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Friday, June 10, 2011

2012 Presidential Primary

The 2012 Presidential Primary is just 17 months away and let me say, we are in deep shit once again. Our choices are the current President, Barack Obama or a grocery list of other nimrods who think they can fix the woes of the country. Below is a list of the "real" candidates. These are the ones who actually have a chance of winning the election.

On the Democratic side is incumbent President Barack Obama. As we all know, Obama was left with a mess courtesy of George W. Bush and his incompetent administration. I can go through the litany of his failures, however I will not. It would take way too long. Since entering office, President Obama has accomplished a laundry list of initiatives which have gone somewhat unnoticed. If you want to see what he has actually accomplished, you can go to the web site below. It will astonish you! I know it did me!


Of course, Obama's one major accomplishment was the hunting down and killing of that scum bag mass murder of innocent people Osama Bin Laden. The Democrats have the incumbent, so President Obama will be the only candidate running for that party.

Now, it's on to the Republicans. The senior party has a long list of candidates and potential candidates as of right now. Below their names you will find their Pros and Cons courtesy of ABC News followed by the R2G Pros and Cons.

Mit Romney
The Former Governor of Massachusetts.

ABC PROS: Strong name identification. Experienced campaign team with proven fundraising ability. Success as a businessman.

R2G Pros: Being a Mormon. If he can get us to have multiple wives the sex may be great! Other than that, I just can't think of a reason to vote for him!

ABC CONS: The Massachusetts health care law that was enacted during his tenure as governor, especially the controversial measure of individual mandates. His religion (Mormon) is still seen by many as an impediment to greater appeal among socially-conservative evangelical Christian primary voters.

R2G Cons: I just don't think I can vote for a guy with the first name of Mit. It reminds me too much of Nit as in Nit Wit! Also, the Mormon thing really spooks me out. If elected he may ban booze and other vices that we all enjoy.

Tim Pawlenty
Current Governor Of Minnesota

ABC PROS: Record of fiscal conservatism as governor. Midwest roots give him leg up in Iowa caucus. "Electability argument." "Sam's Club" brand of "commonsense conservatism" allows him to reach beyond traditional GOP base and attract independents in a general election. Serious and credible campaign team in place.

R2G Pros: None! has anyone even heard of this guy!

ABC CONS: Fundraising: He's never had to raise big bucks before and couldn't because of restrictive state campaign finance laws. He may be able to raise what he needs, but no one knows for sure if he can. Can "Minnesota Nice" win over a restive and fired-up base?

R2G Cons: Again, I don't like his name. Pawlenty, sounds like Pawlenty of trouble to me. Charlie says, I like Good & Pawlenty. Remember that jingle for the candy Good & Plenty? I never liked those either.

Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker Of The House

ABC PROS: Name ID. Goodwill among party base. Seen as "ideas guy," big thinker and intellectual heavyweight. Skilled grassroots organizer.

R2G Pros: The only thing I like about this guy is he speaks his mind. He is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. He has name recognition and that really helps with some of the idiots who are allowed by federal law to actually cast a vote.

ABC CONS: Messy personal life, including multiple divorces. Fundraising: He's been able to raise for his 527 groups but those don't have the restrictive limits that presidential candidate has to live under.

R2G Cons: And yet again, another bad name, Newt. Who in the hell names their kid Newt. It makes me think of the newts that you find in the forest hiding under rocks. It also makes me think of the line in Monty Python And The Holy Grail, "He turned me into a newt". I just can't vote for a Newt.

Sarah Palin Former
Former Governor Of Alaska - Vice Presidential Candidate in 2008

ABC PROS: Name ID. Access to grassroots fundraising. Strong following among social conservatives and Tea Party types. Ability to dominate "free" media means she doesn't have to spend as much money on paid advertising.

R2G Pros: Well, there are not too many. The only Pro that I can see is that she would look good naked in the oval office. Yes, it is a sexist thing to say, but all of the guys are thinking it! Palin talks a good game and is popular with the "Joe The Plumber" crowd.

ABC CONS: Lack of organizational campaign structure or strategy. Even among those who view her favorably, there's an electability concern. Mixed record in Alaska, especially the fact that she quit midway through her term as governor.

R2G Cons: Where do I start. Sarah Palin is an idiot! Make no mistake, she must be stopped! She has more skeletons in her closet than a graveyard. She is the creator of the Bimbonic Plague. She is currently traveling across the country in her tour bus spreading the plague throughout the country. If she shows up at your town, run for cover, lock the doors and put on your bio hazard suit.

Well, there it is, a quick look at what we have in store for us for the 2012 Presidential primary. There are several other candidates running for office, but the people listed above are the ones that actually may have a chance. The others are just a bunch of shlep rocks who don't have a prayer. The election is closer than we all think. God help us, we are going to need it!

As we get closer to the election, The Right To Gripe will keep you updated on the Presidential candidates.


  1. You can't vote for a guy named Mit, but you can vote for a fool named Barack Hussein Obama??? You can't vote for a Mormon, but you can vote for a MUSLIM ???

  2. To the best of my knowledge there is no Muslim running for President. Oh, and by the way, why is it that some of the same people who accuse Obama of being a Muslim also slam him for the whole Rev Wright stuff? When last I checked the Rev Wright was the pastor of a Christian church. This is as bad as the crap some used to spew about Hillary Clinton...namely that was BOTH a lesbian and someone who had an affair with the late Vince Foster.

    My God...slam Obama for his policies, but keep the asinine "Muslim" $hit off the table, as all it does is make Obama's critics look like a bunch of toothless hillbillies.