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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th Of July - Thoughts On America

It was a great 4th of July weekend! The R2G was on the road for some of the festivities which included a round of golf on Sunday morning with a few Gripers and the annual 4th of July Check-tacular on Sunday afternoon and evening. On Monday it was an old fashioned cookout with my family and then we settled in to watch the fireworks from Washington DC, New York and Boston on the boob tube. I gave up going to Kirby Park years ago because of getting burned by falling embers from our local fireworks. I finished off my evening by watching a great series on the History Channel called Revolution. This multi-part show chronicled the American Revolution in detail from the beginning in 1776 until the swearing in of George Washington as the first President Of The United States. If you get a chance to watch this I recommend that you do so. It will enlighten you as to how impossible the task was to separate from England. Through perseverance, a little help from the French and a massive blunder by the English, we achieved the impossible and became The United States Of America.

Anyway, with this being the birthday of our great nation, the topic of choice by many this past weekend was indeed our country. People talked about over taxation, bogus governmental fees and much more. As I sat and took in all of the talk, the fireworks and the Revolution I thought to myself, "What the hell has happened to us"? We broke away from England because King George and Parliament were taxing the crap out of the colonists. Now our own country is taxing the hell out of its own citizens. Of course you may argue that the colonists had no representation in England while we all have our Congressman and Senators in Washington. The question here is do they really represent the people? I would say not! Even with constantly escalating taxes, our country is currently in debt to the tune of numbers that I can't even imagine. My operative in Washington tells me that if the congress does not approve the raising of the debt ceiling, our nations credit rating will go from an A++ to a D. This would be devastating to our nation because no other country will loan us money. In case you don't know, we borrow more money from China than any other country on this planet. This fact makes me sick to my stomach!

I also contemplated on how we went from the most respected country on this planet to the one that is hated the most. The French loath us, the Arab nations hate our guts, the Germans don't like us and the Chinese and Russians, well I don't have to go there. Even the spineless Canadians turn their noses up at us. It appears the only friend we have is our old enemy England. Go figure! For some reason the U.S. has decided to become the keeper of planet Earth. We have decided to try to push our renegade brand of democracy on a world that either doesn't want it or can't handle it. I use the words renegade democracy because this form of government was given a 0% chance of working when our founding fathers put it in place. The USA is the only place it has worked and will ever work! I say we need to take a step back and start worrying about ourselves. At one time we were the leader in industry and technology. Now we are taking a back seat to China, Taiwan and India. We were a thriving nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Now 12% to 15% of our population is unemployed. Our cities are bursting at the seams with crime and homelessness. We have people starving in the streets looking for a handout. We used to have a hard working force of people filling factories that produced good quality goods. Now we have people sucking on the teats of the system because they are lazy slobs that don't want to work which is one of the reasons industry has gone to foreign nations. We have unions that are driving industry out of our country because they are bilking companies for every penny they have. Our unions were formed to protect the workforce but now they breed mediocrity in the workplace. Another reason why we have lost numerous jobs to foreign countries.

I guess I could go on and on. However, after all of this contemplation, I did come up with one hard inevitable fact. We are still the greatest nation on this planet and don't you ever forget it! For those who say America sucks I say hit the road jack and don't you come back! We have our problems and by god there are plenty of those. The thing that scares me the most is our governments just don't get it. We need to take a hard look at which nations like us and which ones don't. We need to start taking care of ourselves and not worry about every other jabroney country this side of the Atlantic and Pacific. We need to get industry back home. We need to stop sending billions and billions of dollars in aid to countries like Pakistan that stab us in the back. We need to make sure our people have food on the table and a job to go to. We need to make sure our citizens are educated. We need to stop getting into useless wars that kill our soldiers for no reason. We need to get back to the basics of taking care of America. If we don't, we will be heading down the road of Revolution once again. I contemplated that as well and I saw myself spending a long time in prison.

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