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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prisoner's Lawsuits - WHAT!

I read in the Sunday newspaper about the right of prison inmates to sue in court. Of course, just the thought of that makes me want to explode. Part of the reason our court system is bogged down is because of dumb lawsuits that are being filed by prisoners. Yep, you read that right! Case in point, Shawn Quinnones (pictured on left) and Anthony Gray were housed in the Luzerne County Prison awaiting trial for assaulting a prison guard back in 2007. These two schlep rocks had numerous incidents of misconduct while they were housed in the State Correctional Institute in Dallas and county authorities figured nothing would change over on Water Street. While sitting on ice in the county lockup, Quinnones and Gray filed 4 lawsuits ranging from abuse of procedures by prison personnel to illegal deductions to their personal inmate accounts. They claim that their rights have been violated and something must be done.

All I have to say is WHAT, WHAT, ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! These stupid bastards should have NO RIGHTS once they hit the front door of the prison. They violated the rights of someone on the street and they need to pay the price. Speaking of price, the 10 months these jug heads spent at the county crow bar hotel ended up costing the taxpayers more than $89,000.00 and that does not include the costs just to give them 3 squares and a bed. Of course, these pistol brained idiots are representing themselves in court which means they don't have a snow balls chance in hell of winning. Since 2005, six inmates have filed law suits against Luzerne County at a cost of $127,462 to "We The Taxpayers". In most cases, these suits are worthless in merit, but costly to the county.

The simple fact here is our legal system lets these low life criminals get away with this stuff because they "have rights". We the taxpayers seem to have no rights here when it comes to how our hard earned tax dollars are being spent. I say the hell with this shit! Do you know that prisons actually have law libraries for these bottom feeders of society to use so they can educate themselves on how to bog down the system or to get around the laws that they broke. I say close up the library, turn off the TV, clear out the weight rooms and store their "rights" in a box when they enter the door. I say when you commit a crime you do the time and you lose your rights.

On a side note, Shawn Quinnones is inflicted with AIDS. Just sayin'!

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