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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Pennsylvania Game Commission

As a hunter, I venture into the woods every year to hunt the elusive White Tail Deer. I say elusive because I have not seen a deer on the Lackawanna State Game Lands for going on 16 years. This past Monday was the first day of buck season and as usual, nothing was seen. When I say nothing I mean nothing! The temperatures were warmer than usual which means wildlife such as squirrels, rabbits and other assorted rodents should have been very active. However, after several hours in the woods I saw zilch. Not even a freakin squirrel. The place is dead! It is dead because of the insane thinking of the Pa Game Commission. These idiots with their illogical thinking have dwindled the deer population to near extinction. Their theory is to reduce the deer population because an audit back in 2002 determined that there was overpopulation. It appears that they have succeeded. The morons at the Game Commission have several seasons for deer which include fall muzzel loader, youth hunt, bow, buck, doe and a winter muzzel loader. Holy shit, how many deer seasons do you need? An avid hunter can legally take 5 or more deer in one season. That's an outrage! No wonder there are no more deer left.

Speaking of outrage, hunters can apply and receive several doe tags in one year. I talked to a guy last year who had 4 doe permits. To him I say you greedy bastard. People like this guy are ruining the hunting for everyone else. I have applied several times and have been rejected every single time. That is just not fair. Year after year the atrocities laid down by the Game Commission take their toll on hunting in NEPA. Year after year hunters go into the woods only to come out with their guns and a sour taste in their mouths. Eventually, the numbers of hunters will decline to an epidemic proportion which will kill the sport all together. Young hunters who go into the woods year after year will say, "Screw It" and stop hunting all together. Long time hunters will hang up their guns instead of a trophy rack and stay at home. The Pa Game Commissions theories are killing the sport like rat poison.

So, what can we do. For starters, go to the Game Commission meetings and GRIPE! Tell them you are sick and tired of spending hour after hour in the woods for nothing! Tell them they need to wise the hell up and reevaluate their priorities. Instead of punishing the good hunters, arrest the numerous poachers who are out there slaughtering deer all year round. Two years ago I came across 2 dead doe who had been shot during buck season. Whoever killed them cut out the back straps and left the carcasses there to rot in the woods. If I ever caught these bastards I would blow their freakin brains out all over the woods. Tell the Game Commission that you want to be heard. A good friend of The Gripe, Bob W. called the Game Commission 4 times, left a message and NEVER got a call back. Way to go you lazy morons. Its time the hunters of NEPA stand up to be heard. We are sick and tired of this dreck and we are not going to take it anymore.

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  1. The invitation for you to hunt with me is still open..In 2 days 7 hunters saw about 18 Doe, 1 spike buck , and 1 button buck, 1 Mink, a dozen or so Gray and Red squirrels...We didn't shoot any of these even though we have 4 doe tags..we thought we would wait...The big buck are out there we just didn't see them with it being so warm out...Maybe Saturday will be the day...OJ