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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Griper Is Pissed!

Our Gripers are checking in every day, many of them with their own Gripes. Here is a great Gripe from Karen H. concerning the Riccardi murder trial.

I’m PISSED. I am griping about this Elvis Riccardi capital murder trial. I have been closely following this story as Donnie Skiff, the victim, graduated from my alma mater, just a few years ahead of me.

It hasn’t been proven that this Riccardi character killed Donnie, but according to the testimony, this joker participated in torturing him by stomping on his adam’s apple and kicking him in the face while his (Donnie’s) hands were tied behind his back with his own shoelaces. How one can do that to another living, breathing human is absolutely unimaginable. To make matters worse, he then took pictures of Donnie's battered, broken, swollen, bruised face with his cell phone. WHAT?!?! Why in the hell would you do that??

What really sent me over the edge was reading that he had the audacity to ask the victim’s grieving father for forgiveness. That's outrageously selfish!! You commit this heinous crime and then request forgiveness???? It’s a damn good thing I am not in that courtroom because I swear to God I would take justice into my own hands. An eye for an eye! He doesn’t deserve forgiveness. He doesn’t even deserve a life sentence caged in jail like the animal he is. I hope the jury gives this criminal the death penalty. The sad thing about the death penalty is the condemned person's life is terminated with his loved ones present and watching from the gallery. Donnie Skiff suffered a violent death...alone...and for a lousy $300.00. Rest in Peace, Donnie.


Karen, unfortunately, the justice system in the state of Pennsylvania is filled with a bunch of yellow bellied, gutless lizards. Very few murders actually get the death penalty and the ones that do like George Banks (don't get me going on him) sit in prison getting 3 squares and a warm place to bunk up and never meet the hangman. There are currently 233 prisoners on death row in Pennsylvania. The last one to actually be executed was Gary Heidnik in 1999. Only 3 prisoners have been executed since Pennsylvania reinstated the death penalty in 1978. WHY? Let me tell you why. These filthy bastards are allowed multiple appeals under Penna. state law. It takes an average of 12.7 years to actually go through the entire appeals process. Along with these appeals, many times anti-death penalty groups file petitions against the executions which ties these cases up in courts for the life of the murdering slob. Justice at its best? I say NOT! I say they get one appeal, if found guilty they are taken directly to the executioner. GAME OVER! Quit wasting our taxpayer dollars on these idiots! Of course, our governments are experts at wasting our tax dollars.

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