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Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Reader Comments On Happy Valley

My insider in Washington has been keeping track of this story and writes this response.

What I find more disturbing about the whole situation is how the Penn State "community" reacted to this. It is almost like they think that somehow not as bad as it really is. I have read all the facebook posts and talked with plenty of PSU fans and alumni and they are ignoring what caused this whole situation. Without fail, everyone I have talked to focused on how this was bad for the university or how they were upset with the board of trustees handled the firing. I'm sorry, but that is crazy. A child was RAPED in the shower and the act was witnessed by a 3rd party, who didn't call the police, but told others and they didn't tell the people who could actually stop this. Dude was a know weirdo who had been caught before. The university, athletic department, and football program gets an epic fail on this one. I will consider it a crime against humanity of EVERYONE involved isn't charged with something.

Furthermore, again, dude was a known sexual criminal. What were the parents doing letting their children anywhere near this guy? I do my research before I let my daughter near anyone I barely or don't know.

This is a great point to be made here. How could University officials from the President to JoePa let a known sexual predator anywhere near campus let alone a child? As for the 3rd party witness, he will be on the sidelines this week. Just look for the guy with the flaming red hair.

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  1. I have to add this thought .... Mike McQueary still walking the sidelines at state college ...give me a break if this happens on saturday i will throwup.Penn states board of trusties must without question or any further hesitation fire this so called man. he walked away did nothing absolutely nothing 6foot4 235 and just walk away why? why do nothing . he should have done something scream like a little girl tell someone and actually care., not about yourself but care about another human being, a inocent child no less. what did you do go home and tell, your father who also did nothing!!! Mike McQueary be a man now and resign grow a set you know you have to walk away for what you have not done is inexcusable .Hey board of trusties come on what else do you know. I'm thinking way more than us