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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Ref's Suck!

As many of you know, I am a big college football fan. I will watch a college game over the NFL any day. During one week of college football, I usually watch all or part of 4 to 5 games. In my opinion, the college game is more exciting by far than a business as usual NFL bore fest. The college players play harder, the coaches have more imagination and the fans are more into the game. The only similarity that I can find between the college game and the NFL is the referee's all suck! They stink like a garbage scow going down the Hudson River in 95 degree heat. They wreak to the point of making you want to vomit all over the TV as they blow call after call.

Case in point. Yesterday, Toledo took the hose when Syracuse blatantly missed an extra point which was called good by the idiot ref standing right under the left upright. It was obvious that the kick went in front of the left upright and wide for no good. The moron ref was right there and still could not get it right. Of course, the kick was so bad the play went under review up in the booth to the replay ref. After about a two to three minute wait, the verdict came down and we heard those dreaded words, "After further review, the play stands as called on the field". WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! On the replay you could actually see the ball go in front of the upright and wide left. It was not even close! How can they not get it right?

Here is a link to the video of the replay so you can make the call: http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/blog/dr_saturday/post/Botched-PAT-call-gives-Toledo-yet-another-close-?urn=ncaaf-wp6846&active_dimension=carousel_ept_sports_ncaaf_experts&ysp_frm_woah=1

BIG EAST Conference coordinator of football officiating Terry McAulay issued the following statement regarding the extra point in the fourth quarter of Saturday's football game between Syracuse and Toledo.

"After studying the videos of the Syracuse extra point attempt at 2:07 of the fourth quarter, we have concluded that the ruling on the field that the kick passed between the uprights was incorrect, and that the replay official made an error in failing to reverse that ruling. In reviewing the video, we have determined that the angle from behind the kicking team shows conclusively that the ball passes outside the right upright.

Our review of the process determined that the replay official mistakenly focused his attention on the sideline angle, which proved to be distorted. We are confident that our officiating staff will learn from this situation in order to prevent a re occurrence. "

In other words, they blew the call and too bad for Toledo! It was sorry but nothing we can do about our pin head ref blowing one of the easiest calls of the game. If the refs made the correct call, Toledo's game strategy would have been different. Because of the blown call, they now have to drive the field and score a touchdown to win. If the bimbo refs got the call correct, Toledo may have chosen to get within field goal range to tie the game and send it into overtime. We will never know. What it comes down to in every single sport that we all watch is a bad call or blown call that changes the entire game. It happens at all levels from youth sports to high-school sports to college and the pros. The officials can change a game at the drop of a dime and they do it all the time. I for one am sick and tired of it! Maybe it's time for teams to start putting the accountability heat on these morons. It's time leagues start fining officials for making horrendous calls. It's time for this crap to stop! Hold them accountable and get rid of them if they can't do the job!


  1. This came in from one of our Gripers


  2. And yet another ref comment

    Yeah Ref's suck when you notice them. 98% of the time you don't. Unfortunately there are usually over 100 plays per Fball game and many calls to make/not make in each play. So that it several blown calls per game. And worst yet, I don't think there is a ref I haven't noticed yet.......Phil S.

  3. well i believe you have just blown your first call on the gripe, toledo did drive the field and kicked a fieldgoal to tie the game at 30 and send it into ot, the kick should have clearly been for the win,so they go to ot and lose. this however doesnt change my mind and i concur with you totally, it is time the refs are held accountable for there calls. i think they are afraid to make the correct call due to the fact that maybe, just maybe the game is FIXED !!! i have 2 words for you "THE MOB"

  4. I don't blow too many calls but you are correct on this one. I did screw up the chain of events and for this I will blame the Refs. They had the viewers so bamboozled after blowing this call that our brains scrambled like an egg. After further review, the Gripe on the field stands.