make a tick pop off. The Feds determined that the checks were not sent over from "The Ticks" account and that someone else perpetrated the transaction. NO DUH! Again, this tapeworm has cost the taxpayers more money and as I see it will continue to do so until he gets his way. He is like a child throwing a tantrum in the store. They will keep it going until you either get them what they want or spank them on the ass. Of course I say we throttle his ass.

On a quick side note, the Feds have also determined that the person who sent over the illegal transactions will not be prosecuted. WHAT! They committed the crimes of fraud and identity theft! How can they not be prosecuted. As much as "The Tick" makes me crawl, he is actually right to be pissed that the Feds will not try to send this person up the river. This makes me wonder who it was? I think the Republicans are blaming Obama for this one. Of course, the hookworm Greco thinks that the FBI is trying to get back at him for not reporting that Skrep refused to pay for the TV's. Here we go again with those TV's. Let's blame Skrep and the TV's. Of course it couldn't be "The Tick"! Anyway, when will we finally get rid of this crawling parasite? My guess would be no time soon. He will surface again as an irritant to the city of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County and all of us, the taxpayers. I say, buy him a one way bus ticket and send him packing. This is one taxpayer who is sick and tired of footing his bills. Pay your taxes you god damned parasite!

Tomorrow, a special Easter Gripe and then the final 3 Reasons Not To Go To Plymouth.

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