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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Guest Gripe - Press 17 To Read This Gripe

I love it! Our Gripers are weighing in with Gripes left and right. Here is a Gripe from one of our very faithful readers who has had enough with automated phone systems.


While i was at work yesterday I nearly sliced my throat! That's right you heard me correctly. I work at, well lets just say a busy place where I take and make a lot of phone calls. I don't want anyone calling me unnecessarily. Anyway to the point of this gripe, I made a call to schedule an appointment,(theres your first hint) and I kid you not this is true, the voice prompt girl almost had me slice my throat! She got up to for Carol press 17! ayfkm !!!!! Press 17! I thought sure as hell for heaven press 18 and for hell press 19 was next. What the hell is left after Carol? WTF happened to real people? I guess no one can afford to pay some slug 8 bucks an hour to answer the phone but you can have press f@#! 17 for Carol. Really press 17 for Carol ... I don't have time for that kind of bull shit do you?

Boy did you hit this nail right on its head. I too am sick and tired of these automated systems. Press this and press that. No wonder my hands are all mangled up with arthritis! By the time you actually get to a human being, if you are able to actually make it to one you want to take the tail pipe in the garage. Sometimes, the system hangs up on you before you get to a human which sends my phone flying across the room along with a barrage of profanity. I say do away with these insane automated systems and put people back to work. Hey, maybe this is the way to solve the sky rocketing unemployment rate! I hope President Obama reads The Right To Gripe!

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