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Monday, November 14, 2011

Readers Respond to Happy Valley

Two of our readers, Phil The Spector and Johnny The Bobcat bantered back and forth a bit on this ugly Penn State issue on Facebook. Here is what they wrote verbatim....

Bobcat: Ok how about all the priest that rape the alter boys in all the church basements u tell me the pope didn't know about that it the pope still got to keep his job just saying.

Phil The Specter: We don't know for sure that the pope knew. But we do know all of the assholes at PSU that knew and enabled that bastard to keep raping little kids.

Bobcat: I agree with the Penn state part they all had to know don't want to get into holy war but the pope knows everything to

Guys, let me jump in here. The catholic church is certainly a much larger entity than Penn State football. The Pope lives in Rome and I'm sure even he heard rumblings about his priests and their wrong doings. It seems to me as if the catholic church after some time and investigation did respond to clean up their own house. Many priests were arrested, tried and convicted for what they did. It was a long deep cleaning that has devastated the fabric of the church even today. Now that being said, big nose Paterno presided over a college football team that resided right in front of his big beak every single day. They weren't an ocean apart. I have to go with Phil The Specter on this one.

Mike Palko writes: you can tell your a NotreDame Fan..Ok for Priests, but not Penn State...Sandusky is the Criminal, not everyone else...everyone else was just wrong place wrong time...If McQueary didn't see anything then nothing gets reported and then no issue.....people walk past other people everyday and don't help or make the correct decisions...Everyone just likes to jump on the bandwagon and find something to bitch about...

Yes Mike as you know all so well I am a Notre Dame fan. However, I think I would respond in the same manner no matter what institution it was. Kids were violated here and that is unacceptable anywhere, anyhow! I will agree that McQueary and a few others were in the wrong place at the wrong time for themselves, but that does not excuse them from acting on what they saw. For the kid in the shower, McQueary was in the right place at the right time to put a stop to Sandusky and his shenanigans. He chose not to immediately act which may have led to The Sandman sexually violating more young boys. Yes, Sandusky is the criminal and he broke the criminal law. If found guilty he will pay for his crimes. The rest of the people involved did not break criminal law, they broke the moral law. They can only be sentenced to live with this for the rest of their lives. Mike, I will also agree that people love the bandwagon and boy do they love to bitch. That is exactly why I created The Right To Gripe!

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  1. I don"t believe anyone said it was ok for priest but not at Penn State. That statement boils my blood.The bottom line is that kids , defenseless kids were raped by a predator period.Doesn't matter when or where or by whom.