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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am beginning to have a real hatred for PennDot. I just wanted to thank them for the $400.00 repair bill for my SUV which included a broken strut. As much as I can determine, my wife broke this strut while driving over the Pierce St Bridge which is a state maintained bridge. If you have driven from Wilkes-Barre to Kingston you are personally familiar with all of the many pot holes especially the lunar crater on the down slope side which sits right in your path. This thing is so deep that you can see the metal rebarb which is part of the concrete structure of the bridge. To our best guess, that is the culprit. This monster is so deep that I think it may have been hit by space debris from an asteroid! It is a danger to drivers and MUST BE FIXED YOU FREAKIN' MORONS! Instead, they just let us drill our vehicles to kingdom come in this abyss. I don't get it? Anyway, I would just like to thank PennDot from the bottom of my heart or should I say scrod for the $400.00 bill. By the way, I am going to send a copy of this bill to our friends at PennDot and ask for reimbursement. I will keep all of you posted on my progress.

If you have the chance, go to their web site (google PennDot), go to the bottom of the page and hit contact and then click on the blue highlighted Driver and Vehicle Services Customer Call Center. At the bottom of this page you will see Reporting Roadway Concerns. On the right side you will see Submit New Concern. Just click on that and away you go. I am asking all of you GRIPERS to submit a request to fix these pot holes. Once submitted, you will actually get a tracking number. I will keep you posted on my progress. I implore that we all go and submit a concern over the Pierce St. bridge before someone gets killed. Its time for our voices to be heard. If this doesn't work I will personally take a petition to Harrisburg to get it fixed. Please let me know if you submitted a concern by either commenting to this Gripe or by shooting me a text or email.

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