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Friday, November 11, 2011

More Thoughts On Happy Or Should I Say Hapless Valley

The shit pile that has plopped itself right in the middle of Happy Valley is getting higher and smellier. The more I think about this Penn State thing the angrier I get. Yesterday, Penn State announced that Assistant Coach Mike McQueary will not be on the sideline for Saturday's game against Nebraska. In case you don't know who McQueary is, he is the big red head that always stands next to big nose Paterno. Instead, he will be up in the coaches box for his own protection. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! Why is this guy allowed to continue as a coach at Penn State? As a graduate assistant in 2002, the 6'4" 234 pound McQueary witnessed Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky sodomizing a young boy in the showers but failed to call the police. Instead he called his father who told him to get the hell out of there. Some hours (24 to 48) later, McQueary notified Joe Paterno what he had seen.

Where do I begin? First off, man, boy, shower, just that combination warrants a call to the police immediately! This combination is worse than booze, bullets and guns. Worse than beer, a match and fireworks. Instead, McQueary who is a giant of a man turned his back and ran. I don't get it. I think I would have grabbed Sandusky, threw him off the kid and drilled him right in the chops. As he laid there in his own blood, then I would call the cops. He could have also yelled, "Hey, what the hell are you doing to that kid"? I'm sure that would have stopped the horror of what was happening. At that point you grab the kid, wrap him in a towel and call the police. Instead he chose the action of retreat. Of course there were many things McQueary could have done other than to put his tail between his legs and run home to daddy.

As far as I'm concerned, McQueary is as guilty as the rest. By not calling the police, he included himself as part of the Grand Mal cover-up. Yes, he followed the chain of command and told his immediate superior, JoePa about what he saw. Yes, I'm sure he expected Paterno and the school to act correctly and call the authorities. And yes, he never, ever followed up in any way shape or form that we know of. In other words, he pulled the Pontius Pilate and washed his hands of the entire issue just like the rest of those scum bag bastards. Why this guy is still allowed to coach is beyond me. Instead, the school will place him in the coaches box for his own protection. I think they should let him on the sidelines so the parents of these boys can charge the field and rip him apart. He is as guilty as the rest of them! Once again, Penn State makes a decision and it is the wrong one. From know on, I will no longer call it Happy Valley. It will be known as Hapless Valley.

Story Update: After writing this Gripe, Penn State announced that Mike McQueary will not be attending this Saturdays game against Nebraska due to multiple threats to his life. He still remains on the coaching staff at the college.

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