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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slaming Down A Couple Of Gripe Shots

Let me say that I am just plain pissed off on several fronts. Between politics, sports and just all of the crap that surrounds us, I think I may lose it shortly. I have not tossed up a Gripe in about a week and a half and now the rage is all bottled up inside and ready to be unleashed. Since I have several complaints (what else is new), I thought it would be appropriate to pour a few Gripe Shots. Pull up a stool and down some Gripe Shots with me.

1. The Pennsylvania Turnpike: The Gripe took to the highways last weekend, which meant I had to use the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Let me tell you something, that road is a disaster. Between the pot holes and the rhythmic bumps every 1/4 of a mile I though my prostate was going to explode. This road is a disgrace! It was so bad that the Coke Zero that I was drinking lost its carbonation after about an hour of driving on this all terrain highway. This is no lie. What the hell are they doing with all the toll money that they collect? They are not putting it back into the roads. My guess it is going into someones pocket.

2. The F.O.P.: All of you are going to love this one. The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board has dismissed an unfair-labor charge by Scranton's police union against Chief Dan Duffy over an arrest he made while off duty. The Fraternal Order of Police E.B. Jermyn Lodge No. 2 filed the complaint in April, charging that Chief Duffy violated the department's collective bargaining agreement and state labor law when he arrested a man on drug charges in March while he was off the clock. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME? The F.O.P. is a joke! This guy is a Freakin' police officer. What do they want him to do, stand by and let the crime happen? This shit drives me crazy. The top of my skull almost blew off when I read this one!

3. ESPN Radio Sucks: While I am in the car, I usually listen to ESPN Radio rather than the repetitive music that our local radio stations play. However, I am now banning ESPN Radio from my dial because all these morons talk about is the NBA. All I have to say is who the hell cares about the NBA? If you care, let me know because I don't know anyone who does. The NBA season ended almost two weeks ago and all they are talking about is the NBA! WHAT! The NHL Stanley Cup Finals went down to game 7 last night and ESPN Radio failed to give it more than about 10 minutes. When I hear the voice of Doug Gottleib I want to throw up because I know he is going to bore me to death with the NBA. WHO GIVES A RATS ASS ABOUT THE NBA?

4. Canadians Go Wild: Speaking of the Stanley Cup Finals, the home fans of the Vancouver Canucks showed their true Canadian colors when they booed the presentation of Lord Stanley's Cup. The Canucks were thrashed in Vancouver by the Boston Bruins which set off a fire storm of anger and destruction. In my 40 years of watching the NHL, this is the first time I have heard fans boo the presentation of the Cup. Also after the game, the drunkin' Canuckers flowed out into the streets and lit cars and garbage cans on fire, broke windows and showered big screen TV's with beer bottles. To you Canadians I say, "Go F*#K yourselves you yellow bellied, half witted, tree hugging bastards". You screwed up the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and now you lost the Stanley Cup. What else is new? You will always come in second to the USA!

Well, that's it for now. If I Gripe anymore I may implode. Remember, if you have a Gripe and you want to get it off your chest, this is the place to be. Send it over to me and I will put it up. As I always say, "When in doubt, GRIPE IT"!

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