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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Reason #10 - They Still Have Their Christmas Lights Up

Reason #9 - More Red Lights Than The Law Allows

If you have ever driven down Main Street in Plymouth you will quickly notice that there is a traffic light on just about every corner. I would estimate that Main Street is about 10 blocks long and there are at least 6 traffic lights. I have been stopped by red lights often in Shawnee town and not one single car has come out of the side street. Why in the hell do they have so many lights? I can't fathom a reason for so many damn lights. I guess they figure the morons that live there can't handle a little traffic. What other reason could it be? Maybe they don't know what the word STOP means on the red signs. Like lab rats, they only respond to colors. Whatever the reason, I loath driving through this town in part because of all the red lights.

Tomorrow, reason #8 for not going to Plymouth.

On a side note, I went through Plymouth today and guess what? You got it! They finally took down the Christmas lights. I guess when the temperature goes above 60 degrees the lights go down.

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