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Monday, April 18, 2011


Reason #10 - They Still Have Their Christmas Lights Up
Reason #9 - More Red Lights Than The Law Allows
Reason #8 - Coalbillies
Reason #7 - Even The Laundromat Closed
Reason #6 - Main Street Mama's

Reason #5 - WVW High School, what a dump!

When driving down Main Street going South, you will come across a big building on your right that looks like it belongs in Southern California in 1984. It is white with lots of glass and curved architecture. This building is the Wyoming Valley West High School or as I like to call it, the Plymouth Taj Mahal. It was built back in 1977 with the first graduating class leaving the new Taj Mahal in 1978. I call it the Taj Mahal because you drive through dumpy Main Street in Plymouth only to find this opening with a huge new building sitting back from the road. It sticks out like a bar of gold in a pile of garbage. No one really knows why they built it in the god forsaken town of Plymouth. The word has always been that the school board members from Plymouth, Larksville, Edwardsville, Courtdale and Pringle ganged up on the Kingston and Forty Fort members and voted in favor of "The Taj" to be built in Plymouth. This I cannot confirm. As for the architecture, it seems appealing to the eye, however the curved front is not very practical especially when it snows. In fact, this past winter a teacher got drilled with a pile of falling ice and snow and was almost knocked unconscious. Southern California yes, NEPA a big fat NO!

From the outside, the building looks pretty good. However, take a trip to the inside and you will be astounded at what you see. When you first walk in you will see an open lobby area that looks pretty good. You think, not too bad. However, if you explore deeper into the bowels of the building you will find ceiling tiles falling down, paint chipped and peeling as well as old desks and chairs for the students to sit in. Not a very good atmosphere for the education process. Can you imagine a school from out of town coming to play a basketball game, run track or swim in a meet and driving down Main Street with all the Main Street Mama's and run down businesses along the way. It is an embarrassment to the school district. They must all look at each other on the bus and say, "Holy Shit, this is a dump"! Unfortunately, the school has been let go somewhat and it is located in a dump of a town....Plymouth. Every time I go over to the high school, I shake my head and say to myself, "What a dump"! I also feel my bowels wanting to move as well.

Tomorrow, Reason #4 Not To Go To Plymouth

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