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Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Valley Update - More To Come Out!

The R2G was on the road this weekend to visit our nations capitol, Washington D.C.. Along with our visit to one of our favorite places The Pentagon, we traveled to Fed Ex Field the home of the Washington Redskins to witness the 3rd game of the Shamrock Classic with Maryland taking on The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Of course, it was a great game filled with excitement as well as one stunning fact. That fact is, no one around us in the stands were speaking about the Penn State issue. That led me to believe that the only people who really were following this thing so closely were us folks in Pennsylvania or that no one really gives a rats behind. Our group of four, myself, my son Big G, faithful Griper Bob W. and my Washington Insider seemed to be the only folks talking about this issue. We didn't hear it in the pub. We didn't hear it in the breakfast place. We didn't hear it on the Metro and we didn't hear it at the game. It appeared for at least this weekend, that no one other than us people in Pennsylvania really cared about the unfolding events in Happy Valley.

Speaking of unfolding events, tonight at 10:00pm on Rock Center with Brian Williams, Bob Costas will report on the events at Penn State. Part of this report will include some very alarming turns to this entire mess. One of these turns will include information that Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky actually took a young boy with him to Texas when Penn State played there in a bowl game some years ago. I have to tell you, that fact makes me sick! Here is a grown man, a coach for your team traveling with a young boy to a bowl game. HELLO, didn't anyone think that to be a little weird? If you get a chance, tune in. I know I will.

One of the things we spoke about while sitting in the pub on Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA. was the locker room situation at PSU and why no one there knew what was going on. If you ever played sports, you will know that everyone in the locker room knows what's going on. Players know what other players are doing. Coaches know what players and other coaches are doing and the Head Coach knows what everyone is doing. No one can tell me that throughout the Sandusky era no one knew or even had an inkling of what was going on. You can bet your bottom dollar (bottom, bad choice of words) that the players knew what he was doing. I would bet that there were grumblings and even jokes amongst the players that referred to not going into the shower if Coach Sandusky was in there. Hell, I bet they even played jokes on the freshman when the "Sandman" was scrubbing down after a tough practice. I played sports during my time on this planet and sat in a locker room and heard plenty. This kid doesn't shower, this guy likes to look down too much in the shower, this guy seems to scrub a little too long downstairs and whatever you do, don't drop the bar of soap when so and so is showering next to you. There is no way in hell that no one in this locker room knew or had an inkling of what this sexual predator was doing. In my mind they ALL knew what was going on in some way shape or form and just blew it off!

Coming up later today, more responses from our readers. You may get angry and appalled by what you read.

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  1. People in my section talked about it a little at the game at halftime. Most people seemed to think that PSU rushed the decision but did make the correct one whom I talked to at the game. Although the people who were talking more about it were Maryland fans who were pissed they were so freakin far behind at that point.