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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial - Set, Game Match..NOT GUILTY

Everyone around NEPA is talking about the Casey Anthony trial and verdict of Not Guilty of the murder of her 2 year old daughter Caylee. Most, if not all people were stunned when they heard the verdict of not guilty. Readers of The Gripe were outraged and wanted to know why I have not Griped this decision. The reason I have waited until now is simple, I was just not following this case that closely. However, the Gripers have spoken so I have done my research and here it is.

In my opinion, either the 12 jurors were the dumbest people on this planet or the Prosecution team were a bunch of bumbling idiots. Right now I am leaning toward the Prosecution. After reading up on all of the evidence, it appears that the prosecution had a pretty good case. Some of the hard hitting evidence included traces of Chloroform in Casey Anthony's trunk, the 84, yes 84 web site hits on Chlorform and how to make it on her computer, the 31 days it took Casey to report Caylee missing, the one strand of decomposing hair found in the trunk, the rare type of duct tape found over Caylee's body matched tape found in the families garage, the cadaver dogs locating traces of body decomposition in Casey's trunk, the testimony of Casey's mother and father of the trunk smelling "like a dead body". and the party pictures of Casey after Caylee was missing. This as well as other evidence should have given the Prosection a rock solid case with a verdict of guilty.

From the defense side, they portrayed Casey as being molested by her father but had no real evidence to back this accusation up. Also, the remains of Caylee were so decomposed that it made it difficult to get a great DNA sample from it. Now, this will make you want to kill someone. Caylee’s remains could have been recovered and analyzed as early as Aug. 11, 2008 which is four months sooner than the actual discovery and only two months after her death, had police simply responded to a 911 report of a small skull in a wooded area close to the Anthony home. The caller, Roy Kronk, contacted police each day for three consecutive days before giving up. For reasons that remain unexplained, Mr. Kronk waited four more months before he returned to the scene, found the skull again and called the authorities. Had police responded to Kronk’s original call, there might have been more of Caylee’s remains to analyze. More importantly, the duct tape discovered with Caylee’s remains would have been only two months old in August (rather than six months old in December), significantly increasing the opportunity to detect the fingerprints and DNA of whoever handled the duct tape. Now this is a real bite in the ass! It appears that the inconclusive DNA test reults were the swaying factor for the jury. The Prosecution just could not prove that the remains belonged to Caylee Anthony. Or could they?

The answer to that question is yes, maybe they could have. The Christian Science Monitor reported, An FBI forensic specialist considered the results inconclusive, but a Dutch expert and pioneer in locating tiny amounts of DNA testified that it might be possible to lift a more telling profile from the weathered duct tape through enhanced testing common in Europe. No enhanced test was ever conducted. An additional area that could have yielded firm scientific evidence linking the mother to the dead child involved a wad of paper towels found in a bag of trash in Anthony’s car. The paper towels were infested with maggots. Prosecutors alleged that the paper towels had been used to clean up fluid from Caylee’s decomposing body. Entomologists testified that DNA could be extracted from the maggots to prove they’d been feeding on Caylee’s remains. The Dutch DNA expert said if undigested DNA could be extracted from the maggots, it might provide enough information for a positive match. For reasons not explained, those tests were never done. The other question here that remains unanswered is WHY?

After careful consideration, I think the Prosecutors may have been the biggest bunch of idiots that ever sat in a courtroom. They rivaled the knuckleheads that prosecuted the O.J. trial. The real problem I see with many of these cases is the fact that State District Attorneys are usually underachieving lawyers who have no business trying a case this big. The Assistant D.A.'s are also underpaid lawyers who are in most cases just starting out as attorneys or can't make it out on their own. These understaffed and under knowledge D.A.'s just can't stay with the big defense teams that these high profile defendants have. The nagging question that I have right now is if Casey Anthony did not murder her daughter, then who did? Was it the mother whose story changed several times during the investigation? Was it the father who was an alleged child molester according to Casey? Was Caylee kidnapped by someone else and then murdered and her body dumped in the woods? Like the O.J. murder case, we may never know.

I know everyone is waiting to see what my verdict is on this case. After reading all of the evidence, I think the Prosecution presented a case that proved Casey Anthony was murdered, stuffed in the trunk of the car and hauled away. They did not prove in my mind exactly WHO killed this innocent little girl. If I sat on this jury, I would have had to think long and hard on this one. I think Caylee may have actually drowned in the pool and someone went through all of this trouble to hide it. I also think with the evidence at hand, the Prosecution went for a charge much loftier than they should have. However, with all the evidence, I think my conclusion would have been.....NOT GUILTY!


  1. I hate to say this but I have to agree with all of this comment. There is no way you can convict without

  2. ya i suppose the duct tape over the mouth, not reporting her missing for 31 days and the scienfic proof of cloform in the boot along with the decaying fluids and smell of a dead body how could you possibly convict on that. idiots!!