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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Response To September 15th Flood Gripe

On October 3rd I received this response to my Flood Gripe titled 'Did They Tell Us Everything".

I work for the local government in Luzerne County and I will tell you that the main reason they didn't tell everyone all of the details is because they wanted panic control. If they told everyone the flood was going to be bigger than '72 and given what '72 looked like, there would be much more wide spread panic making evacuation efforts and repair efforts much harder to control. It was for the overall safety that people were not told everything at the time of the flood.

Now as far as the bubbling is concerned. Again most of the those reports were for panic control. When the started to evacuate the remaining Forty-Fort residents during the second incident at the soccer fields, it would have been much more of an effort not only for maintenance crews to come in, but also creating panic for those trying to leave. Same deal with the cemetery incident earlier that morning.

True, there were stress fractures in the levee, but the fractures were not full cracks or leaks by any means. The reason all of that slate and rock were placed there was to simply allow the river pressure to force back onto itself, aiding the preventions of additional stress fractures and the further weakening of the others.

In every flood since the levee was built, there have been minor stress fractures present, all of which are assessed and repaired after the fact.

The only circumstances that made this any different was the how much pressure the river was putting on the levee system. Simply put, more water = more pressure. The levees were designed to take this kind of pressure and the results were expected. Crews were on standby the entire time on both sides of the river waiting for the call to push forward with preventative actions. They knew that the levees would react this way so that should be of no surprise.

Whoever you were, thank you for the response. It is good to hear some inside information. Basically, we do not hear all of the facts because the government officials do not want us to panic. The question here is would the masses panic in this situation? The answer, YES! I always said, "The masses are idiots" and you can rest assure this situation would bring out the idiot in a lot of people. The only problem I have with not telling us everything in this situation is the fact that a large number of morons did not evacuate. Maybe, just maybe if the truth be told, they would have left the flood zone. If these pin heads got caught up in raging flood waters there would have been many rescues to be made and maybe some unfortunate deaths. Of course, for those who didn't evacuate I say, "What were you thinking you bleeding knuckleheads"?

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  1. as we had discussed on several occasions the reason for not telling the whole story was due to the panic of the idiots, so that being said, i will give a pass on this