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Monday, June 20, 2011

SWB Yankees - Ghost Town USA

I had the opportunity to attend two SWB Yankee games this past week and was originally stupefied as to why more people in NEPA do not attend these games. Hell, this is the Triple A affiliate of the New York Yankees! Well, after contemplating this issue I came up with several good reasons why our area is not turning out for these games.

1. The Food And Drinks Are Too Expensive: When I got to the game on Sunday, I ordered a bottle of Corona and a bottle of water. Guess how much that was? It cost me $9.25! Yep, $9.25! I felt like I was in Yankee Stadium. I am not much of a Bud drinker so I thought I would get a Corona. The beer was $6.25 and the bottle of water was $3.00. Talk about price gouging. Later in the game, my wife and I went to get something to eat and BAM, clubbed over the head again. Two regular hot dogs, a jumbo dog platter (included about 12 french fries), a Yengling Lager and a medium diet coke were $20.85. This is outrageous! By the time the game was over, I had dropped a C note!

2. Lazy Ushers: In general, the ushers at the Little Yankee games are lazy pieces of shit! I just can't sum it up any other way. My wife and I headed to our seats on Sunday only to find people already sitting in them. This really pisses me off. I was a season ticket holder for several years and finally gave them up for a few reasons. One of them was people always in my seats when I got to the game. These lazy sacks of cat crap don't give a rats ass about the fans sitting in their respective sections. When it rains, you will not see too many of them with rags or shammy's wiping the seats off either. When it rains they all run for cover. All these people are out for is to watch a baseball game and get paid to do it!

3. Player Rehab: The SWB Yankees are the next step up to the big leagues but you rarely see a big player from the parent club rehab here. Most of the Yankee superstars spend time in the sun and fun of Tampa mending their injuries. The big Yanks often send these guys to Trenton or Staten Island for a quick rehab game and then its on to the Bronx. I think its criminal that our Yankees are an after thought when it comes to rehabbing players. When Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi played here, the stands were overflowing with fans. Everyone will tell you that I am a huge Yankees fan, however SHAME ON THE YANKEES for what they are doing here.
4. Giveaways: Finally, the SWB Yankees have little to no giveaway's for their fans. When the Red Barons were here, they had several giveaway nights where their fans got bats, balls, caps, bobble-heads, etc.. The Yankees have only 4 on the promotion schedule for this year. Ball day, sports bottle night, cap day and back pack day. Whatever happened to bat day? I remember going up when the Barons gave out the bobble-heads and it was like a mob scene. People were lined up out into the parking lot. Now, I will give them a little bit of credit, they have fireworks every Friday after home games. Whoop-De-Freakin-Do! When you compare the SWB Yankees giveaway nights to the other Yankees minor league clubs you will want to puke! The Trenton Thunder has 9 giveaway nights, the Tampa Yankees have 8 and the Staten Island Yanks have 5. All three of these teams include bobble-heads as one of their giveaways. Why has the "Evil Empire" forsaken us? By the way, all the clubs have fireworks after games on the weekends. We are getting shafted big time!

There it is, the reasons why the populace of NEPA does not go to see the SWB Yankees. The big wigs in the palatial offices in the Bronx need to take a hard look at minor league baseball here and start to throw a few bones our way. If not, I am certain that minor league baseball is doomed here! Hell, the Phillies got the hell out of Dodge or should I say Moosic. I think the Yankees are next.

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