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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Ever Happened To Easter

As I sit here and reflect back on Easter's past, I can only wonder what has happened to Easter. Back in the day as they say, no stores were open, everyone dressed up and went to church and kids charged downstairs to find a bounty of candy in their Easter baskets. Now a days, stores like Turkey Hill are open all day and kids find presents, not candy in their baskets. What the hell is this all about? Since when has the traditions of Easter changed? By the way, I will not refer to Spring Spheres in this Gripe!

Let's start with the stores. The greedy companies like Turkey Hill claim that they have to be open in case people need gas or a last minute item. What they fail to realize is that a person or persons must be working on this holiday. I think that just plain SUCKS! I say if you haven't gassed up or you forgot something at the store TOUGH SHIT! You are the idiot, not the poor bastard working on Easter. Oh by the way, that person at the Hill is probably part time and making minimum wage to be there in case you forgot something. I say do without and show stores that you don't need them on holidays. To sum it up, corporate greed trumps the most holiest of holidays.

Now on to these kids. When did the Easter Bunny open a factory in the South Pole to make toys to bring to the kids? This is Santa's job. If there was an elf union, they would have filed a grievance against the bunny and his workers. As I write this I wonder what kind of workers does the Easter Bunny have? Maybe the Bunny has a huge factory in China. Everything else is made there! By the way, the elves would have won in a court of law. Why all of a sudden is candy not good enough? I'll tell you why, because our kids are spoiled and get exactly what they want. I will tell you that I am guilty as charged. When I was a kid you got candy and you liked it. If you asked for a toy your parents would say you have to wait until your birthday or Christmas. I was thrilled to see my basket filled with candy on Easter morning. I just don't get it. My wife went out shopping on Easter Saturday and saw parents buying a bike for their kid for Easter. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! A bike! That is the big Christmas gift that you can't ride because it is either too cold out or there is snow on the ground.

To sum it all up, let's get back to the basics. Close all the stores on the holidays and get your kids candy for Easter. Maybe if we all go back to the basics in our everyday lives, things will get easier. You won't have to fight the other shoppers for that tough to find gift twice a year. Let's keep that struggle for Christmas.


Tomorrow we are back with the final 3 Reasons Not To Go To Plymouth.

A post Easter side note: Last night after all of the Easter festivities ended, I settled back into my recliner in anticipation of watching The Ten Commandments. As I scoured the 300 plus channels of pure garbage, I quickly realized that this classic Easter movie was not on. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! No Ten Commandments, no Chuck Heston, no So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done uttered by Yul Brenner! I couldn't believe it! What the hell is happening out there? How can you end Easter without The Ten Commandments. Cecil B. DeMille is spinning in his grave.

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