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Thursday, August 11, 2011

336 Months Equals 28 Years In The Slammer

The trial is over and so is the sentencing in the case against former Luzerne County "Kids For Cash Judge" Mark "Ciavy" Ciavarella. "Ciavy's" law dog, Attorney Al Flora made one last ditch effort to free his slimy client before Judge Edwin Kosik handed down justice at about 10:05 am in Scranton. "Ciavy" himself opened with apologies to family, friends, the public and juveniles, then turned defiant and repeated his claim that he never took money in exchange for sending juveniles to private detention facilities. After all was said and done, our man "Ciavy" was sentenced to 336 Months or 28 years in the crow bar hotel. In reality, "Ciavy" may spend the rest of his filthy life behind bars with Leroy and Terrell. He will be 89 years old if he serves his entire sentence. All of this makes me very happy! Finally, justice seems to have been done. I use the words seems, because I still think this dirty bastard has a barrage of appeals being filed as I write this Gripe!

After the sentence was made official, Attorney Flora stated that "Ciavy" will turn himself over to the court immediately. I'm not sure what that means but I am sure of one thing, court officials did not take him out in irons like he did to many of the juveniles in his courtroom who committed much lesser crimes. They should have snapped the shackles onto this slime balls wrists and ankles as soon as the Judge slammed down his gavel. Instead, he is being given a court courtesy of surrendering himself. This makes me wanna puke! Even after this sentence, I know we have not heard the last of our man "Ciavy". He is cocky and defiant and in his mind he did not sell kids up the river for cash. I say, one appeal and then lets be done with it! "Ciavy" has given the R2G plenty to Gripe about and for this and this only he will be missed. However, in the words of Yankee TV Broadcaster Michael Kaye, "See Ya"!

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