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Thursday, June 2, 2011

PA. Governor Corbet - Stop The Slasher

Before I start this Gripe I want to throw out a few Kudos to Dr. Peter Andrews and the nurses at General Hospital. In case you didn't know, I had my gall bladder removed this past Tuesday and am just now able to sit down to start Griping again. Dr. Andrews did a great job with the surgery which lasted about one hour. After the surgery, nurses Sharon, Molly and others did a great job getting me back on my feet and ready to Gripe. A big thumbs up goes out to them all!

Now, enough of this good mushy stuff. While lying in my hospital bed, I had plenty of time to think about our idiot Governor, Slash and Burn Corbett. This mental midget is cutting tons of funding to our schools which is now causing school boards to scramble to replace the funds that were slashed. As I stated in an earlier Gripe, Crestwood is cutting elementary and middle school programs and raising taxes to boot. Now I read in The Times Leader that the Wilkes-Barre Area school board is proposing a 1.9% property tax increase along with gathering feasibility information on moving to a 4 day school week. First off, a 1.9% tax increase comes out to an additional $28.65 per year on a home valued at $100,000. WB Area will also replace only 6 of its 18 retiring teachers. Of course, by not replacing some teachers, it means that class sizes will increase. Our moron Governor Slash and Burn Corbett claims that 35 students in an elementary class is acceptable. WHAT! WHAT! You idiot! In addition, WB Area will eliminate summer school and cut elementary school principles to 10 month employees rather that 12 month employees. Like Crestwood, there is no talk of freezing or decreasing teacher salaries to help relieve the burden. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!

So, what does it all mean? Let me tell you, it means the tax payers and their children are going to get whacked again! It means administrative, non union employees are getting whacked like a mafia hit! It means the unionized teachers get away scott free from taking any hits! It means our kids are getting the shitty end of the stick! Here is what bothers me the most about all of this mess that Slash and Burn Corbett has dumped on We The People. When reelection time comes, Slash and Burn is going to say, "Vote for me again, I didn't raise your taxes". Write this down because you can bet it will happen! This of course would be a total LIE! He may have not directly raised our taxes but did so through his budget cuts. He is using the school boards and local governments to do his dirty work. It appears to be a genius move if you fall for it and I'm sure many people will. This back door move has not fooled this GRIPER and don't let it fool you!

Speaking of dirty work, it's time for school boards to toss out the teachers unions when their contracts expire. This union is like a parasite, milking its host for everything it can get. Throw them the hell out and hire teachers that are non-union. Who says the school board has to renew these teachers contracts? They don't! There are plenty of teachers out there looking for work who would quickly replace the parasites currently teaching our children. I would also think that after being unemployed for a while, these unionized teachers would cross the picket line for work. As for Slash and Burn Corbett, I say throw this bum out NOW before it's too late. All of these types of tax increases and budget cuts are right around the corner for all of us. I for one can say that I did not vote for this pin head! If you did, shame on you! You are getting what you asked for, Slashing and Burning of We The People!


  1. Don't Worry our teachers won't have jobs, and our kids won't be able to read , but if you are on some of the highways through out the state they have signs that estimate the time till your next exit....REALLY!!!! Get the F out of here...Do bad our future drivers won't be able to read those signs........

  2. I love Tom Corbett. He is doing a great job. You whiners who think you are entitled to everything need to get a job and then see how you feel about being middle class-who are really the ones who get nickel and dimed in these states and now federally thanks to Obama. We are fed up!